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Do you like backing your files up online and also happen to have a Gmail account? Now you can easily backup your files in your Gmail account with Backup To EMail.

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Do you use Firefox’s Search Bar often each day and wish that you could make some changes in how it operates? Now you can make those wonderful little tweaks with SearchLoad Options.

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While many think the new taskbar feature in Windows 7 is a great improvement, others may not want to use it.  Today we take a look at how to get the Vista style taskbar back on Windows 7.

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Are you tired of websites always asking for your e-mail address and then bombarding you with high amounts of spam? Now you can get what you need and put an end to the harassment with Spamavert.

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A necessary security practice is having Antivirus and other Malware protection utilities installed on your Windows computer, but they need constant updating to be effective against the newest threats.  Today we take a look at ThreatFire from PCTools which runs along side your current Antivirus utility to add protection against Zero-day attacks.

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Do you use Alt-Tab window switching for your Windows desktop and find yourself wishing for that same functionality in Firefox? Now you can enjoy all that switching goodness in your browser with TabNavigator.

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In previous versions of Windows it can be a tedious task managing music, photos, documents and other files that are scattered in different directories on your hard drive.  Today we take a look at the new Libraries feature in Windows 7 that allows you to organize folders from multiple locations in one spot.

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Video editing is an important aspect of our work. I was looking for some video editing solution for my Ubuntu machine and came across this useful piece of software which makes the editing of videos a very easy. The software is called OpenShot and is a free and open source solution for editing videos on Linux environment.

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For today’s Friday Fun we take a look at a couple of simple but addicting flash games based on collapsing colored bricks.  It has been a tough week and you have given enough of your time to the company, so relax and have fun with these games. 

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Ever find yourself needing to make a last minute change to a document, spreadsheet, presentation, or image but you do not have access to regular software suites? Now you can easily remedy that situation with Open IT Online.

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