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Prefer to have a single program that can backup your profile and settings for multiple types of browsers instead of using many different programs?  Now you can simplify the backup and restore process with FavBackup.

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You know you’re in the mood for a movie but not sure what you want to watch or where to watch it.  Today we take Hello Movies which lets you easily search for different movies and shows you where to watch them. 

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For this week’s Friday Fun we take a look at an action packed shooting game called Thing Thing Arena 3.  When the pointy-haired boss sees you typing and clicking furiously they will be proud you’re working so hard before the weekend.

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If you are a busy Windows user it can get annoying navigating through menus and endless directories to get to the apps and data you need.  Executor is a free application launcher that allows you to quickly run programs and search for anything from one central location. 

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It can be the worst feeling in the world when you accidentally delete a very important file you have been working on for days.  Today we look at Recuva, a free tool that helps you restore accidentally deleted files.

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Like the new Start Menu in Windows 7, but wish that you could have the Classic Menu too?  Now you can have both with CSMenu.

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It can be really annoying having obscure types of files on our computer and not knowing what application to associate them with.  The Desktop Tool identifies the files and locates free programs to open them.

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Frustrated with Windows Explorer’s lack of features or layout?  Wanting to avoid installing numerous addons just to get what you need?  Then CubicExplorer is just what you are looking for all wrapped into a single package.

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You’re excited for the Windows 7 release from Microsoft but question if you computer can run it.  Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is a free download from Microsoft that will analyze your current system and let you know what is and isn’t ready for the new OS.

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Curious about a new distribution of Linux but not wanting to do a full install or use a Live CD/DVD just to try it out? Now you can enjoy all that Linux goodness by running it “Live CD” style inside of VirtualBox.

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