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Have you ever added a custom about:config entry to your Firefox browser and then wished that you could remove it? Now you can with a simple reset tweak that focuses on singular entries.

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The backup utilities in previous versions of Windows have been less than spectacular resulting in a nice market for third party applications.  Today we take a look at the Backup and Restore feature in Windows 7  that may be their best backup tool yet.

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In celebration of Father’s day this year, I did nothing—and it was everything I thought it could be. Also, Happy Father’s Day to the rest of you!

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Frantic may be a good adjective to describe how your work week was and it is the name of the game we look at this Friday to help take the edge off.  Frantic is an old school space shooter type game that is a lot of fun.

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If the new Location-Aware Browsing (a.k.a. Geolocation) feature in Firefox 3.5 makes you worried about your privacy, you can turn the feature off with a simple about:config tweak.

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In Word 2007 you probably notice that the default formatting is Calibri, line spacing is expanded, and space is added automatically after a paragraph.  Today we will show you how to change the default document format into a style of your own.

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For many, Windows 7 has changed quite a bit about our browsing habits. One of the most useful features has been the ability to distinguish between pages quickly by using taskbar previews. Sure, this did exist in Vista, but most disabled it due to its inefficiency. Now, however, it has become an integral part of our collective browsing experience.

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So you have been enjoying all the goodness of portable Iron Browser, but what about when the newest version is released? Now you can have two methods to quickly and easily update your portable browser.

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One of the more tedious tasks in cleaning up your computer to reclaim hard drive space is finding and deleting duplicate files.  Today we look Duplicate File Finder from MindGems, a free utility for finding and getting rid of the extra baggage.

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Ever been sitting around waiting for a download to finish, only to realise that it has been finished for quite some time? It’s much like having the phone conversation with a friend and panicking that you can’t find your phone. Silly, but if you download/speak on your phone often enough, these things tend to happen.

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