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If you work in an office, you probably look up and bookmark quite a few things over the course of the day. They may not be work related, but either way you don’t want to lose them. If you study, this is doubly true. For those who bookmark every little thing that interests them – this is a category that I certainly belong to – we simply don’t have time to label them all.

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If you liked the Joost desktop application they had before they killed off the project, thanks to Paul Yanez we now have Joost Media Player for the desktop which is built on Adobe Air.

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If you’ve used Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7, you’ve probably noticed that instead of minimizing to the system tray, the taskbar button always stays put. Luckily you can force Messenger to work the way you are expecting with a simple tweak.

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Needing synchronized bookmarks and Firefox-based goodness wherever you go? Now you can have the best of both built into a single browser with CometBird.

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Saving money on the cost of electricity and reducing our so called “carbon footprint” is very important these days.  Today we take a look at a free utility that turns off your monitor(s) every time you lock your computer.  In addition to shutting down energy wasting monitors it pauses some multimedia players and sets your IM status to “Away” until you return.

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The upcoming Firefox 3.5 release adds a new “Tab Tearing” feature that lets you drag tabs off the bar and into a new window. Very cool, but why didn’t they give you a way to disable the feature if you don’t want it?

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This Friday we take a look at a fun and relaxing physics flash game called Redstar Fall.  It becomes challenging the higher up in levels you go and provides fun distraction until the whistle blows.   

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Want to always have the latest and greatest version of Google Chrome on your computer? Now you can by subscribing to the Early Access Release Channels.

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Continuing with our Desktop Wallpaper Series, today we bring you some very cool guitar themed wallpaper fun.

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Sometimes you might want to add a watermark or “background” image to your Word documents to add a company logo or identify the document status.  Today we will look at the process to easily add them into your Word 2007 docs.

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