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Using Windows 7 or Vista System Restore

Windows 7 and Vista has a feature called System Restore that automatically backs up registry and system files whenever you install new software or drivers. This feature is useful when you install evil software that makes your computer run really slow. But don’t worry, System Restore won’t remove Windows Vista.

Using System Restore in Windows

There are two places that you can use the system restore feature from. From within Windows, you can just type restore into the Start menu search box, and you’ll immediately see System Restore at the top of the start menu:


Or you can type rstrui into the search box and hit enter. Your choice.

You will immediate see a screen where you can choose to roll back the system to the last restore point. You can select “Recommended restore”, and just click next, or you can choose a different restore point.


If you do choose a different restore point, you will see a list of restore points that you can choose from. How many times have I typed the word choose at this point?

You’ll notice in the screenshot below that the last thing I did was install Virtual CloneDrive to mount ISO images, but right before that I installed the NVIDIA drivers.


Click one of them, and you will have to confirm and then restart your computer to roll the system back.


Note: For best results, you should run System Restore from safe mode.

If you receive an error while restoring, then use it from safe mode and it should work fine. To get into Safe mode, you can reboot and use the F8 key right before Windows starts up.

If the F8 key doesn’t work for you, you can force the system to go into safe mode by following instructions from Larry in the comments.

If Your System Won’t Boot

If you can’t even get into windows, you can boot off the installation dvd, and choose the “Repair your computer” option on the lower left hand side. If you don’t have an installation/repair disc, you can make one with these instructions.

Click next on the next screen, and then choose System Restore from the System Recovery dialog. It will take a few seconds to come up, and you will see the same screen that you would see in Windows:


Click next, and on the next screen select the drive that your copy of Windows 7 or Vista is installed on.

Click Finish, and Windows will roll back to the previous restore point. Really pretty simple stuff.


I’d absolutely recommend keeping the system restore feature on in Windows 7 or Vista.

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  • Published 01/8/07

Comments (384)

  1. fred hankinson

    can you help me with this problem. bt tray could not be found proceure entry point osif_objects conflict could not be located in the dynamic library btosif’dll

  2. Gary G. Gill

    This site has no equal for getting solutions to problems and questions.

    Great Job!

  3. Peter A

    My colleague has Vista Home Prem. He did a rollback of 4 days and found that while word docs stayed in place the data within lotus organiser had been lost

    any clues?

  4. brett

    I’ve moved the Users, ProgramData, and the two Program Files directories from C:\ to F:\ and G:\. and replaced them with symlink junctions (mklink /j /d) on C:\. The problem is that System Restore will not work properly. All user settings are lost (I think) and temporary user accounts appear instead. I had to Restore a CompletePC Backup to get back to normal. Is System Restore useless if I use junctions and move those directories? Or what? :)

  5. C H Fout

    I have a unique problem when System restore is started runs through its cycle I get an error message whic states “System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed”


    An unspecified error occurred during system restore

    Has anyone else had this problem? if so what can correct this problem?

    I tried several restore points regressing as I went all had the same result

  6. P. McCann

    I have the same problem. Would appreciate any help.

  7. Karen Hicks

    I also have this problem.

  8. Allen T.

    I also have a problem with system restore regarding the error message, “System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed?

    I have tried to restore at 3 different points already, but none of them were successful.

    I don’t have the Vista DVD, since I bought my computer from Best Buy.

    I would greatly appreciate any help.

  9. Chris W

    Same error message – System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed

    Any clues?

  10. tony

    Me too – please help.

    “System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed”

  11. Allen T.

    Hi again. After e-mailing customer support, they directed me to perform system restore in safe mode.

    I found out that while in safe mode, I was able to use system restore successfully.

    I’m not sure if this is true with others.

    Btw, I have an a1730n.

  12. The Geek

    System restore definitely works better in either safe mode, or from booting off the DVD.

  13. The Geek

    I added a note to the article about running from safe mode. Thanks guys!

  14. Shelley Ruh

    Anyone else have horrible probs with earthlink&vista? Have configtreemgrerror31/many programs including IE not responding. Will system restore solve issue? My Toshiba A135 won’t allow me to install the new corrected earthlink total access software. Thanx.

  15. Phil Barnhart

    I just got a new Acer computer with Vista Home Premium on it and it would not restore and I receive the same error message, “Unspecified Error.” After 30 hours and much frustration I found this site on Google and corrected the problem in two minutes. This must be happening to everyone. I almost sent the computer back until I found this site and corrected the problem. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I only wish I had found it 30 hours ago.

    Thanks again,


  16. Evan

    I used the Toshiba Recovery Disc to use System Restore on my Satellite A135 model laptop that restarts one I boot it up. I was able to get to the System Restore program but it said there we no restore points found. I used this 3 times before but after the laptop booted up successfully. There were restore points created so I don’t know what is happening here. Any ideas?

  17. RD

    How long does it take system restore to work in Vista? I started it and it ran for 9 hours and it was still running.

  18. The Geek

    Are you running it from Safe mode? It would probably run better that way.

  19. RD

    No I didn’t run it from Safe mode? But I’ll try it again that way and see what happens.

  20. Duncan Cameron


    I also have an Acer Aspire Notebook which came with Windows Vista Home Premium.

    As others have reported system restore does not work.

    I contacted Acer tech support and they advise that restore does not work due to the automatic windows updates, or at least one of them. They also say that the windows updates can not be uninstalled.

    Acers recommended solution:

    1. Back up all my Data files.

    2. Use Alt and F10 to set the OS back to the facory status, and that MIGHT work?

    Are you suggesting that the restores will work from safe mode?

    Should I be waiting for Microsoft to issue an Update to correct the problem?

    I solved my network problem myself, so did not need to do a system restore, but no doubt will need it in the future.



  21. hayley

    hello i have a problem with my internet explorer with vista. It keeps saying finding solutions, windows explorer is restarting continously and never stops. It wont let me continue anything. I have tried many things such as restarting taking out the battery and stuff, but I am not that good at this stuff. Any ideas on what i should do?

  22. Duncan Cameron


    Just to let y’all know. I had 3 recent restore points, and all worked when system restore was run in Safe Mode on my Windows Vista Home Premium system. The restore just would not work in Normal Mode.

    Why wont Microsoft fix this so System Restore will work same as it did in Windows XP Home Edition?

    I was wondering if I could switch this Vista to XP which works very well on my Desktop and older laptop.



  23. D. Puiltzer

    SYSTEM RESTORE IN VISTA WILL NOT — NOT —- NOT — restore your system exactly the way it was at the restore point. In WinXP, system restore would do a total restore. NOT SO IN VISTA —- Beware!! Some of the changes made will remain, even after system restore.

    This only applies to System Restore done from Vista; I do not know if Safe Mode does this.


  24. aaron

    How long does this process take? I have had the same problems as listed above except my laptop (obivously not the one im typing on) has been in system restore for the past 20 minutes. Is this normal? And is it restoring? Is it taking this long because i chose a later date than the first 3 recommended?

  25. RD

    I had trouble with system restore and it took forever and did not complete. However, in safe mode it took just a few mins and completed fine. I ran it again a few days later just to see what would happen and again in safe mode it completed and took only a few mins.

  26. Duncan Cameron


    I was up until 1 am yesterday trying to get my laptop (Vista) to connect thru my modem/router.

    I tried system restore a few times.

    N.B. When in Safe Mode, the restore goes ahead.

    When the system restarts, there is NO indication that it worked or did not.

    Next time I started in Safe Mode, is when it says that the restore was successful.

    When will Microsoft sort this problem. I really would like to replace Vista with XP on this new Acer Laptop

    I live near Lake Ontario, and was quite tempted to go to the Bluffs and toss this computer into the lake.(at 1am).

    Does anyone else get all the Not Responding messages when you do a simple click on some window??

    I am NOT happy with Windows Vista Home Premium



  27. Karen

    I have Windows Vista Home Basic and prior to today have always been able to click on any link which has been sent to me in an email, ie http://www.xxxxxxxx However, now when I try to do this it keeps bringing up a box saying application not found. I don’t understand how this has happened but, would like to know how to fix it please. Would doing a system restore help? Thank you.

  28. canda


    Up until recently SYSTEM RESTORE was working okay on my laptop with WINDOWS VISTA, but now it will not function any more in normal mode – without leaving the following message: “the restore point could not be created for the following reason: the creation of a shadow copy has timed out”
    It then gives me a button to press entitled “Try again this option” which I have done several times but I end up getting the above message each time.

    I have managed to do System Restore in SAFE MODE, but would like to do in NORMAL MODE

    Any suggestions on how to sort out this problem?
    Any SAFE software I could download that could sort it out?

    It seems a few others have had this problem, if you did, would be delighted to know how you got it sorted.

    Thank you.

  29. Scott

    After using Vista system restore (not from safe mode) it took ages and never completed

    After reading the comments here I went to boot my PC in Safe mode in order to use system restore, but now it wont even boot into safe mode……

    Any ideas ?

  30. Vaqas

    Hello I have been looking for System Restore in Windows Vista but I can’t find it and RSTRUI does not work in the search box field.

    How can I install System Restore in Windows Vista (Extreme edition (Enterprise).

  31. preston

    hey, how can i completley restore my pc, not from a date but just the whole thing?

  32. Ben

    Just thought I’d mentioned I’ve had the same bloody error message that everyone has posted:

    System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed”

    But with messages here, and elsewhere I manged to restore properly in Vista, this is how:

    1. Start in safe mode (press F8 on boot-up)
    2. Once logged on, use command prompt to run restore – as the option isnt available in safe mode – type rstrui.exe – this will then run system restore and you can choose your restore point.

    Thats it – it shut down, restored and the problem was fixed :)

    More info here:

    Hope it helps

  33. alanna

    i didnt recieve a vista disk with my computer, i need to do a full system restore, back to original settings how do i do this?

  34. Donald Pulitzer

    Alanna — You need to call the computer company and ask them. They should be able to help you.

  35. Aestas

    Used sytem restore on Vista Home in Safe mode. Everything worked fine going back to earlier point. Now system won’t boot. Power on will not happen. Any thoughts?

  36. carri

    I did the restore back to when the problems started, but the problems aren’t fixed. Any help? I still have Mirar on my computer!

  37. Tara

    I bought a computer recently and had Windows Vista installed by the geek squad. It has never run propery. I want to restore it back to its original factory setting and then re-install windows vista. How do I go about doing that?

  38. BJ

    Yo System Restore! If it keeps popping up with a syntax error when system restore is accessed in either mode, does it mean system restore is disabled? It doesn’t allow access to any features in the utility, and just states the program now will close, and therefore won’t even allow access to CREATE A RESTORE POINT. The most geeky way to access system restore is by selecting REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER in the advanced options menu (where safe mode is an option) and selecting system restore from the recovery tools. Recovery tools are accessed after logging in as your user name with your password, clicking NEXT for keyboard layout and language, etc. System restore is the second recovery tool after REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER. RECOVERY MANAGER , the last recovery tool listed, can be used to completely format your hard drive and install a factory-state Vista Operating System without the use of any kind of recovery media (CD or DVD) whatsoever. This is the recommended and fastest way to reload Vista. SPECIAL NOTE: IF YOU HAVE EVER USED RECOVERY MEDIA (CD or DVD) TO RELOAD VISTA, THE REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER PARTITION WILL BE DELETED AND EVERYTHING I JUST MENTIONED WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE. Use recovery media only as the very last resort. It will be the only way to do a Full System Recovery thereafter, and we all know, those disc have a funny way of disappearing.

  39. BJ

    And really man…if your system operates really slow, system restore may not be of any help. One other solution is to access MSCONFIG and in normal startup in that utility (a dot in the circle by NORMAL STARTUP) access the far right hand tab, that’s right, the Startup tab, and take the clicks out of the boxes for everthing except Windows Defender, Microsoft OS, Syanaptic Pointer Device, ccapp, spysweeper, desired antivirus programs, and BigFix. Some of these may not be in the selections, and don’t be concerned about them if they ain’t there. Your system should run like a top.

  40. Keith K.

    Alright, I know that restore works better in safe mode. However when in safe mode system restore does not load for me. I get a sand dial for a few seconds then it disappears and there’s nothing running except my desktop icons.Then I try it on normal mode and i get the “unspecified error: files have not been changed” message. I really need help on this one it prevents me from getting on the internet. Plus i didnt get the warranty. O_O, Help.

  41. Carmen

    I bought a laptop with Windows Vista, it comes on but it doesn’t bring up windows. The screen stays blank. I do not have a back up CD.

  42. john

    i have vista ultimate on a toshiba laptop,,, i have external hard drive that i back up files once a month on. i have recently tried to do a restore point from this same external hard drive with no success[i have used safe mode with no success also]. the restore program just runs forever. any advise on how to use this external hard drive to do the restore[it shows normal restore dates and times on it when i activate restore from safe mode],, thanks in advance ,, john

  43. Claudia Becerra

    I had this exact same problem:

    “After using Vista system restore (not from safe mode) it took ages and never completed
    After reading the comments here I went to boot my PC in Safe mode in order to use system restore, but now it wont even boot into safe mode……”
    “Scott on June 24, 2007 2:46 am ”

    It just shows a black screen!!! :_:

    Please Help!!!

  44. Amandeep

    hey if i do this willi lose all my files?? please reply backk PLEASE

  45. Kevin

    Hello, does the Vista Ultimate Restore only give you 4 days (points) for restoring? XP gave a whole calendar. Is there an option that I need to enable? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

    – Kevin

  46. Greg Ralph

    I have the exact same problem. I loaded something on to my Sony which didn’t do any good, and want to run a restore. I tried 3 different points and just got the exact same error message. Does anyone actually know why this is happening? I will try a restore from Safe Mode tonight. Fingers crossed.

  47. GOOOOOpi

    The System restore in Vista Home premium is running for long time. ( I am not tried this in safe mode).
    Can you please some body advice me ,what I can Do.?

  48. somar

    hi is there a way i can do a restore point to the date i bought it cuz every time i do a restore point it can only take me a month back if there is a way please email me letting me know

  49. Osama

    Hi……Huse vista home pre no systeme restore option was found,I made the search as you say noting found
    please let me knows what is the problem
    Tkx in advance

  50. lois

    I recently upgraded to windows vista. Now I want to return to XP, The system will not let me install XP over it nor will it let me restore to the original
    xp that was on the system. what can I do?

  51. quinton

    i need to do a full system restore on my acer computer with windows vista. i have a file thats starts up ever time that i cant get rid of its called something like ??????????????????

  52. dj

    ok, im trying to reset my vista clear back before i got it.. it’s giving me many problems.. help please?

  53. Wizkid1500

    hmmm seems easy to do but it seems like my system is damaged. each time i try to do it it says restore did NOT restore. i try a diffferent point and still get the same error. i want to se if there is a way to patch or repair the system instead of reinstalling windows.

  54. Neo

    Vista sucks. Full stop.

