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Only a few weeks have passed since I learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube for the first time, and now I’ve become completely addicted to puzzle games. It’s time to find a new puzzle.

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Do you love using smooth scrolling in Firefox but wish that you could make personalized adjustments to it? Now you can with the SmoothWheel extension for Firefox.

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Hell might be a good adjective to describe your work week…but now it is time to take a time out and kill some zombies in the flash game 13 Days in Hell.

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Tired of the default download manager setup in Firefox and wanting something more? Now you can modify the download manager to suit your own personal style with the Download Manager Tweak extension.

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Tired of the same old desktop wallpapers and wishing for something more artistic to suit your mood? Now you can enjoy turning your favorite wallpapers and pictures into works of art with FotoSketcher.

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Remember in Vista how it was an annoying chore getting it to recognize external devices like printers, phones, and digital cameras?  Well now in Windows 7 there is a cool feature called Device Stage that allows you to easily see and manage all of your external devices from one spot.

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One of the first things you might notice in Windows 7 is the addition of the new Gadgets and Screen Resolution items to the context menu. The only problem is that you might not really want them there—so we’ll explain how to get rid of them.

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If you just can’t see the point of the desktop Gadgets included in Windows 7, or even the Sidebar gadgets in Windows Vista, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily disable them with a simple configuration change.

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Looking for an easy way to speed up copying and pasting in Firefox? Now you can reduce the amount of work that you have to do by half with AutoCopy.

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Are your geek skills primed and ready for a challenge? Super User is the place where you can show off just how good your skills really are. If answering questions isn’t your game, it’s also a great place to get your really difficult tech questions answered.

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