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Make Apps Always Open Maximized

It can be annoying when opening an application and having to resize or maximize the screen. This can be especially annoying when you want to see all of the data in an app like Access or Excel.

To fix it all you need to do is right-click on the application shortcut and select Properties. Under the Shortcut tab change the dropdown next to Run to Maximized.


That’s it! Now any time you open that application it will be full screen.

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  • Published 12/3/09

Comments (4)

  1. nakul

    oh man this is such a simple fix to one of the most annoying problem for me.

  2. Bridget

    I have a shortcut to Facebook on my desktop and everytime I open it is smaller then minimized size, when I right click on the icon there is no place to change how it opens, How can I get it open in a bigger window???? Please help????

  3. Hartley

    I have seen this hint proffered on many, many websites but, believe me, it is NOT infallible!

    It does NOT work with all applications and utilities! Not with XP, for sure.

  4. John Sumner

    I have used this procedure many, many times. It works most of the time but with certain files the setting to open maximized is ignored and the file opens in a less than maximized window. If anyone knows how to make the setting ALWAYS work I would appreciate a reply. Thanks. PS Great website!!

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