    I’ve been using windows since 1994 (3.11) and I have to say this is by far the biggest turd to have been laid by microsoft so far.

    It’s slow, always has errors, and now it’s decided it won’t play my mp3’s. Programs lock up, it takes on average 3-5 mins to shutdown, some programs will not install on it, it hates Nero, the security issues are annoying at best, there’s no contact list in windows mail, …I could go on forever.

    Not to mention that when I bought the laptop (a HP Pavillion widescreen), and asked if I could have XP..they said “well, we could try and put it on there for $90, but theres no guarantee we can get all the drivers, and if we do, and it doesn’t work, we can’t put Vista back on so you’ll end up with a dead box…great options hey!

    So I’m taking this turd back and getting a MAC.

    Up yours Microsoft.

  55. Jack_L

    Neo: Many similar problems with my 3 week old Sony Vista laptop… yesterday downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia…. and afterwards audio-video files were screwed. Audio played but no video… and of course, I suffered the same “system restore” problems many here are complaining about.

    During 2007, I have no fewer than five friends and coworkers that finally said “enough” and switched to the Mac… and every one told me the same thing, almost to the same exact words… “I wish I’d switched to Mac a long time ago” and “I might have to use a Windows PC at work, but I’m never using a PC at home again”.

    I’m going to to a safe mode restore just to see if it works. If it works, great, if not great… because this turd is also going back and I’m getting a MacBook Pro…. no more service packs, no more driver conflicts, no more software that can’t be loaded, really minimal virus concerns, spyware concerns, no security nagging from the Vista OS… the list goes on and on.

    I echo your succinct statement… “up yours Microsoft”. I’m out… no more of my money to Microsoft and I’m no longer willing to deal with an OS that is such a pain in the a*s.

  56. Shirley

    I can’t get Vista to do a system restore

  57. Jack_L

    Reboot, F8 to enter safe mode, select safe mode with command prompt, type rstrui.exe and cross yor fingers. It worked for me.

  58. quenton

    Screw the computer… I’m going back to tha abacus.

  59. Shirley

    you can boot off the installation dvd

    Vista was installed on my PC when I bought it; I do not have an installation DVD.

  60. Jack_L

    You don’t need an installation CD… Geez…just READ the above.

  61. Shirley

    I tried to delete a file which was already open in another program. Task manager doesn’t tell me and
    Help and Support only tells me to close the other program. How do I find
    the other program.

  62. Duncan Cameron


    I posted a message previously about system restore not working on my Acer Notebook. I also learned that it should work OK in Safe Mode. That was true to some extent. The restore worked, but the usual successful message did not apear until I went back to safe mode.

    A few days ago, I finally restored my system to the Factory Default because of very slow processing.

    Now System Restore worked, just like it did in XP Home Edition. The restore completd AOK and I got the Successful Message when it restarted.

    Also, My neighbour has a new laptop also with Vista Home premium and I did a system restore for her twice and it worked perfectly.

    Is it possible that some of the Windows updates for Vista has solved the problem?

    When talked to Acer tech support they informed me that some program was preventing the system restore from working.

    Because of this, the only program that I have dowloaded and installed is Rogers Security package. By the way, I also turned Nortons Firewall off and just use Windows firewall which lets my wireless access work. With Norton firewall the connection was bad.

    Previously I had downloaded and paid for Regcure and Nero 7.0.

    I asked Regcure if their registry changes could be causing a problem, but got no reply.

    I think the secret is to keep additional programs to a minimum.

    Hope this is useful for everyone with system restore problems.



  63. Rob

    I’m returning my Windows Vista laptop.

    Can anyone provide a step by step method to return Vista to its original state like it was just out of the box?

    Thanks in advance.

  64. Duncan Cameron


    On my Acer laptop, I just held the Alt Key and tapped the F10 key. Then just follow the instructions.

    I noticed that my “D” drive remained unchanged, but I had done a backup anyway.

    You may also want to back up your email messages and contacts before doing the factory default restore.

    So far restore is working and the machine is running faster. I also had upgraded for 1GB to 1 1/2 GB. I wanted to go two 2 GB, but found I only had 2 1/2 GBs in the two available slots and had already bought a 1GB chip.


  65. Rob

    Alt-F10 does nothing.


  66. Duncan Cameron

    Hi Rob,

    This applies to my Acer, and probably to most makes:

    To start the recovery process:
    1 Restart the system.
    2 While the Acer logo is showing, press + at the same time to
    enter the recovery process.
    3 Refer to the onscreen instructions to perform system recovery.
    Important! This feature occupies 10 GB in a hidden partition on
    your hard disk.

    If not , look in your windows help on restoring to the factory default for you laptop.

  67. Rob

    Duncan… your fix didn’t work… but I resolved the problem anyway. That said, I’d still like to thank you for taking the time to help me out. I appreciate it!

  68. Duncan Cameron

    Hi Rob,

    Glad you got fixed up.

    I just noted that my message was missing the keys to start the recovery process.

    I hold the Alt + F10 key. Some other makes might use F11.

    Sorry I goofed


  69. Kathy

    My sony vaio vista has been doing a restore for a very long time. Can I crash it then start it again from safe mode or will that stuff things up properly?

  70. David

    i cant even get into safe mode on mine, any ideas?

  71. Joe

    How can I restore a backup that I made using Windows Vista backup/restore?

  72. Vicki High

    Error message: “Your system administrator has disabled launching of the Display Settings Control Panel” How do I enable the launching of the Display Settings Control Panel\


  73. Chris

    the system restore dosent restore it to its origional factory settings it just takes it back to a specific time your computer was modified. This dose not awnser the question what so ever.

  74. Raoul

    Amazing.. that no documents, music nor pictures will be lost! Thank you Vista, I lost about 800 pictures because of you! I just wanted to return a few days back to erase the internet settings back. And yes,.. the internet connection was restored! Wonderful! Damn microsoft shitty software! I want my pictures back.

  75. Dennis Jenkinson

    Hello and thanks for this opportunity.
    I have a new Toshiba laptop with the Vista operating system.
    Three times I have tried to install new software, only to receive the message that ” Vista does not support this software”.

    The Help function on many programs tells me that “Windows help is not compatible with Vista”.

    I am very disappointed with Vista, and would like very much to go back to XP, but I am afraid that
    my 2 year warranty would not then apply.
    What do you think I can do to improve things?
    Will be grateful for any help.
    Thanks, Dennis


  76. Hui

    how you changed to safe mode?

  77. NR

    Hi Dennis,

    You could install a XP to your computer,
    And use both XP and Vista.
    I also have problems with installing same programs,
    unfortunately microsoft have forgotten the “back compatibility” rule when designing Vista.

  78. Jo Ann

    I have tried following the instructions. f8 does not give ma the safe mode option. Nothing in the instructions shows in my system “Vista” Can you help me?

  79. Duncan Cameron


    The info’ below comes from Windows Help and Support in My Vista Home Premium.

    Hope this helps.

    Remove all floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs from your computer, and then restart your computer.

    Click the Start button , click the arrow next to the Lock button , and then click Restart.

    Do the following:

    If your computer has a single operating system installed, press and hold the F8 key as your computer restarts. You need to press F8 before the Windows logo appears. If the Windows logo appears, you will need to try again by waiting until the Windows logon prompt appears, and then shutting down and restarting your computer.

    As I mentioned before, I have no problems with Vista since I resorted back to the factory default. Even System Restore works just like it does in XP.

  80. Richard

    Hi All,

    I see many of you want to switch to a MAC. Well…. I have been using Windows as long as I’ve been using a Linux, started with Mandriva. I am not sure a MAC will solve all your problems. I myself stopped using Windows a few months ago after installing Sabayon Linux 3.4f. It’s not that is is perfect, but at least I do not have to pay for something that doesn’t work. Actually a MAC is a UNIX based kernel, so why not try Sabayon?
    Today the installation is absolutely painless. Upgrades – that’s another story, it’s a bit hard to do things on a Gentoo/Linux distro, but why not try out PCLinixOS, Mandriva, Ubuntu, etc?

    I now do all my work on my Sabayon installetion, works on my laptop , which is a Toshiba Pentium Centrino. It recognizes all my 3 networks – Ethernet, USB and Wireless. I listen to MP3, burn CD’s, DVD’s, ISO images, I can convert files using K3B from WAV to MP3, all my movie DVD’s – all are working. OpenOffice works best, Konqueror is brilliant to do the file managing, browsing through the picture catalogues and accesing the web all in one program = one interface.
    Linux will not solve all your problems, but it’s worth a try. And Gentoo and Sabayon have fantastic forums for support. You can always find someone to help.

    My next computer – I will purchase one without an operating system.


  81. Sherri

    Hi, I need to restore my sysytem to a date not listed in the restore wizard. I have read that the restore wizard only shows the last five snapshots by default. How can I access the restore points file & use older restore points? I only need to go back by 5 days. My system restore is set up to take daily snapshots so it show be filed somewhere on this thing. I am sure the date I want is stored because I saw it listed a few days ago in the wizard. I wasn’t ready to restore the system at the time I saw it & now I am kicking myself! Any help is apperciated. :)


  82. karen

    Hi, I had restore my system (Vista Home Basic) to a checkpoint that few program install and uninstall within that period. My restoring process was successful, but some of the programs that I had uninstalled it appear again since the uninstallation was after the checkpoint. Therefore I planning to uninstall it again, but it show error messages saying that some files or data files (.dat) lost. Anyone facing the same problem? Or anyone have an idea how to solve it? Any help is appreciated.

  83. kingcal

    What happened to the previous version of system Restore from the XP days? I have vista and made a number of changes. Office 2007 has been a mess with my iPhone but I made installs since Office 2007. System Restore gives me 3 dates to choose from. That’s not enough to be ANY type of help. System restore on XP used to let you go months back. But with Vista I get install occurrances as dates and that’s it?

  84. Chris Kenyon

    I bought my computer in December and I also have a system restore problem and get the message “an Unspecified error occurred during System Restore”. As my modem and sound (due to an erroneous update) were shot at the time I reinstalled Vista. However I still cannot use System Restore. I tried it in Safe Mode to no avail and also switched Norton off to see if that helped – it didn’t. I would appreciate any help you can give.

  85. Ric J

    Sherri look at the bottom left corner of the sys restore pop up box there is a spot you can click on that will allow you to see all of your restore points, you dont get the fancy calender like in XP but it will give them to you.

  86. Simon

    hi.I learned that if you restart the computer and repeatadly tap F8 it will give you the choice of restoring you system.Just go along with this please as i will not be held responsible for your actions.I did this at my own risk

  87. JERT

    This site is great. I’ve been using it over and over again since I work in a call center. Keep up the good work guys. You all rock.

  88. 4200m2

    HP Pavillion dv6000 from September 2007 Futureshop
    System restore error as above
    Did the safe mode F8 and it worked great
    Thanks alot

  89. FL1X

    So many silly comments in here.
    restart you pc start pressing F8 as soon as it starts to boot, this will bring up the advanced boot options.
    select safe mode and wait for it to load, log on click start and type in restore it will bring restore to the top of the start menu click on it AND WAIT IT TAKES A FEW MINS TO LOAD.

    choose another restore point check the box at the bottom of the window and you will be able to access restore points from the last 28 days.

    select the one you want and click yes your system will then restore.

    its not rocket science people!

    If you have vista and hate it and want XP back, contact microsoft they can issue you with a seconed key that works in conjunction with your vista key to roll back to XP.
    This only works if you allready own xp if you dont tough live with vista it works fine and the archtecture is far supieor to XP.

    hope this helps some people.
    oh and dont run it from the disk it never works its a common fault.
    and if your pc/laptop wont boot into windows contact your manufacturer, if you dont have a restore disk from your manufacture contact them by (uk) law they have to issue you with a disk to allow you to restore without having to pay them.


  90. RK

    I ran the system restore on my HP Vista after copying all my files to the D drive…after the restore was complete, i couldnt see a single saved folder in the D drive,but is showes that the drive is almost full….why is that i cant see the files…yet ‘something’ is taking up space…someone HELP!!!

  91. MJ

    Ok I have Vista Business. Will not restore in normal mode. Will not restore in Safe Mode. Have tried numerous checkpoints. Keeps coming up `system restore did not complete successfully’ Where to from here?

  92. Duncan Cameron

    As mentioned before, my system restore problems were resolved after I set the system back to the way it came from the factory. I also got rid of network problems such as real slow to connect to the printers attached to my desktop and also sometimes had problems making the wireless connection.

    I also felt that windows vista updates may have contributed to better performance.

  93. Joseph

    The problem is vista deleted some .dll files in the virus repair and explorer.exe closes everytime i use it

    so i cant use anything

  94. kim

    pleas help me i was updating my hp laptop when i got this error 800D0100 and i try updating again and i got the same error i dont have i clue what to do and am worried so pleas help me thanks

  95. michael w

    i tried restoring my vista business but a window came up showing this message. what’s wrong with it?

    “system restore does not appear to be functioning correctly on this system.
    the volume shadow copy service used by system restore is not working. for more information view the even log. (0x81000202)”

  96. Sample

    Thanks guys this is of great help.

  97. david L

    I have home prem, and i tried everything, ive done it in safe mode, and it still gives me the message system restore did not restore prorperly. since my vista CD’s are in a seprate HDD, ( i have an HP pavilion elite series M9000T), i did it through F8, and used that system restore, still, not working, after that, Vista wont boot at all, i turn it on, and i get a .net framwork error, a memory error, and a error telling me one of my prossesors shut down permently ( i have an intel VIIV double duo core) im pissed, big time, any help?

  98. mike

    I recently bought my laptop and a few days ago it gave me a blue screen and when I loaded again I could not go online as the WLAN autoconfig was not starting. To solve this I tried a system restore to a prevous time (4 days) and it would not complete. I shut down the computer the next day. I just started another system restore to the same time in safe mode and I has been running for at least a hour, with out a change. Please help!

  99. andy

    i did a factory restore on my hp which runs on vista and have lost all my saved files and programes. is there any way i can get them back.

  100. salman

    I have an problem. i wont to restore my vista system acording to own. but cant abel to do that.

  101. Larry

    Here is a way to get into Safe Mode in Windows Vista, if the F8 key will not work (I tried this forever, to create a System Restore that was continually unsuccessful). I am not a techno geek, but I’ve experienced this issue with an older computer as well, running Windows ME. This worked for me and hopefully will work for you too!

    Click the Start Button
    Type “msconfig” in the search box
    A “System Configuration” window will open
    Select the “Boot” tab in the Boot Options section
    Check the “Safe Boot/Minimal” check box
    This will put you in “Safe Mode” with large icons and “Safe Mode” showing on all four corners of the screen (you may have to enter your password to get in).
    Complete whatever your task is (possibly Restart again), then go back to “msconfig”, and uncheck the “Safe Boot” box, and restart. Should boot normally.

