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Are you tired of small text areas in web forms and wish that you could simply make them bigger? Say goodbye to those small text areas with the Textarea++ extension for Firefox.

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One annoyance you may not like about Windows is when it highlights newly installed programs which is enabled by default in XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Today we will take a look at disabling it in all three versions of Windows.

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The new version of Windows seems to be a lot for stable than previous releases, however you never know when a malfunction might occur. Today we take a look at an option in Windows 7 that lets you create a System Repair disc in case you need to boot from it to recover your OS.

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One item that seems like you should be able to easily pin to the Taskbar in Windows 7 is Windows Update, but unfortunately it’s not. With a bit of work however, we can get it pinned to the Taskbar or Start menu and here we will show you how.

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Looking to add new toolbar buttons that are not included in the default set? Then you will certainly enjoy the variety of buttons that are available with the Toolbar Buttons extension for Firefox.

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Note: This is a review of a commercial software package, which shouldn’t be considered an endorsement, but rather a tour of how the software works so you can make up your own mind. It is for this reason that we only include the excerpt in the syndicated feed or email newsletter.Read the Review: Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro USB

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If you’re worried that some of your old but trusty software applications won’t run on Windows 7, Microsoft solves the issue with XP Mode. Today we bring you an overview of XP Mode by looking at how to install it, what it looks like, and determining if your system can run it.

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Do you find searching through your browser’s history frustrating because the default History Menu & Manager are not as intuitive as you need? Now you can make that history easier to search through with the History Submenus extension.

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If you regularly search for a certain group of files in Windows 7, saving searches is a great way to access them more quickly. Here we’ll take a look at how to share and organize searches in Windows 7.

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If you’ve been playing around with the new Themes feature in Windows 7, you might have noticed that the themes can also change out your icons and mouse cursors—but if you don’t want to allow that, there’s a simple tip to make them behave.

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