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If you need a way to save some hard drive space one trick is to decrease the size or completely disable the System Restore feature.  We like to share all options on how to take control of your operating system, so for readers living on the edge this tip is for you. 

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One of the more annoying features of Windows Vista was UAC (User Account Control) popping up and asking permission for about everything.  Now in Windows 7 it is a lot more manageable and today we take a look at how to manage it or completely disable it too.

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Have you ever wondered just how far you’ve moved your mouse? You might be surprised to know that it doesn’t take long before your mouse has actually moved a couple of miles.

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So you’re starting out fresh with the new Windows 7 operating system but notice there are some of your favorite Windows applications missing.  Today we take a look at the Windows Live Essentials installer for getting your favorite Microsoft applications set up.

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Are you a music fan who wants an easy way to get the music you love with a simple application on your desktop?  Today we bring you a list of some of the cooler music themed desktop gadgets for Vista and Windows 7.

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Looking for CD ripping software that does a quality job? Now you can enjoy having great results when ripping and converting your music with WildFire CD Ripper CDex.

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Friday is here again and it is time to relax and play a fun flash game on company time.  Today we look at a fun physics based game where you need to use gravity and warp through portals to beat each level by par.

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Today we’ve got some awesome, high-quality, and just generally amazing desktop wallpapers for your system tweaking pleasure. Unlike some of the previous roundups, we made sure to only pick wallpaper with large resolution versions available.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dropped files directly on the quick launch buttons to quickly and easily open them in the application the shortcut points to, but now Windows 7 doesn’t let you do that—by default, at least.

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This guest article was written by Askar, the geek behind the DemoGeek tech site.

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