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Customize the Manufacturer Support Info in Windows 7 or Vista

If you have a computer with pre-installed Windows 7 or Vista, most likely you’ll notice the manufacturer’s support information when you look in the system properties window. If you’d like to customize this information or use a picture of your own in this space, you can do so easily.

Right-click on Computer and choose Properties or use the Win+Break key combination to bring up the System properties screen:


Close-up view:


To edit the information in this screen, you’ll need to open up your registry editor and navigate down to the following key:


Note: If this key does not exist, you can download the following registry file, which you will want to edit before double-clicking to add into the registry.


You can modify the following fields and put any values you’d like into them, with the exception of the Logo key, which you probably shouldn’t change.

  • Manufacturer
  • SupportHours
  • SupportPhone
  • SupportURL
  • Logo

The last important step is to either create or modify a bitmap file stored at the location specified in the Logo key, usually set to:


For best results, you’ll want to use a small logo file, preferably somewhere around 100×100 height/width. Also note that copying the file to that folder will require administrative permissions.

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  • Published 12/4/07

Comments (29)

  1. rothgar

    Great tip. Is there a way to do this info in XP too?

  2. The Geek


    Yes, there is… I think it’s a little different though. I’ll be posting an article about that later this week.

  3. rzlmlchm009

    Be careful though, Dell phone technicians have been instructed, at least in the past, to look for the Dell logo before supporting the Operating System. If your Dell Logo is missing, the phone technician might be reluctant to assist you with any Windows or software issues on your Dell computer. They’ll have to pull up your system info to verify that your system did come with Vista (insert edition here) before supporting it.

  4. KVG Rao

    Good Info, Thanks.

    A slight change for the path:


    need help please i cant get the pic to work

  6. BlueShadow

    how about in XP? You said you will post it….

  7. BlueShadow

    I found it!
    It’s easy to customize Windows XP’s General tab in the System Properties dialog box with your support contact information and your company’s logo just by using Notepad. Here’s how:

    Launch Notepad and type the following text, replacing the dummy information shown here with your own:

    [Support Information]
    Line1=Call xxxx-xxxxx for technical support

    Save the file in the C:\Windows\System32 folder as Oeminfo.ini.
    To add your logo to the General tab, create a 256-color BMP file that is 96 by 96 pixels in size.
    SSave the file in the C:\Windows\System32 folder as Oemlogo.bmp.
    After you create the files, you can check the results immediately by pressing [Windows][Break]. This will quickly bring up the System Properties dialog box.

  8. Chris

    Thank you. acer put the wrong model number in the registry. i fixed it with this tip

  9. Vikingprincess

    Wonderful! Thanks!
    None of the other ‘hack patches’ for this worked.

    I simply left the path for the logo empty and no logo displays.
    If Windows doesn’t like this at reboot, I’ll just save a small white square as a bmp instead.

  10. Jahid

    Lots of thanks.

  11. Jahid

    Also I want to put my email address on the system property.

  12. Benassive

    Hehe! Works great. Love this site!! :)

  13. rodney

    what is xyz, i dont see xyz (sorry i have ADD, so sorry if its a daft question, i have vista and got as far as info, but could not see xyz.)



  14. Tim

    I want to change the BIG Vista Orb Logo that is just above the OEM logo.

    It is in the top section of that screen labeled “View Basic information about your Computer” I would like to put an AMD X2 Logo in it’s place.

    Anyone know where to find the proper registry key for this?


  15. gtchamp7

    I set my OEM logo to good old Tux


    Also works for Windows 7 beta!
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    “Manufacturer”=”Graham L. Varney”

  17. robmaister

    As a note: you can also add a “Model” field, you should add that to the list.

  18. Jorge

    My HP notebook isn’t customized!
    Does anyone have the original HP Logo for me to customize it?


  19. Alex

    I finaly got someone that can help me.
    I got A Acer Extensa
    When i bouth the laptop it show me the Manufacturer Acer in the right but now that i have reinstaled cuz i got a Worm:)) (antivirus and things got bad)
    Now its new Fresh Instaled.
    SO it can show me again?
    ( i have enterend my Vista Livense key Genuine.)
    and it doesent show me ………….the Acer Manufacturer…
    Thank you.
    Whaiting for HELP.

  20. John Marshall

    Can I change the vista logo on this screen? If so how do I do this? John

  21. Luke

    My Image appears squished. (Windows 7 RC, if thats helps!)

  22. Amirz

    very useful info thanks!

  23. Rick


  24. AQ

    Hi !!!
    Isn’t working with final release of Windows 7 Ultimate. Can anyone help me out.

  25. winmark

    working on windows 7 ultimate.. thanx author..

  26. Amir

    plz help me bacause i am in a compatation plzzzzzzzz How to change PC Manufacturer Logo on System Properties General for windows 7 or xp

    I want to put my photo on the system property

    i am student

  27. Harold

    Please read, all the infos are stated…

  28. Chetan

    I did a clean install (Windows 7) on my VAIO. Now I need to change the OEM details (considering there are none) and the registry key values are missing. Can anyone help me out? I have some impotant things on my computer and can’t risk it crashing.
    I have VAIO software I need to install but it stops and say this is not detected as a VAIO computer. I need to fix that. Can anyone help me?

  29. Washington Indacochea D.

    Maestro. Si funciona.

    Solo que en esta laptop desde el Explorador de Windows no tenía acceso al archivo .bmp, no se podía copiar ni sobreescribir, pero con el Directory Opus si pude, todo bien.

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