    Hope this relieves everyone’s frustration! Don’t know why F8 won’t work, but this is disappointing. Also had an issue with Vista, while trying to add a network printer connected to my older computer (on my home network). Gave up after exhaustive internet research, no mention/solution of this problem/error code at the Microsoft Support site. I’m finding as I go, that the new Vista has some unresolved issues that need addressing. Overall seems to be working OK, but Gates and his buddies should not expect home users to be trained network administrators to resolve their issues.

  102. The Geek


    Thanks for those instructions, great tip! I updated the article to link to your comment.

  103. Rachel

    I have a DELL laptop and am running Visat Business on it.
    Logged on this morning after a normal shut down and everything is gone!
    Documents, pictures, emails and email settings.

  104. Jacki

    I have just done a system restore on my Son’s Vista Home Premium Laptop because it wasn’t shutting down , it was just hanging and would only shut down in safe mode . Anyway after doing the System Restore now I can’t log on , it says the password is wrong . Is System Restore supposed to backdate the log on password too ????

  105. Don R

    I also have the same problem as C H Fout and others. My restore does not work. don

  106. JC

    I too was experiencing problems with the error message “System restore did not complete successfully”. I am not very experienced with computers and I tried all the suggested solutions without success. Then I noticed that nearly all my Windows updates over the last month or so had failed. I went through the error messages associated with these failures (chiefly 80070002 and 8007000B) and followed the advice given. This resulted in my Windows updates operating correctly again. I downloaded a couple more optional updates and then tried a system restore. The system restore then worked correctly. Why it worked I have no idea, but I thought others with system restore problems might care to examine their update file to see if they have similar problems with it.

  107. James

    What do you do if you don’t have installation DVD?
    How do you repair then?

  108. Phil

    I’ve been running system restore on my Dell Inspiron 1520 since 10:00 am this morning. As of this writing, it has not changed from “finalizing file restore”. Should I reboot?

  109. matt

    i have recently had problems with my computer and have been told the only way to fix it is to restore my computer to the very first factory default, basically i need to restore it to when it was brand new, how do i do this?

  110. Duncan Cameron

    Hi Matt,

    I did this with my Acer Laptop. Here is how:

    To start the recovery process:
    1 Restart the system.
    2 While the Acer logo is showing, press Alt + F10 at the same time to
    enter the recovery process.
    3 Refer to the on screen instructions to perform system recovery.
    Important! This feature occupies 10 GB in a hidden partition on
    your hard disk.
    If not , look in your windows help on restoring to the factory default for you laptop.

    P.S. Some other computers may use F11 and not F10, but that should be found in your Windows Help for your computer.


  111. lee

    does anyone have any idea how to restore vista for a hi-grade VA250D laptop. The reason for this is i have absoloutly no software for it and internet explorer has vanished from the system. Any help and advice would be greatly welcomed

  112. Karen

    For Lee, you need to download and reinstall Internet Explorer 7, it is very easy to do. I had this problem a couple of months ago. I was really struggling for a while and I now have Mozilla Firefox downloaded as a backup so I can at least access the t’Internet to do the downloading.

  113. lee

    thanx karen for your reply, the only problem is my laptop point blank refuses to allow me to access the “t’internet”. it keeps saying “error code 80072ee7” and it wont allow windows one family live thing to load up……..any suggestions before my laptop takes flying lessons out the window………thanx again

  114. Elena

    Hi, all.

    I recently bought a new HP pavillion loaded with Windows Vista and suffered INCREDIBLE slowness after about a month. I booted it and it was working fine until it got a few errors a day ago. I tried system restorng the regular way bit the system said it was unable to do so fo UNKNOWN reasons.

    I tried booting it in safe mode and ran SRestore again. 9 hours later and it’s still “restoring the registry”. Clearly, this isn’t working. Ideas anyone? or will I have to boot the whole thing again?

  115. Simon

    Restart The computer,
    Press F8 Rapidly (to bring up menu)
    Click Restore System (the top one)
    Wait to load,
    Click Command Prompt,
    Type “Restore” (without Quotes),
    Press Y,
    Go with the steps

  116. Emma H

    I am so glad I found this page. I thought it was just my computer. I had a few problems after downloading a NVIDIA update (turns out in that case it’s best to to download the update and just stick with the original driver !) at which point I discovered I couldn’t System Restore. As everything is running well now, I am just going to bear in mind the Safe mode restore route and make usre I keen creating manual restore points too! Great site.

  117. KenH

    I also had a problem with System Restore. It wouldn’t restore anything and to even launch it was slow. Then I remembered I had moved some of the files that it would be restoring……things like the desktop folder. So, I moved them back and it seemed to fix the problem.

  118. Sam B

    When I open system restore it says it cant restore because there are no restore points or something. Does anyone know what I can do to fix the problem?

  119. Duncan Cameron


    If there are no restore points, then you should try to set them to happen automatically.

    Go to START
    type Restore
    System Restore will appear at the top under Programs
    Click on System Restore
    Click on Open System Protection
    Under Automatic Restore Points
    Click on the drive usually C:
    At th bottom of System Properties window,you can click to create a system restore point as of now.

    I do not know why the Restore points keep disappearing. I wish I knew!!.

    I tried a system restore yesterday (in normal mode) and it was unsuccessful.

    I then tried in Safe Mode, but in there it now showed no restore points were available.

    Previously, I reported that System Restore was not working for me and I resolved this by putting the system back to the factory DEFAULT (F11)etc. I am not keen to do that again, but will if restore does not work next time I need it.

    System Restore did work for a long time after I went back to the factory state.

    Sometime, I think that Windows Updates could be causing system restore problems.


  120. Kris Ewing

    Geek saved my computer once again, thanks!

  121. Josh gray

    Im having a problem i want to restore for a long time ago but it only shows up points from like 5 days ago max , how can i restore further back?

  122. Jeremy

    I upgraded from XP to Vista. Obviously there were compatibility issues on many of the programs installed on my computer. So, I ran a back-up of all my files to my iPod. I wiped my hard drive and reinstalled Vista. This solved many of the issues/problems I was having. HOWEVER, vista is now not recognizing any back-up files. I’ve moved the back-up files to my desktop even and when I go to restore the files it only gives me options to find my files on a DVD. It doesn’t allow me to find it on my desktop or my ipod. I’ve even tried to extract the files and that didn’t work – I just recieve error messages.

    Has any one had similiar issues?

    Any suggestions or help?

  123. deepak

    What if i wanted to do system restore from when i BOUGHT the computer? so it would be brand new? How do you pick a date? i thought you type the date in the description bar but that doesnt do anything, I want to PICK the date that im available to do system restore from. but it doesnt seem possible?

    can anybody help? cus i dont want to do a restore so it would be like how it was 3 days ago, i want it to be like how it was a year ago, when i bought the computer.

  124. KenH

    You can do a “system refresh”. But you have to backup any important data…..just in case. If you want to restore Vista to a year ago, that would mean it won’t be SP1.

    But to do it, you would boot with your Vista disc. Then follow all the steps until you get to the “install now” button. Press it and you’ll get more options whether to install a new copy or update your copy of windows. Choose to Update.

    Then just let it install and it will recopy all system files. It won’t go near any stuff you’ve installed/data.

    But if you’ve installed a load of programs that you just don’t want and are slowing your computer, then there are cleanup utilities such as crap cleaner.

    And of course, there are shadow copy utilities that you can get to copy your whole system when it’s working well. Then when it gets slow you just restore with that….this is built into the higher level Vista versions.

  125. Todd L

    I am not able to locate the system restore function while in safe mode on Vista, suggestions?

  126. Peter Thomas

    My Advent laptop managed to break itself! I hadnt installed new software or downloaded anything for months then one day it stoped booting. I managed to get it into safe mode (as i am running it now) but it wont run the system restore application. I click the item on the start menu, and nothing happens.

    Any ideas would be greatly appriciated.

  127. exuberant0003

    hi Geek, is it possible to stop system restore while not deleting the created the current restore point?

  128. Elie

    guys, i did a system restore for my dell inspiron 1520, on vista 32 bit.
    the restore was succesfull, but unfortunatly, the internet explorer is not able to connect, although i can use the msn live messenger or any other chatting software and the laptop is connected to the internet.
    can anyone help me solve the INTERNET EXPLORER issue?
    thank you

  129. Laila Ali

    I have an HP Pavillion dv6000 and restored it to an earlier point (3 says ago) just this morning, and it worked (Norton 360 was on, and the computer was NOT in safe mode). The errors where still there however, and I decided to restore it a few weeks before today.
    I then got the following error: an Unspecified error occurred during System Restore”.
    I tried restoring it to several other dates, I tried turning off the Norton firewall and I tried running system restore from safe mode. None of these options worked. I’m running Windows Vista Home Premium.
    Ideas anyone?

  130. Elie

    DEAR ALL who have a browzing problem, i finally got the sollution.
    after browzing and infinite number of hours, from forums to forums and googling hell on earth.
    let me describe you the problem i had, and i how to solve it.

    first of all, dell laptops comes with an annual subscription with mcafee. my subscription was over. and unfortunatly my laptop dell inspiron 1520, got a virus, i did a system restore. BUT my browzer failed to connect whatsoever it was, IE, mozzila, you name it, i tried it.

    i finally uninstalled the mcafee, and the browzer worked.
    the problem was that the mcafee internally block the browzer to connect because of the system restore and the end of the annual subscription.

    i was able to get mcafee total protection 2008, and renew my subscription and everything worked out just fine.

    i don’t think that its only for mcafee users, but i believe that uninstalling your anti-virus might do the trick.
    try it… and let me know… cheers…

  131. Ronalyn

    I accidentally formatted my PC with windows vista OS. Is there any solution to restore my system (factory settings) because I have read a manual from my PC that there is a way to restore without using a CD. please help me.. need it ASAP.. thanks!

  132. Dee

    This saved me after hours and hours of searching for an answer. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Keep up the good detailed work!

  133. Parker

    Yeah my Dell XPS m1330 did the usual 3am every Wednesday restart with updates and all that while my ipod was plugged in. For some reason McAfee’s file got messed with or something and now it says Mcafee file is corrupt/unreadable yadda yadda and won’t let me run a lot of my programs. I’ve tried renaming the folder (no change), deleting the folder (corrupt files hate being deleted or something), and safe mode systemrestore, but it keeps saying “The disk OS (C:) has errors. Windows has detected file system corruption on OS (C:). You must check the disk for errors before it can be restored. The thing is, when I try to check for errors it says “OS (C:) is in use and cannot check for errors; check upon next boot?” and I click yes. When I booted it after that, nothing happened. So I’m pretty frustrated with the rediculousness of Vista.

  134. vicki

    My daughter’s laptop will not boot after she downloaded updates. Machine has Vista. It begins to boot then the screen goes blank (except for the cursor) and nothing else happens. My son has identical laptop. Can I use recovery disks that I made off his machine to restore hers?

  135. Laura

    I have the same problem as above, i made a vista repair disk following the above instructions but it always just loads to a black screen, white cursor (a little bit larger than it is normally), dead center. This happened after an automatic update around 3am or so.

  136. Ben

    yeah great site. cheers for this info

  137. karen

    I have a sony vaio with Vista, it wouldn’t work so I did a system restore, now it says it is missing files and won’t let me log on so I can’t do anything, it won’t even go into safe mode now, it will come up with the screen that says repair or start normally, I ask it to repair and it says I have to reinstall with the disk, but alas it didn’t come with the disk. I am not a tech person, just simple english please. I would reformat and install XP to save myself all these problems but I have some Adobe files I have to rescue, I didn’t burn them before vacation, came back and now I can’t get to them. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

  138. Gail

    My Dell with Vista wouldn’t do an automatic update. Connected to Vista Support…got that fixed but now when I turn on the computer it freezes at the signin screen…already did system restore and still have the problem.

  139. Ol1

    Listen up dudes, anyway Vista isn’t good for any laptops, even the lighten editions as Vista home basic. The best way to clean up your problems is to clean up your registry by using TuneUp 2008 or RegistryMechanic or GlaryUtilities. If it doesn’t clear your problem(s), just the heck downgrade to XP also you’ll may have the Dx10 patch for Xp if your video card is supporting it (just search on Google for Dx10 xp patch). Thanks and good luck =)

  140. adam

    I did a system restore, and I decided to go back 2 days.
    For whatever reason, my computer will no longer connect to my network. I can’t browse the internet, view anything online, or get any online windows updates. Any solutions or reasons as to why restoring would cause my laptop to no longer connect to my network. (and the other comps in my house will still connect)


  141. adam

    Nevermind. I read Elie’s comment and realized that my trial of Norton was the reason my internet connection was being blockes. However, it would not fully uninstall from my computer. A note would pop-up saying something like the “path is invalid.” After searching for a while, I found that on Symantec’s website is a Norton uninstaller download. I copied it to a flash drive(because the internet on my restored computer does’t connect) and put it onto my computer, and it fully uninstalled Norton. Seconds later my internet was connected and up-and-running.
    -Thanks Elie and the Geek

  142. Laura

    I have read all the above comments…I need to do a full factory recovery. I followed the instructions to press F8 repeatedly, however repair computer is not one of the options. I have used the recovery disc to reinstall windows a few times in the past, but I seem to have no way to do a clean installation. Can anyone help?

  143. Fanny

    I have an windows vista laptop and i try to restore my system and when it finish i get an errar message saying (System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer system files and settings were not changed). Please can someone heeelp me please thank you!!!

  144. Joe

    I’m having problems setting up the restore point or even backing up my file to disc, I get an error message of access denied (0x8007500)this is with Vista

  145. Sangre

    Vista…reminds me so much of windows ME (excuse me while I puke)

    Got a new HP desktop computer with Vista preloaded-no installation disks and had to create the “recovery disks” after purchase. I have one winXP computer and this computer with Vista which has the Printer connected to it on a home network. I am not able to print from the XP computer but can print from the Vista. I have updated the printer drivers etc…hours of troubleshooting-no luck. This Vista computer replaced an XP computer which printed fine on this network.
    I contacted microsoft by phone and they said they would not support this problem for free but I could pay for help. They also said it was the responsibility of HP to provide support and/or call microsoft for answers to this problem if they could not fix the problem. Essentially they said I could not get answers for free but HP could call them for the answers if needed and they would work with them.
    Called HP and talked to the tech and his supervisor. They said since the printer worked off the their HP Vista computer that nothing was wrong and they could not do anything to help and they refused to contact Microsoft on my behalf. I asked them for a free copy of WinXp to load and they also refused that request. So now I have a computer, now a month old, still under warrantee and no help for the printer problem.
    By the way I can see the Vista printer and print jobs from the XP printer they just dont print.
    Also, I tried one time to restore and had the same problems described above…never restored. That problem led me here.

  146. kathy

    I have a prob with vista. Windows update got stuck on a “stage 3” for two hours.
    So I go to system restore and accidently chose the repair computer in safe mode.
    Well that means I reformated to beginning. didn’t loose files but they are in back up and I can not get them open….says I am not authorized???
    Can you help me. It won’t let me restore to the “before” I made the mishap!!!! Geeks help needed! :)

  147. hychka

    My broken rig is a home assembled ASUS mobo with AMD Core2 3200 cpu and 2 gigs of memory operating with Windows Vista Home Premium. It had two ATA hard drives and a DVD/burner/player.

