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Have you been enjoying all the goodness of portable Firefox, but find updating it to the newest version a problem? Now you can update your portable browser as easily as your regular install of Firefox.

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The problem is having two or more PC’s and having to go back and forth between workstation.  Input Director solves the problem by allowing you to control multiple Windows systems with only one keyboard and mouse on the Master PC.

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If Microsoft Outlook loads slower than dirt and hangs every time you try to do anything, there’s a very good chance that your problem is an Outlook plug-in gone haywire—but we can easily disable them.

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The new HomeGroup feature makes sharing files and printers between Windows 7 machines very easy.  Today we will take a closer look at this new feature to show how easy the sharing process is.

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Are you are looking for an alternative to iTunes that is light on system resources and includes far more options?  Today we look at MusicBee, which is a powerful music manager with an interface laid out similar to iTunes and contains a lot features.

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Have you ever noticed that Microsoft Outlook uses the feeds from your IE7 or IE8 common feed list? If you don’t actually use Outlook as an RSS reader, there’s really no reason to have that feature enabled and wasting space in your mailbox.

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Ever since I started using Windows 7 as my primary OS, I’ve been finding little random tricks that save time—and this one is truly a stupid geek trick… did you know that middle-clicking the Pidgin icon on the taskbar will show the buddy list?

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It is another Friday and you’re sick of entering data and reviewing spreadsheets.  So today we will show you the fun action-puzzle game Excit! which helps you break away from spreadsheet chaos.

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Let’s face it—browsing around the web looking for great wallpapers can be loads of fun, but it’s not very productive. We’ve decided to spend our time putting together collections of great images for your enjoyment. Today’s collection is abstract random wallpaper fun.

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