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You are no doubt reading this article because you are frustrated with the ctfmon.exe process that just won’t stop opening no matter what you do. You remove it from the startup items and it just magically reappears. So what is it?

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When you are working on increasing the speed of your website, a very important piece is making sure you get every last drop of performance out of your database server. Unfortunately, for most of us that aren’t normally database administrators this can be a difficult proposition.

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If you use Microsoft Outlook as the center for all your communications, you might be interested in integrating Twitter directly into Outlook so you never have to leave the comfort of your inbox to read about the daily minutia of your twitter friends.

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Many of you know I am a musician and huge music fan.  I am always trying out new music players, different compression formats, home recording software, etc.  I have used Last.FM but quickly grew tired of it.  However I have found one cool web based player that really rocks.  Anywhere FM which is currently in beta allows you to listen to your music collection anywhere you have a web connection.  Creating an account is extremely easy and once you have done that begin uploading your tunes to the player.

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If you’ve got a home computer that you put into sleep mode, you might be irritated that you have to enter your password every time it wakes up. In most cases you could just remove or not use a password, but if you are doing file sharing a password is required. So how to resolve this?

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How many times have you sent out an email only to realize you forgot to include the attachment, or really shouldn’t have sent a response to the entire company? If you are using Outlook in an Exchange environment you can attempt to recall the message.

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Have you ever wondered, while listening to the sound of your hard drive thrashing, What files on my system are being modified? Since I recently had that thought, I decided to investigate.

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My favorite keyboard shortcut on OS X is “Hide Others”, which hides every other window except the currently focused one. It’s a great way to quickly clean up your desktop and focus on the task at hand. So how to get this for Windows?

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Have you ever noticed that you have to switch to a window before you can use the wheel button to scroll it? This is especially annoying if you are trying to multi-task or follow along with a lengthy tutorial in your browser window.

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There’s nothing more annoying to me than getting a new laptop from work and having to click through the logon warning message set by the IT department. It usually goes something like “Warning: You are logging onto our computer system. We own your soul.”

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