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Are you looking for a way to easily start creating your own webpages? KompoZer is a nice basic website editor that will allow you to quickly get started and become familiar with the process.

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Over at Lifehacker, I’ve written an article of interest to How-To Geek readers, about how well the default Windows security tools work if you just use a little common sense (and install Microsoft Security Essentials).

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Windows 7 has made a lot of improvements to several features, but Windows Explorer can be a bit annoying when organizing a large collection of files and folders. Today we show you a quick tip to help make it more manageable.

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For Windows users it’s probably all too familiar seeing the Blue Screen of Death, especially in XP. Today we take a look at BlueScreenView which is a free utility to display and interpret the data located in the mini dump files after the BSOD occurs.

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If you’ve made the switch to Windows 7 and use Windows Live Messenger, you might have noticed the icon stays in the new Taskbar. If you are annoyed by this and would rather see it in the System Tray (notification area), just follow this simple process.

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Are you frustrated with having no quick and easy way to restart Firefox after modifying the about:config settings or a similar action? Now you can with a little bit of extension magic.

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Want more free stuff? Today we we’re giving away 5 copies already gave away 5 copies of DisplayFusion Pro, a multiple-monitor taskbar and desktop wallpaper rotating application that we’ve been fans of for a very long time. And it now supports Windows 7!

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Have you ever wanted to swap out the Windows default icons with something else? The new Windows 7 library icons can be changed with a hack to a text file, but there’s an easier way. We’ll explain both.

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BitLocker is an encryption feature available in Ultimate and Enterprise versions of Windows 7 and Vista, but requires a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on the system. Not all systems include TPM and today we take a look at how to bypass it so you can use BitLocker.

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Looking for a way to supercharge Firefox’s Address Bar with specialized (and customizable) keyword based search? Then you should definitely take a good look at CyberSearch.

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