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Speed up Visual Studio 2003 Startup Time By Disabling the Splash Screen

Visual Studio 2003 has a splash screen that is unnecessary and adds time to launching.

To disable this, simply right click on the shortcut to Visual Studio and choose Properties.

Add in the text /nosplash after the end of the Target line, as shown in the screenshot above.

No more splash screen.

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  • Published 11/23/06

Comments (3)

  1. Will

    Thanks for the tip, works great with Visual Studio 2005 as well. :)

  2. HamedVB

    Thanks fot tip,works with VS 2008

  3. Alec Soroudi

    I’d love to use this since it does seem to take VS a while to pass it, but are you sure it won’t take a while to run even without the splash screen? I’m pretty sure that it needs to do a whole lot of initialization like reading big chunks of the registry and files (frameworks, assemblies, etc.) which would take time anyway.

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