    Three days ago my C:\ drive refused to boot up Windows. I tried every alternative Windows offered and the thing hung up after ambling down to “crcdisk.”

    So, I bought a new SATA Seagate hard drive and set it up with Windows Utimate and tried to read the old C:\drive, but it is “unreadable.” However, I was able to read my E:\drive, and found a full restore system back up of the broken C:\drive on that drive dated the day before we left on vacation, so it is a perfect point to restore from. I copied it to a spot on the new C:\drive, but can not get WINDOWS to go to that file and do the system restore.

  148. hychka

    Well, I tried some advice from another forem and it’s still NOT working.

    The Windows restore program finishes with a message that there is no usable restore point, which is extremely irritating as I can see the back up, can partially open it and see the files I need to recover!

    I tried changing the OS back to the OS that made the back up and that didn’t work either.

    Any ideas out there?

  149. Mark

    Hey so i am having the same problem that kathy from august 27th is having, and it happened the same day, just at 10pm.

    anyways it got stuck on stage 3…and tries to configre the download, but reboots itself half way through…and keeps cycling through.

    i have tried system restore, however it wont work and says there is a error, i do not have the vista disk, and here on my parents computer i cant download that file to make one…

    any suggestions? tia

  150. hychka

    I’ve decided that this problem’s solution is over my head. I have written to five “techies” here at the university asking for help. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for him, the techie I have relied on for the past five years just finished his Ph.D and is gainfully employed elsewhere. I’ll report what they do.

  151. Frances

    My HP Pavillion the monitor keeps going to sleep on it’s on the Technician came and changed the mother board it work for a day and then it started again he said if it happens again restore Vista has anyone have this problem I appreciate any advise.

    Thank so much

  152. Jon

    I have a strange problem. I think I may have accidentally deleted something I shouldn’t have. I’ve tried to run the System Restore but it does the same thing all my other programs do. A box opens and says, “choose which program you want to use to open this file”. If someone knows how to help me it would be greatly appreciated.

  153. Sarah Foreman

    Vista Service Pack 1 ate my computer. It won’t boot up. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Microsoft Tech support (after spending three days trying to do “Startup Repair” and “System Restore” myself). So, now I have the Vista disc in, it’s in Safe Mode and is doing the System Restore. It’s been 24 hours now and it’s still saying “Finalize file restore”. After 20 minutes the tech on the phone told me it would take awhile, but would work and to call back if I have more questions. I figured I’d try the public. My hard drive was almost full, so I know the restore will take longer, but this seems a bit ridiculous. Any suggestions?

  154. John

    Hey I just restored my CPU and it’s not working either. I’m going to go ahead and try to unistalled Norton and see what happens. hopefully the issue will be resolved.

  155. Brian Dougan


    I’m working in Korea, and retired my old, reliable Toshiba notebook. I bought an Acer Aspire 5920 in Taiwan; with an English version of Vista Premium. Now–an unwelcome, hidden advertisement fills the screen. It’s incredibly noisy; a commercial for Dolby High Definition and Acer notebooks. Whoever approved this unsolicited software should have his b*tt kicked. It “pops-up” at random moments, and runs about ninety seconds.

    The Canadian and American technical support staff suggested I “check the registry.” I looked, and cannot find anything I recognize. Anyway; I’m not qualified to fiddle with the registry. The latest tech. person asked me to contact the Asian help desk. I can’t find their email address.

    Like the fellow with the System Restore difficulty who lives beside Lake Ontario; I’m ready to pitch this machine into a lake. I’m having other bothersome problems; but I think they are related to Vista. Acer has a good reputation; particularly this notebook.

    Well–i do miss my Toshiba, and XP Pro.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you,


  156. D

    Same bleeding problem as Ms. Sarah Foreman. ‘cept my rig wont even get to the “restore” screen when i try to boot from the repair disk. Just a that lovely little blue … scroll thing(?)…that waves by as windows is loading (its been loading for 20 hours. i’d turn it off but its become something of a joke in my house lately)

  157. Sarah Foreman

    I figured it out!! A while ago actually, but I thought I’d try to help anybody with the same issue. I really only wanted to back up my newer data and then I was at wits end and ready to wipe out the computer. When it asked me which drive I wanted to restore from, I hit browse and was able to access all my files. After that I used the restore disc and just started over. Now my problem……I ordered Office 2007 from school, but got the back up disc too. However, I do not have the product key and now do not have a number for Microsoft. (I tried contacting them online and they took me to a credit card screen…bastards!)

  158. Spacegold

    After reading this litany of restore experiences, I have decided NEVER to attempt the procedure unless I have a crash. If F8 works, fine; if not, after almost 35 years of using pc’s, I’ll dumpsterize this HP and switch to MAC. I am not happy to have bought a new computer preloaded with Vista, that came with no user’s manual and no discs of any kind. Certainly I am not ever going to buy another pc with some new Microsoft pre-Beta operating system so eloqently loved by some arrogant Brit.

    My system is up to date with all Windows updates (hopefully it’s up to full Beta status now), but I still don’t know how to create a restore disk using the system itself. Since I don’t want to lose all my media files, I’ll probably be back to this page again if Vista ever goes berserk on me.

    Thanks, all, for many nuggets of information here. I especially like the idea of having a browser in reserve, in case IE crashes. But I am a little hesitant to install Firefox for fear of upsetting Vista’s delicate temperment. In the W98 days I used Netscape exclusively, but it went to crap under AOL. They did not keep up with Microdoft’s tricks to squeeze them out, even though their program became as slow and bloated as Vista. Also, I did away with both Norton and McAfee and went to Avast for Virus protection because of difficulties in renewing my subscriptions. With Avast I never get a message telling me I have a virus with no clue about how to deal with it, as happened with both Norton and McAfee. And all I would need is a subscription expiration from one of those two geeky vendors to crash my browser. No thanks.

  159. thom

    My brother’s acer PC with vista 64 bit home premium deleted the uxtheme.dll file, he tried to do a system restore in safety mode, but when he clicked “system restore” it gave him an error message.
    How would he go about doing a system restore through command prompt?

  160. Adrian

    I’m having problems to enter my session, when I click in the little square for my session it apperas an Error, and some people told me that I sould restore the computer.. this is my problem.
    20 minutes ago there were like 8 points of restore (dates) and I selected one and didn’t work. When I tried again, the restore points where gone, the computer didn’t find any restore point anymore.. what can I do?

    I can’t enter to my session, So I don’t know how to restore my notebook from here (outside the session)

  161. K

    Wow, after receiving a corrupt registry error a few days ago, I thought a power spike or something nasty had happened to cause my disks to fail… (we’re having some building work done).. was gutted.. mortified… rather vexxed!!

    Trawling through the web.. thinking of RMA’ing the equipment.. then came across this site… this little article absolutely saved the day :)

    Thanks guys, you have no idea how much pain you’ve saved me!! Much respect and all!


  162. Ken


    I’m in safe mode – followed the system restore instructions but so far after about 10 minutes the red light indicates the pc is doing something but I’ve seen no restore points!


  163. Pranav Kansara

    Thanks a lot mate, this helped immensely.

  164. seth

    hi, i bought a hp computer a month ago and started it up..but now it’s acting as if i just bought it yesterday…why? help would be appreciated

  165. michellieboo

    hey so we got this new printer, and the software uploaded fine to my sisters computers but not to mine.. apparently i deleted something vital… TT_TT fail…. i cant play games or watch dvds or upload software at all anymore… idk wtf i deleted… and i really need that printer! help peas and carrots?

  166. PunkyBrewster

    My laptop fails to successfully start up. In safe mode I can successfully restore to an earlier point, but when the says restore successful, you must now restart your computer I’m back to square one (won’t restart). I’ve tried this multiple times with different restore points, always “successful”, but won’t restart.

  167. Spacegold

    Punky, you will have better luck if you take your question to the forum.

  168. Josh

    Hey is there any way i can find a date from last year (2008) to do for a system restore point, because i have no restore points for the month of January for some reason even though i’ve installed a few programs.

  169. mar

    I have been trying to do a system restore for the past 12 hours…it is stuck on “system restore is restoring the registry”…it will not let me reboot or turn of the computer…I am running windows Vista on an HP. What do I do…HELP!!!!!

  170. Spacegold

    Josh, you, too.

  171. Jay

    Thanks to Duncan, I forgot the key to get into Acer Recovery. And odd side note that when entering Acer recovery it booted Windows XP… Hmmm.. a suggestion of why Microsoft has SO many problems?? perhaps.

    so, I have read this whole post and have come to a very easy rules for Vista (or any Microsoft product really) users.

    1) go and buy a external Hdd to save any files you actually want to keep.
    Dont install programs and such on this drive use it for pics/email/etc.

    2) Figure out how to do a total system recovery from the boot menu.
    EVERY manufacturer has a pre-load on a partition of your Hdd that will allow this. (it’s part of getting around giving you disks when you buy the system) Generally you cant save or access in any way this partition. I would say that Alt-f10 or Alt-f11 at your manufactures screen will do it.

    3) Dont bother with system restore. After a year of Vista’s crap I notice Restore does more harm than good. Just be prepared to restore to factory settings after installing/removing a dozen programs or so.

    Windows has ALWAYS had this problem with removing software. It’s slows down and slows down and slows down until it is basically useless. Get used to it.

    And btw a suggestion was made to ‘limit your additional programs’. now, I know that this comment was made in good faith and trying to help, but really? is that what we are reduced to now? Why exactly do we own computers if we arent going to do stuff on them? If all we are going to ‘safely’ be able to do is run windows and their crappy products then why not go back to windows 3.1?

    The bottom line is that Windows is one of the worst operating systems ever made (Vista in particular), Microsoft is a underhanded company (why else would they completly remove all support for any BUT Vista after it’s launch) and we have to use it.

    I guess we just live with it. Or buy a Mac.. I think thats a WAY better plan..

  172. Jay

    Just thought I would update people on the Nightmare of recovering a crashed Vista Machine.

    I used the Manufactures alt-f10 restore to factory defaults.

    4 times..

    This is the 5th.

    I have no idea why a hardware driven Factory Reset would crash 3 times and lose a file (winloader.exe) but it seems that it has..

    Maybe 5th time is the charm?

    My opinion.. get xp on ANY new machine.. XP sucked but at least it worked!

    *gawd i hate Microsoft*

  173. Dan

    Using Recovery Manager
    Follow the steps below to select and perform a recovery task.

    Back up your essential files and folders. For more information, see Back up your files.

    Click here to launch HP Backup and Recovery Manager.

    Click Advanced options to access the task list.

    Click an option. A short description of the option appears. Click Next.

    Warning: If you choose System recovery, the recovery will begin immediately after you click Next, and the process cannot be stopped. All personal data will be erased. Do not click Next unless you are sure that you want to return your entire hard disk to its original factory state.

    Follow the instructions provided by the wizard.

  174. jw

    If anyone is having System Restore problems resulting in ‘Unspecified Error’ and has any Norton programs installed, then I suggest they look at, which explains the cause of the problem and its solution.

  175. Theresa Moriarty

    I did a system restore and now I have a blank screen. It won’t boot up. what can i do?

  176. kaanthan

    plz can help me in restore my system it is not allowing me to restore my computer and it only provides me with one system restore date and it does not seem to go any where when the restore is going through its process …… if there is any one including the geek that can help me plz contact me on my e-mail add

    thnx for listening

  177. Marius W

    I used system restore some weeks ago. I’m not sure if anyone here can help me with this, but I think system restore destroyed some of my files, mostly files connected to my games, such as my CoD4 profiles and GTA4 saved game files. The problem with my CoD4 profile is that whenever I make progress in the game it jumps back to where it was before i used system restore, and my saved game files seems to be corrupted or something since my computer wont recognize them.. they’re there, but…
    Hope someone can help

  178. Melinda

    Help!!! System restore (started from safe mode) has been running over 24hours now! ??? This is on an HP w/ Vista. Screen says, “Please wait while your Windows files & setting are being restored. System restore is initializing…” Blue ring continues to spin. Can I shut down using power button? Restore point was for 2.5 days prior. Out of fear of losing client images & files I am scared to do anything! HELP!! Please!

  179. r

    I have a vista home premium.last night it stopped connecting to my Mobile broadband it say6s critical socket error and when tried to restore says no restore points identified and also an error messaging poppping up saying windows system event notification service has failed ..what to do

  180. Evelyn

    I am a medical transcriptionist. i recently purchased an Inspiron 530 Dell computer. On 03/04/2009 my desktop icons and everything became with enlarged letters. I tried to do a system reboot thinking that this would put it back in the same shape that it started. However, it has done nothing but a caused a nightmare.

    For one thing I have what you can a ready reference bookshelf program the that Stedman’s a company that provides books and electronic references for the medical profession. I had installed on my computer a list of electronic book references in what you called Lippencott Wilkins and Wolters and this reference ready bookshelf had several programs that were installed by CDs. I cannot get into this book anymore. I have done several system restores and they have failed to let me get back into or they cannot be installed on my computer anymore.

    Is there anything that I can do or you can call me and help me through it. You can send me the instructions via the e-mail. My email is bebelyster (at) I would appreciate it very much if you could me. As I am desperate this situation under control. I spent 3 hours on the telephone with Stedman’s IT department and they also failed to get it back where it was previously. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I have Windows Vista Home Premium on the my computer and also where on this computer do you find the safe mode.

  181. sammy

    hi there recently when i went on to youtube the videos are not working and then is says Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe’s Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player , i went on to get the flash player and its doesnt work so if u could pleae help me

  182. billy

    ive got vista home premium light and it dosent come with system restore where can i download one

  183. scott

    my acer laptop has windows vista and when i try system restore it says system restore is not functioning properly what do i do now?

    thank you

  184. StDenis

    I followed all the directions and tried to restore in the safe mode, but it said that there was an unspecified error and wouldn’t accept my restore point. I tried a couple more restore points, but received the same error. Where do I go from here. Nothing is working on my HP Pavillion.

  185. lindah

    I am having problems with System Restore in Vista Home Premium. I haven’t been able do to a successful restore for some time. Also I see my last system checkpoint was 45 days ago. Do not find it in Task scheduler either and can’t seem to pull it up to add it. I just did a manual restore point but I haven’t changed anything so running it wouldn’t be useful. Anyone have ideas on how to get it scheduled in task manager as I can’t seem to do it? Or does anyone have any experience with zaperrors tool for Vista … is it asking for trouble to use it? Thanks for your ideas.

  186. Nancy

    Hi all,
    I’m trying to fix my young nephew’s dell xps m1330 laptop. I think he has windows vista, though I’m not sure. I’m a mac user and am trying my best to troubleshoot this. He was able to boot the computer in safe mode. While in safe mode, I clicked on a system restore point. Then the screen turned black and it has been this way for about 1 hour. Is this normal? Total black screen? Should I power it off, or will that damage the computer? Even worse, I’m visiting from out of town and have only 2 days to fix the computer. They don’t have money nor another tech savvy family member that can help them. Many thanks for any help or advice!

