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Nesting a Table Inside a Table in Word 2007

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Microsoft Word can be like a quagmire of features to the unsuspecting user… sure, it’s ridiculously powerful, but it’s nearly impossible to learn all of the ins and outs without some help along the way. Did you realize you can nest tables inside another table?

First you’ll want to create your first or “outer” table, and then place the cursor where you would like to place the additional table.


Now that you are inside the “outer” table, click on Insert \ Table, and then use your mouse to select the number of rows and columns for your new table.

The cool thing is that Word will show you a dynamic preview of how it will look.


All you need to do is click to select the table size, and then you can start adding data to the “inside” table and change anything else that you’d like.


Hopefully somebody will find this useful.

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  • Published 01/15/08

Comments (2)

  1. Dawn

    I am seeking help with a nested table. I created the outer 2 column table and nested a single column table into the right hand column of the original. Now, there is a “border” that visually appears as a tiny third column. I cannot resize the second table to align with the column line, it just bounces off. I tried eliminating the second table’s border; however, it deleted the lines I needed between rows. Any thoughts? I have a project that I would like to present tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Thank you so much for any guidance you may be able to offer!

  2. Mark

    so how do I do the opposite? Especially for MS OFFICE WORD 2003? Is there a Macro that will re-create the nested table as one table? For example, I have a financial table with lots of rows and columns. Each cell was created as a nested table. I don’t know how or why. I just need a way to make it as one table now. Any ideas?

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