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Disable the "Send To" Folder on the Windows Explorer Context Menu

After writing the article about adding Notepad to the context menu I noticed all the comments from users that prefer to use a shortcut in the Send To menu, which got me thinking… I wonder if you can disable the Send To folder?

Of course you can easily disable it… naturally it’s a registry hack, so standard disclaimers apply.


Manual Registry Hack

Open up regedit.exe through the start menu search or run box, and then navigate down to the following key:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Send To


Find the (Default) value on the left, double-click on it and remove the text from the value, leaving it blank. The change will be immediate.

Restore Send To Menu

Change the value of the registry key back to this:


Download Registry Hack

Just extract and double-click on the DisableSendTo.reg file to enter the information into the registry. To restore, use the RestoreSendTo.reg file instead.

Download DisableSendTo Registry Hack

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  • Published 02/6/08

Comments (16)

  1. ExitRitual

    That’s really handy!
    I always find that particular menu slow to load, especially when i accidentally mouse-over it…

    What’d be even more useful is if we could have a tweak that would replace the ‘send to’ menu with a single entry of our choice, say, ‘send to desktop’ or a specified location.

  2. dcj2

    Here’s one of my favorite “Send To” tweaks. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get people on the network to refrain from emailing attachments to each other. So I set up hidden shared folders for each user on a server, then set the rights so everyone could write to the folder, but only the owner could list/read. Then I created an alphabetical list of the “Inboxes” and pushed it out vie GPO to everyone’s, “Send To” submenu. Now when someone wants to send a file (or files), they right-click the file, Send To, scroll to the persons name, and click. So much easier than file attachments, keeps the load off the mail server, etc. It was a very popular solution.

  3. Andy

    under the same heading in the registry (ContextMenuHandlers), there are other keys, though they don’t have obvious names like ‘send to’ does. can you share how to get rid of (or maybe even edit in our own … ya, i know, that would end up being a long post) other context menu items we wish to rid our UIs of?

    thanks for this tip, geek. i’ve never had a use for send to…

  4. HamatoKameko

    Thank you so very much. One of the most infuriating problems I’ve had with my computer is accidentally mousing over that damned Send To menu and having to wait for it to load when I never use it in the first place. Extremely useful hack. :D

  5. Idefix

    Thanks! It works great!

    However, I didn’t remove the text, but put “disable” in front of it. Had the same effect and this way it’s easier to go back again.

  6. Alessandra

    Thank you so much for this info ;-)

  7. mox

    useless in windows 7 :<

  8. Nathan

    On my install of Windows 7 Pro, the correct registry key was “SendTo” rather than “Send To” (as this article indicates).

    So, once I had cleared the for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\SendTo, the “SendTo” context menu had been removed as intended.

  9. Felipe

    Really nice trick!!! that menu is annoying slow!

  10. ky

    Thanks for this, it really worked…

  11. Gabriel

    Thanks a lot – works in XP too.. was afraid I’d have to hexedit explorer.exe. :p

  12. jelio

    confirmed in win7 ultimate, send to needs to be changed to sendto

  13. Don

    I’m with Andy, there are also other items in the context menu I’d like to disable, like Add a Network Location. Got a fix for that one?

  14. BenW

    I just ran the downloaded file to disable the sendto menu and can confirm that what Nathon said is correct. On two of my three machines that I have tried this on (the two that it did not work on being 64 bit computers if that makes a difference) had a key named “SendTo” rather than “Send To”. Not a big deal for me and after I made the quick modification, it worked like a charm.

  15. beredan

    How Would i remove it from a web folder? doesn’t seem to work for web folders.

  16. jackfowl

    Nice one!!!!! the windows registry is the hidden secret of the windows.

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