  187. marga


    I’m using Windows Vista HP and I am doing the system restore for more than 10 hours now, saying “Please wait while your Windows files and settings are being restored System Restore is initializing…” How long should I wait for my system restore to finish? I tried to cancel the SR ealier but decided to continue again because my laptop is really slow and I dont know why. Please help me. Thank you.


  188. Johnny

    I got the same problem Guy, I though it was a virus but not a virus realized that finally?

    any clue why system restore fail?

    windows vista home basic…

    I will appreciate your help

  189. Johnny

    Hey Marga, the problem is iwht your system perfromances, you need to register cleaning, disk cleanup and defragmentation.
    reply back if not work…
    I will be with you.

  190. neesh


  191. Shilpa

    Thanks a lot for restore info !!!
    I was able to restore my computer successfully.

  192. devon

    i was wondering if you go back to a system restore date will it bring back photos music or anything else like that back?

  193. Vince

    I NEED HELP! I have a Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista home premium. I always use my mac but I am going to study abroad program this summer and need to take this computer with me. I don’t remember the password for admin. I don’t care about any of my old files I just want access to my computer. I tried the F8 option on start up and then go to restore but it still asks for a admin password. I don’t know the password. Then if I go to the option box it shows admin, guest, or my name. But I can’t put anything for admin or guest because every time I do it says account locked. The only one I can attempt is the one with my name on it but I don’t know the password. I tried leaving password blank or *. But no luck. I just want to reset the computer to get access. I don’t have a CD or USB. Please help

  194. Mitskake

    If unable to boot in safemode…. go to bios….. and load defaults… save and exit…. then try booting in safemode….it works…

    F10-> F9 -> F10 ->….. load setup defaults in bios…..

  195. Felix Chisha

    I have an HP550 laptop which was pre-installed with vista, i wanted to change it back to XP but could not allow me access to the HDD, i sanitized the HDD and now the machine can’t see the HDD. I want to install XP. HELP!!

  196. carl

    Has anyone used for a fix with PROPLUS.MSI ? Is this a safe site that uses REGCURE for repairs? Thanks in advance, Carl Problem with Windows XP.

  197. angela torres

    my computer wont start and when i try to repair though system repair its unable to repair it and there is no restore point .I could recovery to factory setting but i dont want to lose my picture and when i try to backup picture it wont let me add a usb drive nothing works please someone help me

  198. Syed Rizwan

    i didnt receive a vista disk on my laptop
    while using system restore i had formatted the “C:\>” drive due to which i lost the operating system
    so what should i do for getting it back……………

    please reply me soooon as much as possible

    Thanking you

  199. Katrina

    I need to go back to a restore point that isn’t on the restore points list because it’s more than seven days old. I have Vista Home Basic and want to know, is there a way to go back to an older restore point.

  200. Chris

    I installed Norton360 3.0 and updated my microsoft the same night, the next day my administrator password won’t work, I can’t do anything on this computer without this password it won’t let me in. I have a emachine with windows vista home basic. I know absolutely nothing about computers and I am scared to try. I am a 58 year old grandmother who needs help. It took 3 times trying to get the Norton to install on it. It was suppose to come with a 30 day free trial but from the get go it said it had expired so I bought my own and it took 3 times before it would install, now this has happened. Do you think its the Norton or Microsofts fault? Or both or a dummy trying her hand at something she knows nothing about lol. Someone please help. Thanks……….

  201. Ramesh

    Windows vista Restore point
    Go to command promt and type rstrui


  202. Designer

    My problem was solved by uninstalling NOD Eset security……after reboot, network detected…..

  203. Kenny

    OK there was a system restore last nite on a dell laptop and on the picture folder for example its says there are 953 files there but when you open the folder it’s empty, which would be the best method for recovery.please help!!!

  204. gxo

    I can’t get into the internet any longer …I noticed that the last thing that happend the day before …was that Vista from MS and McAffee updates were downloaded …I tried to restore from several days before but nothing worked …the log is full of errors telling me that updates had failed for some time …I tried many things with NO prevail …I was told that the OS needs to be reloaded …Laptop is an
    Dell Inspiron 1720 …running VISTA Home Edition…it came preloaded …any one out there has some instructions on how to re-load the OS – it came with several CD’s
    (1) OS (2) Drivers & utilities (1) Application

    Thanks to anyone that can help me

  205. gxo

    I can’t get into the internet any longer …I noticed that the last thing that happend the day before …was that Vista from MS and McAffee updates were downloaded …I tried to restore from several days before but nothing worked …the log is full of errors telling me that updates had failed for some time …I tried many things with NO prevail …I was told that the OS needs to be reloaded …Laptop is an
    Dell Inspiron 1720 …running VISTA Home Edition…it came preloaded …any one out there has some instructions on how to re-load the OS – it came with several CD’s
    (1) OS (2) Drivers & utilities (1) Application

    Thanks to anyone that can help me

  206. Sean

    I have a fujitsu siemens laptop with vista home premium, i turned it on and it says i need to insert vista instalation disc, i dont have one!!! suggestions please.

  207. Ritu

    Just brought a Dell Inspiron last Tue, crashed on Fri (had only installed yahoo messenger & nothing else, not even 1 personal file) (maybe windows update did it), but then I started restore to factory default Mon 10AM…. By Mon 11 AM it was at 78%, Mon midnight, 86%, Tue 11pm 100%… its Wed 4pm, and it still is at 100% screen … what do I do????? Want to shoot the laptop through the round and round ring!!@$# BTW the OS is stupid Vista!

  208. James

    My laptop crashed recently so I’ve been trying to restore it to an earlier point with safe mode system restore. I waited a good three and a half hours and still nothing. Should i just give up and restore it to the factory settings or is this normal?

  209. Harry B

    We had a power cut last night whilst the computer was on. My mum was using the computer and said that everything went back to set up, so it was like how we bought it 18 months ago. All documents, pictures, music etc have gone. I tried system restore, but this only went back to 9.55pm last night, which was clearly after the damage had been done as my old files do not re appear after I had gone through the process.
    Any help, please? CVs etc, very important things were saved on here and I need them back!!

  210. Joseph

    I followed your prodecure but how long does it take to restore im just wondering. it says PLEASE WAIT WHILE YOUR WINDOWS FILES AND SETTINGS ARE BEING RESTORED SYSTEM RESTORE IS INITIALIZING. how long like 1 hour or more because mine is taking a long time just wondering.

  211. banta

    thanz for the solutions… it helped… i always loved this website…

  212. Christina

    My daughter has a toshiba laptop with Vista installed and she went an put a flas drive into our Windows XP and then put it in her laptop and her computer went black it wont boot in safe mode but will go to BIOS but when I go to change the Date that works but it hops over the the hard drive info. The error says “ERROR OCCURED WHILE ATTEMPTING TO READ THE BOOT CONFIGURATION DATA”. I have a compaq laptop with vists can i use my recovery discs for her Toshiba or would that work? Any suggestions….. My daughter is going nuts to have it back and working!

  213. ali

    Please help

  214. Waikiki Beach Bum


    If you are in the BIOS and the hard drive information reports “ERROR OCCURED WHILE ATTEMPTING TO READ THE BOOT CONFIGURATION DATA”, then I am afraid to tell you that your hard drive is crashing badly. You said it is a laptop that has the problem. So first thing that I would do is to try and locate the hard drive and try and make sure that the cables are connected firmly. If you can gently jiggle the hard drive, and maybe try to slide it in further, or somthing along those lines. Such as I am hoping that your problem can be resolved because something came a little loose in the laptop. If this was a desktop PC issue, it would be much easier to investigate and determine the exact malfunction.

    So you are unable to access the hard drive, and I assume that there is no information in the BIOS screen that previously detailed your hard drive size and its parameters, and now in that space it now shows an error, well, that is a hard drive failure and you probably won’t be able to retrieve any data from it since it sounds like it is dead.

    You can try the recovery disks, but they probably won’t work. You probably are going to have to buy another hard drive for the laptop, and then use those recovery disks to load your operating system back to the way it was when you bought it.

    Sorry for the bad news. But try to make sure all connections, externally, internally, that all are snug as it could be something got ajar somehow. Heating up and cooling down from a computer over time, streches and contracts the parts inside of your computer, and that alone can sometimes ‘push’ a component out of place, causing this malfunction.

    Hope this helps. This is my first time ever to this website.

    ~Aloha~ from Waikiki

  215. Waikiki Beach Bum

    I also just realized that I in the specific topic of using Windows Vista restore. A lot of people are talking about the time that it takes to load a new operating system. The length of time depends on a number of factors like if you have a built-in webcam, that could take an additional 5 minutes (very rough guess) of time or so. Personally, I build all of my computer systems myself and I load Vista and Windows 7 RC using a clean and full install, which normally would be faster than using system restore media DVD, I personally think.

    Anyways, expect to spend about a half hour for a fast computer using a clean install from an Authentic Original Microsoft Windows DVD, maybe 45 minutes. But if you have a slower computer, you could spend way more than an hour to complete. I don’t think it should ever be like 3 hours or more, that would indicate that you perhaps have improper settings, or something is breaking, like often RAM memory burns up faster than most things, and the life of a hard drive is not that long either.

    If you are comfortable enough with entering the BIOS and perhaps resetting the BIOS settings to their default values, that just might fix some problems that you are having if your computer is not responding well. Also look for things in your BIOS that might have to have some value set depending on what operating system you are installing. Just an idea.

    ~Aloha~ from Waikiki

  216. bob

    I installed a program on my computer and it kepted coming up with popup windows so i system restored back one day. it went fine but my portable hard drive got wraped.

    Is there a way of getting my files back?

    I don’t have a backup file.

  217. bob

    system restored back one day. it went fine but my portable hard drive got wraped.

    Is there a way of getting my files back?

    I don’t have a backup file.

  218. jess

    I tried System Restore but I get the message “Windows has detected file system corruption on OS
    (C:). You must check the disc for errors before it is restored.”

    Then I hit the link ‘check for errors’ but it won’t start, it says that it ‘cannot check for errors while its in use’. So then I click ‘schedule disc check’, but nothing happens.

    Can anyone help?


  219. Adam

    I have the same problem as jess.

  220. Charley

    try this site:

    by the way, if any of you have norton stuff on your computer, you absolutely must do a system restore from safe mode, otherwise, the restore won’t fix anything.

  221. Kevin S

    I know I have many restore points but I m not getting the second option to choose different restore point. I can only pick last restore point which is when vista downloaded an update.. I want to choose even older date before the update took place.

    Please help

  222. Margaret

    I would like to know if it’s possible to restore my system to about 20 days previous. Only restore points for the month in course are shown in the options. There seems to be a problem with my system ever since a program was installed some 20 days prior.

  223. Margaret

    Sorry, forgot to mention that my OS is Vista.

  224. vicky

    i have a picture problem.
    i have windows vista.
    had to restore to factory settings due to laptop not turning on…long story.
    thing is i didnt back up files,photos etc
    i have now lost my pics,i have an iphone which is the problem,i dare not sync it in fear of losing the pics from my iphone!
    any ideas greatly appreciated

  225. calebstein

    @vicky: just plug the iPhone in and go into “computer,” it should come up as a digital camera, just take the pictures from there.

  226. Rod

    hi. i recently use system restore on vista os and now my computer boots, but none of the application works, the msg it gives is that there is no registry for the applications PLEASE HELP

  227. irfan

    i make bck up can u tell me who can i use this back up its means i need to know for use back up.if any body know please tell

    irfansaeed84 (at)

  228. SweetScorpio

    Last night I had been working on the computer. Had to leave it for about 2 hours. When I went to go do more work it appeared to have frozen. I rebooted, all seemed fine until it was supposed to bring up the user accounts, then went blank. After numerous attempts to get the computer to do a repair, restore and such it didnt help. I dont have a CD… the computer came from the store prepared so there is no way I can do a restore from CD nor can I do a full re-install. The diagnostic/repair section stated that it had a corrupt registry.
    Called a friend of mine, Linux guy, and he recommended I reboot and start with F10. I did and it brought up. Issue, now that I have got it up and running in my account its VERY sluggish and if I walk away it goes into what may be normally screen saver or hibernation mode it wont come back up correctly. Tonight, after some time of testing various theories, the Toshiba logo came up but it wouldnt go to the account screen. Had to turn off and reboot.
    I cant be dealing with this all the time. Thank god I had my Linux up and running! Yes, I do have tow OS’s. I dont like Winblows but sometimes situations call for it…. If I only knew Linux better Id run everything off of it…. and if some script were released things would be different.
    So, here I am. Im stumped at this issue. Can you please help me figure it out with minimal time, money and headache? I run two businesses and I cant afford to have a computer down all the time and also doing support for its ailments as well.

  229. Mysticgeek


    Your best bet at getting a quick solution is go to your Forums and explain the issue. We have a bunch of knowledgeable geeks there who will help you out!

  230. adam

    i ran system restore and now all i can do is turn on my cpu log in and when i do i cant do anything

  231. Andrew

    if i restore my laptop to the factory default, will i lose my personal files(pictures, videos etc)? what will happen? please help

  232. wilder3

    I’ve noticed looking through these posts that no has mentioned unplugging the Machine for at least 15 seconds. It seems to drain off something and should let you in some cases Boot into safe mode, If not the regular real nice Vista mode. There is no way I Know of to recover personal Dat but through the Recle bin restore. And this doesnt’ work for Factory restore situations all this said. I will Quote a friend
    “Microsoft is like a bad neighbor ,You either Ignore them or Live With it”

  233. wenyi

    can u help me on the prob that i hav now
    cuz my laptop is lyk when i open the laptop it runs okay but then when i log in the screen just turn black but then all other thing works perfectly fine i can open firefox, play game but then it’s just the the desktop just won’t open so i dunno what should i do cuz then i haven’t got my recovery disk with me i can’t find it btw my laptop version is window vista home premium

  234. protecttour

    My computer turnned off during a windows upgrade and will not restore..even from the burned imgbrn DVD…. any ideas..?

  235. sheyi ola

    Please be of help, my acer notebook after booting, it ends up with a blank screen with the mouse arrow on the blank screen. After opening the task manager, I discovered that the process DWM.exe was running and also csrss.exe was also running. How do I resolve this problem. Tried all methods like booting through safe mode.


  236. kim

    Daughter attached a friends iphone to the machine and immediately the machine had start up problems.machine tried to repair itself. The first thing that went was the Norton then windows explorer so i could access the Inet or seek help options or affect changes to the system. it denied me complete access to event logs and the restore and security centers. I was effectively cut-off from the OS. I was able to copy all files to external HD. Even the CD/DVD drive failed to load the retore disc. Found solution. On start-up, hit f12 for boot menu. Use arrow keys to select CD/DVD and install factory restore disc. Follow the wizards instructions and now i am loading the second disc ! Keep you fingers crossed but looks like we got it folks. : )

  237. kim

    By the way, when we removed the HD and did an external malware scan we found virus and malware that had to be quarantined thus cleaning the HD. It is very likely that the Ipod / iphone had been corrupted with malware that imbeeded itself in the OS and disabled the firewalls and Norton including windows explorer. Never share decices of this nature and if you don’t know where it’s been don’t let it slep with your computer !

