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For this week’s Friday Fun we take a look at what is arguably the coolest tower defense game ever.  Here at How-To Geek we have been huge fans of Desktop Tower Defense now we take a look at the new and improved Pro version.

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Love all that Google goodness, but do not want multiple home pages on start up or having to depend on multiple bookmarks to access your favorite services?  Now you can have easy access to all that Google goodness with GButts.

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Sometimes you might want to share information from other documents in Microsoft Excel.  Here we will show you how to create a hyperlink to another document.

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Ever find yourself needing a quick unit conversion and wishing for an easy access solution?  Now you can have unit conversion goodness on your home computer and as a portable app with Convert for Windows.

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Need a quick and easy way to make a website‚Äôs domain name stand out to help avoid spoofing attempts?  Now you can with Locationbar2 for Firefox.

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Been hearing about the freshly redesigned (and customizable) new-tab interface in Google Chrome? Now you too can start enjoying all that redesigned new-tab goodness with a simple tweak.

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Pandora has long been a one of the coolest free streaming music services on the net.  They now offer a premium account called Pandora One that has new features, no ads, and better music quality.

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Anybody using the very popular Google Reader Notifier extension for Firefox should probably remove it immediately, as it is now tracking your browsing and displaying ads in your status bar without your consent. Despicable.

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Have you visited a website and wondered where it really was located? Now you can know the true location regardless of the address displayed in the Address Bar with Flagfox.

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If you rely on your Outlook calendar for some tasks and the Google Calendar for others, it can be annoying having to switch between the two.  Today we look at Google Calendar Sync beta that allows us to share events between the two for easier organization.

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