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Windows Media Player 12 which is included with Windows 7 allows you to easily turn your machine into a media server to stream music, movies, and pictures to other computers and devices on your home network.  Today we will show you how to set up streaming and how to use it.

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During our series about how much of a problem Malware can be, we took a look at three of the top utilities that can eliminate it.  However, we would be remiss if we didn’t cover another top trusted choice out there called SuperAntiSpyware which can detect and remove over a million threats.

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Tired of Windows Live Messenger bloat and wishing that there was a simpler and cleaner replacement that would let you use your and accounts? Look no further, now you can have all that messenger goodness with Emesene!

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Another week completed and it is time to relax and play a flash game on company time.  For today’s Friday Fun we take a look the fun and challenging physics game Demolition City. 

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The final version of Windows 7 was released yesterday for MS Technet subscribers, but you can’t upgrade directly from a pre-release version—at least, not without a quick and easy workaround, and we’ve got you covered.

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Needing a small but effective app for shredding files on your computer system?  Now you can have small and effective with Moo0 File Shredder.

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We shown you how careless downloading can infect you with spyware, how to clean it up with Spybot or Ad-Aware, and in the final part of our series we’ll illustrate how to use Malwarebytes to remove all that crapware from your PC.

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If you’re looking for a free and easy to use desktop application for managing online audio & video content, it’s worth checking out the newest version of Miro. The last time we looked at the Open Source video player and podcast client was just under a year ago and they have since improved it a lot.

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Earlier this week, we showed you just how much of a problem spyware really is, then we showed you how to clean it up with Spybot—and in today’s lesson we’ll show you how you could have cleaned up the mess with Ad-Aware 2009.

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Have you ever tried to install an extension or theme in Firefox and received the irritating “Invalid file hash (possible download corruption)” error message? Now you can work on resolving that problem with the following work-arounds.

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