  238. Kell

    My HP is stuck in System restore not for hours, what have I done? Can’t even turn the blasted machine off. What is happening? Help!

  239. wguru

    And while i’m on my ‘soap box’, why the heck isn’t anyone ever disclosing whether or not users need to or don’t need to turn on SR for other than the C drive, eg; when the OEM has partitioned a C&D drive, the d being supposedly only for the system restore. Assumedly, so long as users don’t run any prog’s from that d drive, then user needn’t ever tick that drive for SR monitoring. But why isn’t this ever disclosed? These two most often asked and astoundingly never answered questions, leave me wondering what OEM, Designers and even Forum members are doing.

  240. wguru

    Annnnnd, the second most annoying thing about MS’s SR, is the fact that despite it being the most important aspect of a pc, such pitifully little GUI is afforded, eg; “System Restore was unable to restore…” (‘and we won’t say why’, other than, due to corruption). And worse yet, nowhere on the planet have I found anything disclosing that for user to rely on useful restore points, that we must micro-manage both System Restore as well as our external hard drives/flash drives (so they don’t get needlessly included in automated SR points). Arrrrgh!

  241. omar mtz

    hi, i have an emachies computer and it came with Windows Vista home basic. Then later i decided to install Windows 7 RC which was avaible for download on the microsoft website. then like 2 months later i powered on my computer and it went straight to Vista but Vista didn’t start it just went to System Recovery options. Then i rebooted my pc but it still did the same thing. So right now i cannot get into Vista neither Windows 7. i tried system restore but it doesn’t work also tried in safe mode but nothig.


    im wondering if anyone has this problem,seen it on many sites/forums but no solution.. i have a brand new acerx3810 x64 vista home premium 4gb desktop pc .. everything boots fine..yet when i try to go into any safemode option the list stops at crcdisk.sys …goes into black screen .. then reboots ..even disabled reboot to see the *bluescreen of death8 to no avail..also done a factory reset..and help welcome thanx

  243. mitch

    i recently just updated my computer to SP1 and now my computer wont even start up, it shows the loading screen where it tries to load up all the files from the service pack but as soon as it goes to load up one of the microsoft files, my computer freezes and it stays like that forever, i really need help, please and thank you.

  244. Gail

    I have a Toshiba laptop with Windowa Vista Media. I am getting the message that my User profile did not load properly and I am diverted to a temporary user profile. How cn I fox this. If I need to restore will i lose all my photos and music and emails etc? Please Help

  245. skulls

    f8 not working on start up

    when i go to recover manger system original factory restore doesnt work it just reboots and loads my desktop ANY HELP THANKS

  246. stacie Lease

    I need to restore my computer back further than dates available. I need to restore back more than 30 days, when I choose more dates, it only takes it back to 12/6…my computer just shuts down, then restarts, critical error, then shuts down, then restart, critical error, shut down…loops. This was since I tried to use my neat receipts scanner…I took out battery in process, which allowed me to enter safe mode, thus type this email.
    Need help!! thanks

  247. zack

    how long willit take to restored windows vista initializing

  248. Sarah


    My computer all of a sudden started going so slow it was like a flashback to the good (just joking) old dial up days. I could literally go to the bathroom whilst waiting for a page to download. I blame it also on the windows update. There is one update that stopped explorer working all together. I tried numerous times like all of you, to do a system restore and it never could complete. Thank Heavens for all of you guys. I just did the F8 thing and it worked like a charm. I put my laptop back to before all the updates were installed and i can’t even scratch my nose now before everything pops up. Thank heavens as i was about to put my computer back to scratch. By the way, for those that don’t know how to do that, keep searching through your start menu..all programs. You will find it in there…it could be in maintenance, or something along those lines. I have always fixed my own computer by researching issues and trial and error works great….i only mess up big once… When a store was going to charge me $100 to restore my computer back to factory default, i did it myself, it is so easy to do. Thank You, Thank You for all your help with everything. It not only feels good..great to fix things yourself, but you explain things so well and easy to understand, and without this page, i would be stuck in the …system restore could not work..nah nah nah…timezone until my laptop went floating down the St Lawrence.
    God only knows what time i will get to bed now my internet is fast again….Thanks so much

  249. Jerry


    Can i re-Install my backup “vista” email files to “windows 7 basic”.


  250. rory

    hi have seen on the windows 7 advert that you can click to documents to be up at the same time but i dont know how to do it

    anybody know how

  251. Elsa Hill

    I couldn’t login into any of my accounts this morning. The system was so bogged down that all I saw was a black screen, even when I tried to login into the Administrator account. I’ve done system restore in “normal mode” plenty of times with success. The virus’s and worms got to it so bad that it wouldn’t let me do it in normal mode any more. I did it in safe mode, and it gave me the error “your computer was unable to start, looking for repairs.” It said it had to restart afterwards; this had already happened twice and I didn’t think it would work! It restarted, and I could get into my system to login! In normal mode, I immediately did a system restore to the last known working point. Now my system is back! Thanks for the tip guys…I hope this helps.

  252. Mark

    So for everyone that is having problems with system restore not completing the restore process, if you are running Norton Internet Security, there is a setting in the “miscellanious settings” tab pertianing to intrusion prevention here is the possible fix…worked for me.
    Message: “Restoration Incomplete. Your computer cannot be restored…” when I run Windows System Restore with a Norton 2010 product installed

    Norton 2010 products have a security feature that prevents outside programs from making changes to the Norton product. This security feature can prevent Windows System Restore from changing Norton files, which results in the “Restoration Incomplete” message.

    Temporarily turn off the Norton Product Tamper Protection before you run Windows System Restore.
    STEP 1Temporarily turn off Norton Product Tamper Protection
    Start your Norton 2010 product.
    In the Computer pane, click Settings.
    Click Miscellaneous Settings.
    Under Product Security, next to Norton Product Tamper Protection, click the status indicator to turn it Off.
    In the Settings window, click Apply.
    Click OK.
    STEP 2Run Windows System Restore
    Follow the operating system instructions to run Windows System Restore.
    STEP 3Turn on Norton Product Tamper Protection
    Start your Norton 2010 product.
    In the Computer pane, click Settings.
    Click Miscellaneous Settings.
    Under Product Security, next to Norton Product Tamper Protection, click the status indicator to turn it On.
    In the Settings window, click Apply.
    Click OK.

    Thank you for completing these steps, is your issue resolved?

  253. Edwin

    I started the system restore on my laptop and its been running for 2 and 1/2 hours is this normal? if not what should i do?

  254. kyle

    whats up with using recovery, to get back the drivers from vista to windows7 ihave an hp dv2000 and its just not happening, microsoft do this on purpuse?

  255. James

    I just added Voice Editing, standard edition, for a Panasonic digital recorder to my Windows Vista Business system. But when I restarted it to use it I got the “blue page of death” which I could not complete reading before it flashed off and a black page arrived highlighting START THIS COMPUTER NORMALLY or use arrows to choose another form of booting. Problem is, the arrow keys would not work and neither would pressing the ENTER key. It is as if I don’t have access to the keyboard and can’t stop an endless cycle of attempts at rebooting.

    This is on an iMac that has been partitioned so I have both access to Mac OS and Vista.

    I tried using F8 to highlight SAFE MODE but have no way of engaging it because the ENTER key does not seem to have access to the hard drive. HELP! Thanks!

  256. raymarcher

    I did a system restore in win7, it seems that there leaked some directorys from my last windows iteration into the old store

    is this normal?

  257. Ruthie

    Here is a way to get into Safe Mode in Windows Vista, if the F8 key will not work (I tried this forever, to create a System Restore that was continually unsuccessful). I am not a techno geek, but I’ve experienced this issue with an older computer as well, running Windows ME. This worked for me and hopefully will work for you too!

    Click the Start Button
    Type “msconfig” in the search box
    A “System Configuration” window will open
    Select the “Boot” tab in the Boot Options section
    Check the “Safe Boot/Minimal” check box
    This will put you in “Safe Mode” with large icons and “Safe Mode” showing on all four corners of the screen (you may have to enter your password to get in).
    Complete whatever your task is (possibly Restart again), then go back to “msconfig”, and uncheck the “Safe Boot” box, and restart. Should boot normally.

    Hi peeps (Larry)

    In reply the above messaged posted by your gud self Larry. If I cant get onto the main home screen for to be able to type sumting into the search or run box is there any other way of doing a shortcut so that i can try run my laptop into safe mode.. I did a full restore back to its factory settings it completed fine but an error code came up and it wudnt go any further after me clicking ok.

    Sorry the laptop is an acer extensa 562OZ and the OS is Vista..

    I would appreciate it a great deal if someone would be so kind as to reply as soon as possible as my head is absolutely 100% melted from tryin diff ways but still no go… :(

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Ruthie x

  258. VietGamer

    i have a HP dv6607nr vista,dual core, and the last owner of this laptop upgrded it into a W.7. and delete some very important programs….i restored some of it but im missing a audi drive.can some1 help me ? link,email to send ? i need it alot ….

  259. DooFster

    OK – Here’s my problem:

    When I booted my computer up (with factory-installed Vista) it went to the login screen like it always has. I punched in my password and everything was running smoothly…until the taskbar popped up. It went to the Classic Windows theme and started popping up with “Toshiba’s Facial Recognition Software could not be started”, so I clicked OK.

    I then restarted the computer (figuring that it would fix that small issue – it happens every once in a GREAT while). It did the same thing and I went ahead and tried to change the theme back to Vista, but IT WASN’T THERE…only the Classic theme.

    I tried to do a System Restore on my computer to back it up to a few days ago, but it’s telling me the Volume Shadow Copy Service cannot be established and it isn’t able to do a System Restore.

    Basically what I’m saying is that all I am able to do is to just login and do……nothing after that. I can’t even un-install anything. It starts the process and then does a force-close on the program.

    What’s wrong with my computer? I use it to stay in touch with family and friends while I’m overseas…

  260. Gail

    Ibought mine from best buy and they didn’t give me a dick fot the vista and i am having problems restoring it i have done it 2 or 3 time and everything is the same..what do i do..

  261. karma

    I have a computer with windows vista.During start up i do not get desktop items on the screen.Only with Taskmanager,i can get the desktop items by typing explorer.exe.Plse help me sole the problem.

  262. Rod

    Got a problem with my Aspire One

    Lost screen for whatever reason, probably misconfigure or with virus. Tried everything went to safe mode, tried restore the system but no avail. tried F8 and F10 command. but it still a failure. please help……………

  263. Laura

    I used to know how to take pics and vids on my dell inspiron 1720 but i forgot. I don’t think I need to restart it or install it I just don’t know what program to go to to use it again. and it’s not a bulky cam its the built in one.

  264. Denis

    i have a serious problem im trying to restore my computer to factory defaults in other words format the drives on my vista because i have a program i want to run but every time i run the program it says windows application1 has stopped work plz help me

  265. utimah

    I am make New folder but i can’t make rename, pleace help me

  266. Susan

    How long should it normally take if you are in safe mode and you have started the system restore? It has been going for about one hour so far and it still is there.

  267. Neumann

    My computer has a virus its called the trotion virus can i use stystem restore to clean up my lap top?

  268. charles adams

    I need a restore disk for my laptop. It runs windows vista. Just the disc.

  269. Christopher

    I am trying to run system restore on vista, it tries to restore for about 10 minutes, then a window pops up saying “error, system restore has timed out and failed” or something like that. I can’t system restore, any pointers?

  270. Kelly

    I got a virus and i think system restore would help but when i try to do it. It tells me i need the domain administer. But i am the administer on my comptuer. What do i do?

  271. nadia

    hello, i had my computer completly shut down (window vista, pc notebook,pavillion), so the only think i could do was run a system recovery back to factory.I lost all my files and specially pictures.Is there any way to recover them? Thank you for any help.

  272. Paul

    My screen went all wonky like when you take a picyure and make it almost like a cartoon but not quite almost like there is lines and tracers a lil blurry etc. I tested another monitor and same thing. I reset my video card driver nothing scanned for viruses looks like i got a few 2 wmv2avi.exe not the monitor do i need a new video card???? if it ws a virus how do i reset everything? my diagnostics tool says sumthing up when i load it .. please help im eausted from trying to do it

  273. Paul

    oh and tryed system restore as well nothing

  274. Tam

    I tried your advice for my computer, whoever I got an error message that stated “system protection is turned off. To turn it back on so you can use system restore, see system restore on or off”. I followed the links and the step where I came undone was when I went into System Protection and was required to “check a box beside the disk and click ok”. I could not find such a box or list of disks (saafe mode).

    Would you please help me?

  275. Claudine Selden

    I have asked several times to Yahoo or in the spaces like Google and Search thinking I would get an answer to what has happened, but no answer..So I am still wondering why when I turned on my computer and had been answering e-mails and getting some e-mails that I looked at my inbox and they had erased all lists that I was keeping and the only thing listed in todays is the last one received. By this time it has probably been released. What can I do and who can I report this to?

  276. Claudine Selden

    I don’t care whether you post this or not..I just want to know how to get in touch with someone that can restore my inbox list of mail..I had some of 2009 thru today and they keep erasing after it comes. I dont know if I have missed messages or not. This has never happened to me before.

  277. Claudine Selden

    You posted my actually question to you and my remarks about what had happened and then you asked me for moderation and then it would be posted and I answered that to you that I needed the information as how to restore my list of inbox messages that they had erased this a.m. (3-21=10) and I have never gotten any information that would help. I felt that Yahoo would restore what they had erased, since I didn’t ask for anyone to erase these. Never had that happen before. Claudine Selden

  278. bobby


    Im putting a new hard drive in my laptop. I will then boot from disks made to restore to factory state. I made these disks about 6 months into the life of the old hard drive. Will any of my files/data etc be restored or deleted files restored or recoverable? I would prefer if it was a completely “fresh” state on the new hard drive, as things had got very cluttered with viruese etc on the old one.

    I imagine using thesee disks will do exactly that…restore to factory state with no traces of what was on the old hard drive, but just checking to confirm!



  279. Nes

    I have a Gateway laptop that wont boot and I tried to boot to the windows 7 recovery dvd to repair my Gateway laptop but after I pick the country the screen goes blank and just hangs. any ideas?

  280. Kevin

    I have windows 7 and problems with system restore. When i make a restore point manually, it goes thru the process, then reports that the point was created successfully. Problem is, when i go to system restore, it says there are no system restore points. (this also happens in safe mode.) Is this a known win7 problem? Is there a patch or something to solve this?

  281. chesterfield

    dig this: I installed Ubuntu 9 on an external 20gig USB Maxtor drive,(10 years old), and Vista premium is just all alone on my Tosh laptop C drive…I am suggesting, if you are fed up with all the non-support, try running Ubuntu 9!…computing is fun again.

