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Friday Fun: Uphill Rush

Another Friday and only a a few more hours until weekend freedom! Instead of staring at the clock and agonizing how time is moving slow, play a fun flash game to pass the hours. Today we take a look at Uphill Rush which is a fun racing game where you can race on different vehicles.

Uphill Rush

It is a basic flash game where at the main screen you can choose the video quality, turn sound on and off, learn how to play…etc.

2 up

At first you can select between a a motorcycle, skateboard, or 4 wheeler…monster trucks and special cups are locked until you get high scores with the available ones first.


You can race on the skateboard against the clock or an opponent…score points by completing tricks and jumps.


Cruising along on a 4-wheeler again doing flips and tricks to score points and bonuses along the course.

3 up

Here we look at the motorcycles and each vehicle has it’s own feel when racing it. It takes some getting used to… the controls are the arrow keys and space bar.

5 up

Playing Uphill Rush on company time should offer a fun challenge. Play with your other “cube mates” and see who can get the highest score. Again, another great way to pass the hours until real freedom begins.

Play Uphill Rush

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  • Published 01/29/10

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    cause i want to play the game

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