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Change the Default Font in Excel 2007

Excel 2007 uses the very nice Calibri font by default in Windows Vista, but if you’d like to use a different font or change the default size, you can easily adjust the setting in the Excel options screen.

First click on the Office Button and choose Excel Options in the lower right hand corner of the resulting menu.


Select the Popular tab on the left, and then in the middle of this window you can change the default font using the selection.


Now when you create a new worksheet, you’ll see that the font is set automatically to your new selection.


You can always change the font using the Ribbon as well, but it’s only active for the current worksheet.

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  • Published 07/17/07

Comments (33)

  1. Joy

    Just as I needed :) Thanks!

  2. David Prejean

    That didn’t work for me. Made changes, closed Excel, re-opened and it was back to Clalibri and 11.

  3. Fird


    This helps a lot!

  4. Mary Ellen

    Worked great for me — thanks so much.

  5. Tina


  6. Roger Vernon

    Roger Vernon = like David it did not work for me and kept going back – would like more information

  7. David Prejean

    Regarding changing the font, I just discovered that, after selecting the font that I want, I had to click on the ‘OK’ button at the bottom. The button was hidden by the taskbar at the bottom and I couldn’t see it.

    By right clicking on the taskbar and then unchecking ‘Lock the Taskbar’ the OK button was visible.

  8. CarlosG

    Thank you. This process was very helpful.

  9. Dante

    The problem still exist, its just a very simple steps but everytime I restart a new Excel, it still defaulted to Arial but if I open the excel options it is already on the desired font. I rebooted my whole pc, still same problem.

    please help… not sure what david prejan is referring to regarding OK button being hidden. once you click the office button, the OK button is available already.

  10. s. french

    I appreciate the help, but as some of the others, changing the font in the word options area does not work for me also. My system keeps re-opening Excel with Calibri, font 11. I wonder if you found a solution for the others and what that might be? Thank you for any help, s. french

  11. Hong

    Thanks a lot

  12. O

    Thanks, very helpful indications!

  13. Joseph

    This works for setting the default font for the spread sheet but it does NOT affect charts which continue to default to Calibri.

  14. Gav

    Thanks for that. Nice clear instructions and worked a treat.

  15. Abdul

    Hi there,

    i’d like to automatically open a blank excel worksheet formatted to 2 decimal places “(,) style” everytime I open excel or a new worksheet.


  16. Aadil Maknojia

    how can we set the default font for comment in ms excel 2003 or 2007..

  17. Mollie

    why do email addresses default to Calibri 11, even when the pitch selected for the worksheet is 10?

  18. Steven

    To add a new command to the Quick Access Toolbar is there any way to change the default Choose commands from ‘Popular Commands’ to ‘All commands’

  19. Ashi

    tnx it works 4 me :-)

  20. Mujeeb

    my excel file font has been corrupted
    any one can help me?
    (((( üýHÐTÐAP‘||ÐäÔ”Ð3R‘||ÐÔÑ ü‡öÌÐÉU‘|°Ñ Ñ Àøûýh $ÀÐAP‘|èÐÿÿÿ2‘|«‘|ë‘|Õ@Ò2‘|˜ ˜|Ò«‘|\Ôî|8‘|ÿÿÿÿ2‘|«‘|ë‘|XtXtHÒŒÔî|8‘|ÿÿÿÿ2‘|«‘|ë‘|@£ïwˆxE )))

    i need help………………… plz

  21. Greatful

    Finally, you have provided the necessary info that has been frustrating me FOREVER!! Thank you very, very much! I knew it had to be simple, but have never been able to figure it out.
    I’m very relieved.

  22. Anonymous_Noname

    Just what i needed and looking for.

    This instructions really solved my prob and answered my question.

    Thanks so much.

  23. Nina

    Directions were simple and it worked for me.

  24. Lance

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Calibri!!!!

  25. Leopold Birkholm

    Dear Sir,

    It worked well for me. That despite I run Excel on a different language. Thank you for your help.

    Kind regards
    Leopold B.

  26. leomo

    You need to create a new default template that will load at startup. They didn’t make it easy to do in Office 2007! But here’s how:

    1.Open a new blank worksheet.
    2.Insert > Hyperlink > Paste in any link
    3.Home > Styles > Right click on the ‘Hyperlink style’ > Modify > Set your font options
    4.You probably will want to do the same for the ‘Followed Hyperlink’ style
    5.Delete the hyperlink.
    6.File > Save As > Other formats
    7.Browse to “%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART” (Copy/Paste that into the File name field and press Enter to get there easily)
    8.Save as type: Excel Template (.xltx)
    9.File name: Book.xltx
    Now whenever you start Excel or create a new workbook, the hyperlink font should be the one you choose.

    This Microsoft support article helped me: look here for where to save templates for Office 2003, or to see other ways of loading your template.

  27. joethepro

    Go to the xl start folder:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\XLSTART

    Open the file there and change the font to what you like.. anything except Calibri. lol
    This should fix this stupid calibri setting permanently (at least when u open a new Excel sheet).
    In some instances where you export to Excel from Access, it may still go to that silly Calibri setting.
    BTW , calibri aint bad in emails I guess, but in Excel, we like our Arial. It is how we do it.

  28. Ruth

    Thank you for the tip. I hate calibri too! :)

  29. ken

    did not work. followed directions to the letter and still stays on default ms font

  30. joy2


  31. Cruz

    THnx a lot help me a lot..

  32. ankit

    itz not usefull for me, have to make changes again and again..

  33. Noli

    thanks ! great help !

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