  282. Bud

    if anyone running vista home premium is having a problem getting system restore to work and getting the “System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed” error message just thought id let you know that after i followed the instructions in the following message my computer, which is a gateway, ran perfectly, BETTER than it did when i bought it. it was like just doing a system restore in safe mode command prompt fixed ALL the problems and got rid of all the bugs vista had. web pages after clicking on links in mozilla firefox would show up literally INSTANTLY. i actually enjoy vista now! the original message was posted by a user named ‘Ben’. Thanks Ben

    Just thought I’d mentioned I’ve had the same bloody error message that everyone has posted:

    System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and settings were not changed”

    But with messages here, and elsewhere I manged to restore properly in Vista, this is how:

    1. Start in safe mode (press F8 on boot-up)
    2. Once logged on, use command prompt to run restore – as the option isnt available in safe mode – type rstrui.exe – this will then run system restore and you can choose your restore point.

    Thats it – it shut down, restored and the problem was fixed :)

    More info here:

  283. Jake Guy

    Just wanted to let everyyone know that I was having the same problems. I looked over these comments and tried the one where you start the computer in Safe Mode and then open command prompt, type rstrui.exe and chose the restore point. It worked perfectly. Just thought I’d let everyone know. =]

  284. ianisla

    hi.. i have a problem on my new vista files on desktop do not show when i start my computer….and also the taskbar.. i dont know what to do.. pls help me…

  285. ianisla

    I think it has something to do with the new vista theme…pls help…i dont want reformating solutions..

  286. eriasan

    same issue with system restore. won’t let me pick my own date to restore the computer to, the dates that the computer is giving me are to recent. is there a way in vista to choose your own date to do the system restore. and do you really have to do via safe mode? any help would be appreciated. it’s almost 5:00am and i’m still trying to find a solution to this….

  287. Holly

    This information is not all that helpful. If someone is at the point of doing a Restore, there is a lot more to it then do this or do that. My System has been “Finalizing file restore…” for going on 7 hours. Its not frozen. The information provided should include what to expect and how long it should take. TYVM.

  288. Aaron

    This is B.S. I really hate this I did a system restore and now vista is running really really slow it’s not a virus. i had got the blue screen of death continually after i rebooted so i did a system restore should i just reformat and just install vista

  289. Jay

    Ok heres my dilemma: A friend gave me the HP windows 7 upgrade disc to upgrade my vista to windows 7, I did the upgrade and it worked. Now windows is saying that my product key is invalid and I need to get a new one (I didn’t know it could only be installed on one PC), and its saying I need to spend 130$ to do so which I’m not going to do. What I’m trying to do now is revert back to windows vista, BUT my Vista came pre installed, how do I go about getting it back?

  290. sufyan

    i have problem with acronis 2010 home true image when i would like to take an image from windows 7
    or reimage it
    please help me

  291. Mike Barnes

    My Windows Vista runs perfectly.
    Get Ad-Aware (Its cheap)
    Clean the Registry
    Run Disk Cleanup often
    Check your startup programs

  292. kelsey

    Got some instructions from friends on how to optimize cumputer for peak perfomance. All seemed to work fine until check disk ran from restart. It went all the way thruogh to step 5, then froze at 90 % we left it for hours but did not move. We finally pulled out the battery to shut down. We tried again and the same. If we restart in safe mode can we resolve thi problem. Any advice would be helpful.

  293. rad

    I have run a system restore wizard , but when i start my pc, after log in, it is all black screen with just mouse pointer in it and nothing else, can you help me please?to get rid of that black page?

  294. Ryan

    I have a problem and I want to retore my computer to factory settings. I have windows 7 Home Premium. After the windows logo pops up, it goes to the logon screen. But the logon screen is black with nothing but the cursor. Any help is appreciated.

  295. swetha

    hii all,i have restored my new windows 7 home premium and it successfully worked..after that my system takes too much time for startbup..Earlier it takes only 3-4 minutes ..what can i do dor it? Now it takes 10 more minutes to startuup…plz some body help me..plzzzz

  296. Herbert Rendler

    Ladys and Gentleman,

    I can’t download the > Internet Downlad Manger < with out payment. This never happens
    before. Where its the problem?

    For any helpful informatrion i thank you very much in advance.

    Best Regards,


  297. myla perez

    i can not fixed the problem can you help me.when i do the system restore,its not finish,because,its hang in the part of Please wait while your windows files and settings are being restored.System Restore is restoring the registry.hope you can help me

  298. Rasall

    Hi guys,

    My CPU has just been infected by a malaware virus. I once had this problem before and removed it using system restore. But this time the virus does not allow system restore to work. I’ve tried system restore in safe mode but once completed and when the computer restarts, it comes up with a message saying system restore did not complete successfully and the virus is still there. What can i do to remove the virus and complete system restore?

    Thank you

  299. Soo

    system restore has been running 9 hours how long must I wait?????????????????????????????????

  300. cletus honesty

    i was so much encourage with the tip given above

  301. kur

    May I know how to do this in winXP? Many thianks

  302. Rodney

    Good luck KUR

    windows xp: Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Restore

  303. Dennis

    If anyboudy can help it would take the weight off me before I crash my wife com windows vista she put in a password in and forgot it now when you turn on the com all you see is sign in that is it nothing else

  304. Noah

    We can not even get it to work in system safe mode. We got hit with a virus this morning and now we cant do anything. Anything you can think of?

  305. jason

    My windows 7 destop keeps getting error when i log in and wont show my destop

  306. Carmen


    After the Windows Update (Critical Update) last night, my Windows 7 is unable to load. Startup Repair indicated it was an “unspecefied change to the configuration” I did manage to get to safe mode and try the above, but it has been loading for an hour now. Any help?

  307. Gabe

    I appreciate the info, thanks. But looking through the replies I didn’t see where you could go back to a restore point other than what’s listed in the system restore, which for me is only a few days. I did the restore in Safe Mode on Vista with no problems.

  308. dorina

    my computer windows 7 but stadinley shut down after oddamattikal re start. what happent. what i do.

  309. tero tauko

    it didnt work !!!!!

  310. Alyskm

    Vista Issue: Got an external hard drive to store music, pictures, etc so computer would be a bit faster. SUCCESSFULLY moved pictures and music to the drive and changed the location of both folders to the new drive (F:). When I tried to do the same for the videos folder my computer wasn’t having any of it and totally screwed up everything – videos folder is all over the place and seems to have switched qualities with F: drive, music and pictures are ok but not in the right spot – in general just a giant mess, of which I don’t understand anything as I’m not exactly technologically inclined. I’ve read through a bunch of forums and q&a from windows and system restore is sounding like a good & easy way for to fix this. I followed the instructions above to get into system restore but when I get there, it only gives me one point to choose from and it’s not before I started switching things. Will system restore even work to fix this problem and how do I choose an earlier point?

  311. Joe

    I have a problem with restoring this has happened to me before and seems like the same problem. I had a friend fix it but i’ll feel selfish if i do so. I need restore it says Class not recognized. ? close restore then try again i clearly dont have restore open

  312. chip

    Did a system restore the usual way, checked off for a period of 3 days prior, and computer did its thing, with no apparent problems. However, when it shut itself down and started back up, found that everything had been erased. This is with Vista with SP2 on a HP Pavilion dv-5. But it only dumped in administrator, not other users. Any ideas? I received no error messages of any sort.

  313. Dark

    What a bunch of primitive childish suggestions to fix system restore…

    But then again..what a bunch of morons visits this site…

    I’ d say, you look like a road accident…morons..

  314. DanH

    I to have an issue with a windows update. I restarted my HP Pavilion two days ago. As it was restarting I saw it go through a check disk and delete about 5 or 6 files. Then it tried to restart Windows and got a message “Configuring updates, stage 3 of 3: 0% complete.” After 2 minutes it reboots and continues this cycle over and over and Windows never starts.

    Anybody have any suggestions?

    This PC was bought online and I have no disks. If I do a restore in safe mode do I loose all my applications that I purchased online?

    Help. Help.

  315. Dimetra T

    I don’t know what is wrong with my computer!! It has always worked exceptionally. I have a Sony Vaio with windows 7 Home Premium edition that came preloaded. The other day I was trying to play something on Itunes and I got an error message about my audio/video playback. I went through many trials and errors for days until I came across the F8 idea that allows you to override driver enforcement. That works but its a pain to remember to do everytime. In addition I have KIS that was showing that the blacklist was corrupted. . .I fixed that somehow. But now I’ve tried to download my windows updates and they won’t download nor will internet explorer 9 install properly. When I looked at my updates history. . .the current update nor the last one updated. Does anyone have a clue as to why my computer went haywire all of a sudden.?

  316. Dimetra T

    Update for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2362765)

    This is the latest update that I can’t download, I keep getting an error message that means my Windows component store is corrupted. I do not have a Windows disk to reinstall so what the hay am I supposed to do. This is annoying.

  317. bana

    Does anyone know if it is possible to back up a System Restore point?

  318. Saeed

    Suddenly I saw that everything on my desktop including files, folders, softwares and background are deleted unless by default icons .
    I restore that but i just find my softwares and now when i search files shown c/user/Sony/desktop but when i click this message appearer:( The item ‘……..’ that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly, Do you want to delete this shortcut?)
    how can i find my documents.

  319. abdellah

    the internet explorer page does not open for me,
    do you guys have any solution to this similar issue?

  320. Prabhu

    When I ttry to install Google sketch up 8 , i get this msg…An error occured while loading google sketcp8.1 and in details the msg is this ….C:\Users\Prabhu\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS849C.tmp\GoogleSketchUp8.msi,, pl help

  321. Nonim

    My computer gives me a BSOD at startup after a driver change, so I open the system restore, choose the point I manually created before and it tells me when i have to choose the drive that restore is not active on this drive and I can’t continue. And its the same for all my restore points! What happenned?

  322. Linden

    I have not been able to do a System Restore on my computer for the past 3 years, not even in Safe Mode. I found this forum and read the comment by Mark on Jan.4, 2010. I followed the instructions and it worked. System Restore completed successfully. The problem was with Norton 360 4.0 Premium Edition. But after that Norton said my computer was at risk and I had a hard time trying to fix that. I went to Settings and clicked on Antivirus, then under the Automatic Protection tab I tried to turn on Auto-Protect or Early Load. But they wouldn’t turn on. So I went to My Norton Account on the Symantec website and re-downloaded my product, restarted my computer and did a Live Update and now Norton says my computer is protected.

  323. Peter Vandergugten

    Can you help — where can I delete some of my older system restore files. Trying to install Window 7 but need 8707 MB. Had 7.5 GB cleared on ‘C’drive but did a reboot. On the restart I now had only 2.5 GB free space. I did a restore a few previous to this change and now I only have 285 MB left of drive C.

    Where and how can I delete some restore files to make some room? Whe I add up the folders on C, they add up to 26 Gig but the C drive shows it has 105 Gig. Help would be appriciated.

  324. Glenda

    I got a virus and I think system restore would help but when I try to do it, it tells me I need the domain administrator. I am the administrator on my computer. It also tells me something about turning on group policy? What am I suppose to do?

  325. Stephen Archbold

    i was restoring my computer to it’s factory settings and towards the end of the process, the battery dies. now when i power it up, the windows logo appears as normal, then it says setup is starting services. this always flickers once, then a dialogue box pops up saying it lost power or has encountered an unexpected problem and setup will continue after restart. it says to clickthe okay button to restart. the mouse doesnt respond, but both the space bar and the enter key seem to work because they both restart the computer. the problem is is no matter how many times i repeat the process it always stops on the above-mentioned dialogue box. I think i can fix it by buying a windows disc but i hear theyre a bit pricy. I may end up having to install ubuntu. Anyone have ideas?

  326. Derald H

    GTWYUSER, to anyone who can give me a hand. I’ve had my Gateway laptop for 3 yrs. now, running Vista home premium, 32 bit, plenty of ram and hdd space, a good solid, almost trouble free comp.-and I run it hard-so what little trouble I do have is usually my fault. BUT, this machine has NEVER created a restore point on it’s own, except when I download something then no problem. All the rest of the time I have to do it manually. I have reconfigured the task scheduler every way it could possibly be done,(I’ve had 3 yrs.). I’ve increased, decreased, unbounded, the allowed disk space, C:\ and D:\, changed users, profiles, created new users, tried SYSTEM, administrators, removed passwords, changed to wireless, changed to highspeed hard line, no matter what I do it has an excuse to not create a restore point. Example: if it allows the user then there was a bad connection. I switch connections-user, wrong password. Here’s a typical man vs machine day—-error 118 SR triggered due to system startup, FAILED due to one of the constraints in the task definition, instance 0x80041324 error 101,(so I remove any and all constraints), error 118 SR triggered due to system startup,(my reboot),Failed network not available/launch condition not met error 112,(I removed all restraints, remember), check task scheduler-yep, not checked, network not a constraint. Leave every thing just as it is-NO CHANGES-24 hrs. later 12:10 am scheduled checkpoint 118 SR triggered scheduled checkpoint FAILED unauthorized user,(system???), or user not recognized, Derald H administrator???. It’s like this machine is alive and just f—— with me. Anyway, no matter what I change, or don’t change it jumps between these excuses not to make restore points. Unless there’s some other place I’m unaware of that controls sys. restore how the hell can I fix this. One day I’m gonna have something bad happen, and need sys. restore. only to find there are no restore points because I forgot to make one. Oh ya—after 48 hrs. they’re gone. I’m done Thanks gtwyuser

  327. Nathaniel

    I have a sony vaio with a nasty virus, cant connect to the internet and am trying to restore to factory settings using the command prompt coust the touch pad stops working and sys restore says it cant access the specific device, path, or file or i dont have the privlige to access them please msg me.

  328. Ralph Musgrave

    The above instructions are useless. At least they didn’t work for me.

  329. jolin

      i think if you want to be a computer expert,you must clean up the computer first,and here i recommend a software for you:tuneup360,it really can help you to deal the computer problem.

  330. Jordan Dibell


  331. Malana haze

    Hi, I bought a Asus X52F with Windows 7, 64 bit OS last month.I want to restore my system to factory settings. Can somebody please help me.

  332. Cris

    hi everyone,..I am new here and taking this chance to get some help from you guyz..

    I tried to format my acer aspire 4730Z with its recovery disk burned from the laptop itself.. Then when i used it, the 1st disk is working but the 2nd disk was not.. then i came up using the windows vista cd that i have to install the o.s like an ordinary desktop that we get use to.. but message BOOT MGR is missing is appearing. Safe mode using f8 key is also not working..when i am pressing it sound is coming.

    Can anyone help me with this problem? this is the first time that i experience such booting mind is exploding now I don’t know what to do..plzz help.. that would be much appreciable..

  333. Srle

    If you would like a permanent solution to any such like problems bin the pc and buy a mac. They are more expensive but it’s for a reason: they work!

