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Another Friday is here and you’re tired working for the company. Now it’s relax with a fun flash game to pass the hours until freedom, and today we bring you Fancy Pants Adventures.

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Looking for a good stand alone document editor that is not light on features? Then you will want to take a good look at PolyEdit Lite which is a free word processor for Windows systems.

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Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to add images to your Photobucket account? Now you can with the Photobucket Uploader extension for Firefox.

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One of the best feature changes in Windows 7 is the greatly improved User Account Control system, with a slider to easily control how much the security feature annoys you. But what if you want to really disable UAC entirely?

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Looking for a convenient and easy way to access basic settings on your Windows system? Default Programs Editor provides that access in an easy-to-use interface.

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Would you like to see more information about the files you download in Firefox? The Download Panel extension for Firefox provides additional information that you can review as you are downloading different files.

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Rebit is backup and recovery software for backing up your Windows PC to an external hard drive. With Rebit software installed on an external backup drive it saves everything automatically including all your settings,data files, photos, music, movies, email etc.

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Do you like the idea of accessing your Google Reader RSS feed directly from your desktop? Today we look at ReadAir, which is an OSX themed desktop client for Google Reader and built on Adobe Air.

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Organizing and keeping track of numerous emails at the office everyday can be a job unto itself. Today we take a look at using color codes to make it easier to identify message subjects and who is sending them.

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When you’re trying to save money in this bad economy, you probably don’t want to purchase an expensive office suite. If you are just a beginner geek, you might not know about the free OpenOffice alternative to MS Office.

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