  334. Abdu

    i want to format may laptop with out OS CD, i having product key for windows 7 and having two OS in system windows 7 and Linux i want to remove Linux b’ze HDD space need more for windows, pls help me

  335. Jennie

    I was having trouble with my computer( i was getting the blue screen–computer shut down to prevent damage to your computer)so I tried everything to fix it. It wouldn’t start in safe mode. I tried numerous times. A friend said to reset to factory settings so I did, but only to realize that my backup files are still at my dads house(Charleston,wv). So i have none of my files, but thats not the problem. I am still having problems- when i am on the internet it says that it can’t open that web page and the internet shuts down. Also when I go to view my pictures that i had saved to another disk it telle me that it can’t open the picture because I don’t have permission to access the file location. I don’t know what I did to my computer and I don’t have money to take it to have somebody look at it. Please help!

  336. Chris

    I have a horrible complication here. Normally this would have worked, but…

    I have a killer virus that prevents me from opening anything that can’t be run as an administrator, and I’ve deleted it’s file location, but to no avail. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  337. Chris

    Same guy as directly above ↑

    -contact me with help at

  338. maggie

    how do i restore to factory settings, as if i just bought it?

  339. Jay

    HELP!!!! If anyone can help, I have a Dell with windows vista SP1 (NOW) I had my computer running and looking great, I then installed a crack for a program ( did check for Virus,it had none) but after I ran it my computer kept shutting off and restarting, I tried to do a restore to a earlier time but it did not work, then I tried to do a complete Restore to factory from the Recovery drive but it said it could not (Access Denied) even as admen I do have the disk and re-installed windows but it did not get my computer back to the way it was and it runs a lot slower now I do have a couple of other disks but they are Roxio and Super multi drive install disk, *** HOW CAN I GET IT TO GO BACK TO FACTORY SETTINGS*** Is there other disks that will do this even if the Factory Tool can not be accessed? any help would be great.

  340. JohnO

    I am here because I have the following problem. Apparently, after years and years, the pieces of s…. at Microsoft, still have not come up with a fix for this problem.

    May I say that there is a special place in Hell reserved for Bily G and his team of felchrz.

    I keep getting a message that an unspecified error occurred during system restore. I have changed the restore point, but still get the message.

  341. Rory

    I restarted and pressed f8 as soon as the laptop started to boot. This gave me a menu I had never seen before and I followed it through from there. Sorry I can’t be any more specific, I don’t understand what I did other than what I’ve written down. Good luck guys.

  342. Rory

    I would like to add: I repeatedly pressed f8 as soon as the laptop started to boot until I saw a menu.

  343. CFregoe

    My daughter has AVG on her laptop and received a message that there was malware on it. She put it in the virus vault and immediately after was unable to open anything. She can’t open programs even in safe mode or use system restore. Any suggestions? She has WindowsXP. Thanks in advance

  344. CFregoe

    Sorry about the first post. She has Windows Vista.

  345. vinny

    i accidently deleted my entire favorites list. how do i restore it. my marriage depends on it.

  346. Jasmine

    alright , so i did this and it worked successfully & i’m pretty sure this would be the conclusion to why my webcam isn’t working and the hardware damages but i think it’s too late because the time doesn’t come up when i first had this problem within 5 days past . i also just learned about system restore so is there anyway to still fix this ? like go back further ?

  347. D D

    Windows 7 Dell Laptop. Restore to factory settings has so far taken 10 hours – been stuck at 57% for the last five. Simple solution will be a sledgehammer, loads of overtime and – eventually – a Mac.

  348. Ethan

    So I tried to remove this virus manually and now it doesn’t seem to be here anymore after deleting registry files. However, I cannot use the Internet or restore to an earlier point as it “has no association”. I have no idea what to do :/

  349. MGD

    have an HP that was reset to XP Pro from Vista, have vista disc and drivers, would like to restore vista without installing the drivers from that disc, doesn’t boot up if set to factory out of box specs, must be the drivers problem, any help.?…

  350. vincenzo

    questo e’ l’errore che mi compare sul mio pc portatile ogni volta che lo accendo, che si puo’ fare di semolice? grazie

  351. Suzanne

    I tried to restore my system when I click on it the only message I get is

    To perform an offline system restore ou must specify which windows installation you would like to restore.

    For example, if the installation is located in “C:\windows” should be restored, enter the following command


    I’m not sure what to do from here

    I can only get on to safe mode windows will not start up at all. I have windows vista. Can you help?

  352. Clairfe

    I have an acer aspire 5715z laptop that my kids use, and a few days ago they went to turn it on and it wouldn’t work. i tried a sytem restore and since doing that i have been left with the following message…..

    Window boot manager

    Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.

    this error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as an external UBS drive while is in use. (my kids dont have one)…. or by faulty hardware such as a hard drive or cd-rom drive that is failing. make sure any removeable storage is connected and then restart your computer.

    if you continue to recive this error message, contact the hardware manufacturer

    status 0xc00000e9

    info an unepxpected I/0 error has occurred

    Anu help you can give me to fix this would be great, i bought the laptop in 2008 and have not really had much of a problem with it till now.

    Thanks claire

  353. daniel

    Ok, so I have read almost all of these and nothing comes close to telling me what I need to know, just repeats of the same thing over and over!
    So here is my problem, i need to restore my comp completely. Its an acer running on Vista. There are no saved points for me to restore to an earlier date so that is out of the option. I have purchased the disc and it wont work either (and please dont waste time telling me how to get my dvd to boot it, i already know and it doesnt work), and also when I press f8 it no longer has the “repair computer” option (which was on there less than a week ago). Alt f10 and alt f11 do nothing. I have went in under safe mode and done everything I can find on here to try and nothing works..
    What other options are there? Is there another way to restore it to factory? i dont care how hard it is or even if i have to take my comp apart, i just need it done and i have been searching non stop for 5 days now and just keep getting the run around and the same answers over and over!
    Please if anyone has any NEW information that might be able to help let me know!
    Thanks guys

  354. Majid Ali

    Nice Job , I’m very Happy.


    Best Regards

  355. johnson

    alright well my question isnt much different than everyone elses in here i guess. i have dell 1545 inspiron or what ever lol. and my screen is busted now .. but b4 the screen got busted up ( by me) it kept giving me the window error recovery screen (blue screen of death) i cannot start windows in any form or fashion right now im doing the memory problems test and doing the full test not that standard crap lol. pretty sure it wont find anything but i still need to know how to boot up windows from this screen or something ive tried placeing my windows reinstallation disc that came with my pc powering off the system and powering it back on and nothing… the only way i can see whats going on is to use a vga cable hooked to my tv to. please help me if i cud get into safe mode i know what to do its just i cannot figure out how to force this thing to run windows…

  356. johnson

    oo and by the way there is a post way up at the top that said something about bill gates.. im with you man id like to soccer kick him in the gonads soo hard all of ms would feel it.

  357. Dani

    I tried to restore on Windows 7, and it has said “Please wait while your Windows files and setting are being restored System Restore is initializing” for over 28 hours! Is it working? How can I stop it?

  358. ChrisJ

    Is it possible to restore your computer back as far as three months? I type in 3/15/2011 as restore date, and then it tells me the restore date has been set, but when I go back into the restore window and hit next, the date I put in isn’t a choice. When I check the box for older restore points 3/15/2011 isn’t a choice.

  359. Tim

    I’m looking for a COMPLETE SYSTEM RESTORE, Not just back in a time of point… a complete system restore… back to the day I got it out of the box!!! is this possible with acer win 7??

  360. vitiah

    Hi dear i have promblem my laptop.went i on my laptop only i can see MUNZC is compressed.and below i can see press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.plz help me .wht i have do ?u can help by email. wht i have do.plz i need lap top eee brand.window name is vitiah.

  361. vitiah

    hi just i want to know wht is (munzc is compressed )???

  362. jackie

    hi i am out of the country and my computer crash. it just keep rebooting but never starts. i tried to restore it but it doesnt work either. i get an error message saying, an unspecified error occurred during system restore. 0x8000fff can you please help

  363. Vexed

    Can anyone help me? I have a computer running Windows Vista, and last night, the battery overheated and the computer turned off. It’s happened a couple of times before, but this time, when I went to turn it back on, I received a message telling me that “Windows failed to start”. I clicked on the system repair option and when it finished “attempting to repair” my computer restarted. It still failed to start. It couldn’t even find the problem, so I booted into safe mode and tried to restore to an earlier point. It seemed to be running successful, so I left the computer for a while, and when I came back, the screen was blank. I moved the mouse and pressed keys on the keyboard, but the blank, black screen just stayed there. I don’t want to turn the computer off, lest it will never work again. Any help would be much appreciated.

  364. Vexed

    As an addon to my previous comment, the backlight appears to be on, so the screen itself can’t be the problem.

  365. Damari

    If I Do A System Restore Will My Webcam Driver Be Reinstalled? For Some Reason it Uninstalled Itself And Now I Can No Longer use It. I Have And HP G60-630US

  366. Tanner

    When i go into the system restore it does not give me the option to choose a restore point its only giving me the choicee of 2 days what do i do to make it so i choose the restore point

  367. Katie

    Yeah I have windows 7 and I tried to do a system restore but it wont let me because according to it, im not the administrator, but the problem with that is that i cannot change it so i am. the computer wont allow it. any solutions? please help.

  368. Los

    I have used the System Restore for Vista (yech) on one occasion and have successfully created Restore points — The very last message in the process is System has successfully created your chosen Restore Point. Your documents have not been changed.
    Thats true — they have been lost and regardless of the pro forma Restore Point process, there is no simple way of accessing any of the lost documents — Vista is a real piece of garbage and I hate it due to the fact that it has so many holes and problems woven into it — I recall my old 1999 Windows 98 had a program GO BACK . And as easy as that I could go back to a point and recover something lost.
    How can I access thes lost materials ?? I know they are in the computer somewhere but the Vista search procedure is really lame —- a SEARCH button is not even supplied with on advanced search!!!
    Ill thank you in advance if you can assist me – also a computer lamo – to recover my lost docs!
    Thanks !!

  369. houdini

    damn u guys got real problems mostly cuz we dnt like to do things the computer suggest until its too late. my computer no longer was able to boot too the desktop nemore it would come to the windows loading screen and freeze like nypd. i run win.7 on a hp pavilion dv5 great laptop to get after replacing a few things. now after running a few diagnostics and troubleshooting using start up repair and test along with hard disc test i come to da conclusion that the problem resided with my hard drive apparently it was jus its s time since i never venture outside my day 2 day. So after 3hrs of troubleshooting and 2hrs on the phone with hp tryna sell me obamas liver i decided to jus say f*** em buy a hhd frm best buy load my recovery disc and its still downloading now on the final disc. this to in form if it happens to u. if the problem is ur hardrive just replace it yaself. order it from ucomputer company cuz a recoveru discis apart of the deal. you welcom to who this helps.

  370. Michele Wesselman

    Have a HP Pavilion laptop w/ Vista. Windows will only open in safe mode. Did a system restore twice(different restore points). Each time its says the restore was successful, but Windows still will not open.

  371. Bridie

    If I use System Restore will it delete any of my files? Recently saved or not? Things like photos and documents?

  372. Richie

    After I manually create a system restore point on my windows vista, and activate the restore function, it only restores my system to earlier today.( I wanted it to restore me back to April of this year.)

  373. ABASS

    System Restore ,please-01.08.2007

  374. Unknown

    Thanx for the help! I kind of paniked when I noticed that my computer said that a windows drive didn’t work, when I turned it on it said that some systems failed to start so I figured something ought to be very wrong, then I noticed that I couldn’t get my internet (wired and not wired) to work nor could I play games. I tried to restore the system and now everything seems fine.

    I think it happened because I accidently told my computer not to restart windows when it crashed. I pressed enter because I thought that it was the game that crashed which has happened several times already and windows turned of compleatly instaid and I forced a shotdown. I noticed the next day that something was wrong.

    * I think the personal files (photos, videos, notes and things like that) aren’t supposed to be in any danger of getting deleated.

  375. adedeji

    back up not opening so i cant back up and restore system…what should i do now?

  376. adedeji

    back up not opening so i cant back up and restore system…what do i do now?

  377. Lindsay

    Thanks for your help. Nothing worked for me except running a system restore in safe mode. It gave me an error message when trying to toll back to a previous setting in normal mode.So i took your advice and voila! My suspicion is that a windows update in vista caused the sound to disappear. Windows really need to sort this out because its clearly a frequent problem. I tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling sound drivers but nothing worked. All the media players locked up as well and the track slider would not even budge. A very bizarre problem indeed. I was ready to do a complete OS re-install, thank goodness i found the solution.

  378. Daren

    Hi, I’ve read through many of these issues and can’t find one like mine.

    I get the error message that says the system restore failed, an unspecified error occurred during system restore.

    I get the same message and failed restore even in safe mode each time.

    Not sure what else to try. My computer freezes after 30 minutes of use each time I restart it. System restore used to work awesome.

    Any thoughts would help, thank you.

  379. unknown

    I bought the ACER Z series touch screen… was working perfect, until I installed The Sims 3, then it would not let me go onto the internet. Phoned to get help and they said to do a system restore, great internet works perfectly. however, the sims game is no longer there because I did the system restore from the time/date just before i installed the game. however, it states i have still used up nearly 8 GB, when I go to control panel, the game isn’t there for me to uninstall, where has all the memory gone??? so annoying!! Please help!!

  380. krishan

    i dont know that how i do system restore my laptop.

  381. unknown

    Go to Start/All programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore

  382. bjg

    I ran system restore on sony vaio laptop with windows 7 & when it tried to restart itself the last time to complete the restore it showed a message that said please wait while setup prepares your computer for first use then an error window appears and says windows was not installed correctly please reinstall windows and restart your computer.
    Also when I try to redo the system setup my mouse pad will let me move the pointer but the right & left click are diabled and wont let me click on anything. I have to use tab and highlight my choice and then use the enter key on the keyboard. Please help me fix this problem!!!

  383. satria

    hello guys..
    somebody help me please..
    my hp dv2 series note book have problem for 2 days, some comment appears repetedly says memory extremely low and hard drive has dammage.. i was run hard drive check and memory check on bios seems it ok, I suspect is it a virus.. I would do a system restore, but it doesnt works even in save mode, the “next” button of system restore dialog box is off.. I really need help.. Thankyou guys..

  384. Mervin

    Hey, Let me share One thing to you all.I have created a restore point by the steps given below.
    My Computer -> Right Click -> Properties -> System Protection
    Then I have turned on the system Protection to the C:/ & D:/ Drive.After that I have created the Restore Point successfully on that particular date.
    Now the problem is when I goto Start-> system restore . A window opens Restore System Files and Settings. followed by a next button

    But I am not getting any options like Recommended Restore or Choose a different point as shown above.
    I have created nearly 4 to 5 restore points from last month by mentioning the dates while i was creating restore points.I am unable to restore my system to an earlier date & time.

    Please can anyone suggest me a better way .


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