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MacX DVD Ripper Pro is Free for How-To Geek Readers (Time Limited!)


Want to rip a DVD to your hard drive, but don’t have a software package to do it? How-To Geek readers can get the normally non-free MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free, but only if you download your copy and install it before Saturday. Here’s how to get it.

This time-limited offer is available to anybody for the next couple of days—just head to the download site, install the software package, and use the key provided. It’s as simple as that.

Note: despite the confusion of the name, it’s available for both Mac and Windows.

First Things First: How Well Does It Work?

The software rips a DVD or a Video-TS folder directly to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV with nothing more than a few mouse clicks—or if you want to rip a DVD to MOV, MP4, or AVI, you can do that easily too, which should be sufficient for most devices.


We tested out this DVD ripper on a number of DVDs, and while it worked great on some of them, it didn’t work quite as well on one of our test discs. Overall, it’s a simple piece of software that generally works the way you’d want it to—if you’ve already got a ripping solution that works for you, that’s great. If not, head to the download page.

Getting the Software

First, head to the download page, install the software package—which is available for both Windows and Mac, and then when it starts up, drop in the license code.




That’s all there is to it.

Get Your Free Copy of MacX DVD Ripper Pro

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  • Published 03/9/11

Comments (34)

  1. Ivo

    Wow! Quite generous fo you
    Thannks a lot :D

  2. Ja5087

    Somebody is a fan of htg!

  3. David Levine

    Very cool. I already have this software from a previous give away and it works very nice. I have never come across a DVD it can’t handle.

    They’re also giving away the MacX iPad DVD Video Converter Pack. It looks like it’s only the Mac version. Check it out here:

  4. Robert

    I got MacX Video Converter for free from if I remember correctly. Now this completes the package. Thanks HTG!!

  5. Hatryst

    More giveaways please :)

  6. michel

    You know, if you’re going to violate copyright law, why wouldn’t you pirate the app to do that? All dvd rippers are free. Charging for software to benefit from someone else’s work is worse than pirating it yourself. People who make this kind of software are pimps. Why pay the pimp?

  7. cmcollins001

    Sweet!! Thanks!!!

  8. Wayne

    Looks interesting and I will check it out. However how does the quality compare to the DVDFab and Handbrake tools that all your tutorials are centered around? I was thinking about plunking $50.00 for the DVD ripping functionality in DVDFab.

  9. Bjarnovikus

    The only thing I’m missing in this application is a button to pause the current task… It gives me a lot of lag in Minecraft.

  10. Yoda


    You know, using a piece of software copying/ripping/backing up a DVD you already own, for your own personal use is not violating copyright law at all. However, if you give copies of the DVD to your friends or put it up on some torrent, that’s violating copyright law.

  11. vicsar

    Works great, perfect for the non technical people, three simple step and you are done.

  12. vicsar

    P.s: Thank you and more giveaways please!

  13. spunker88


    Its not illegal to rip DVDs for personal use only. It falls under fair use. There are many reasons you’d want to rip a DVD, for example playing a movie on a mobile device without a DVD drive. People do the same thing with CDs.

  14. Chet

    So what is the difference between this MacX DVD Ripper (windows version) and the WinX DVD Ripper?

  15. Kraig


    It is illegal to rip encrypted DVDs because you are circumventing digital rights management, a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. See and

  16. Roum Bahaili

    Ripping a DVD or a CD is no different than what used to be done with vinyl records in the past – recording them to 8-track, cassette or reel-to-reel tapes …. or recording the music directly off the radio. We shouldn’t complain too much about “ripping” digital media. The next thing you know ALL the ‘record’ buttons will be missing – from any and all devices.

  17. Kraig

    @Roum Bahaili

    Ripping and ENCRYPTED DVD is different than what used to be done. You are BREAKING THE “LOCKS”, an illegal act.

    The DMCA has effectively eliminated some of your “fair use” rights for encrypted material.

  18. TG

    Using the provided activation code only seems to activate a limited trial of this software. It will only rip about the first 24 minutes of a DVD… regardless of the settings I choose. Anyone else seeing this?

  19. Ja5087

    Just tried it, imma going to handbrake!

  20. Denis Stephenson

    BOO_HOO we have been dictated to enough by big companies. Those with HIGH morals above us normal folks can pay, in the meantime we will rip download and pirate asmuch as possible

  21. Wayne


    I was able to rip an entire DVD with the Windows code provided above

  22. luis

    worked like a charm

  23. Deepak

    Hi guys
    The windows version is gr8
    The Mac license is not working
    It should be xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
    Please send me the right code

  24. ProstheticHead


  25. Bobsyouruncle


  26. cory

    Awesome. Thank you so much

  27. omar

    good and very good

  28. GT4ME

    Hi and thanks HTG..

    Downloaded the windows verion i love it and it is so easy to use…

  29. Jackie

    Thanks so much!

  30. Wellington

    Does anyone have an idea why my computer says file type unkown hence i cant dowload the software. Perhaps I am missing some valuable software package on my system?

  31. Yettie

    I purchased the full version back in January 2011, Yes very easy to use but! all the promise of copying all dvd’s is not true. TOY STORY 3 will not copy. I have been onto support since I purchased the product and all I get is, they are working on it……..All I want is to safe guard my dvd/childrens dvd’s collection from damage. Until they can give regular updates that work its not worth buying……

  32. Stewart Ficken

    You’re very right! Your blog is very good! I very much support!

  33. Nick Pull

    Gutted! I downloaded this and registered at the time but have since had to format and reinstall everything and can’t now get this brill program!!!!

  34. Seb

    Mac version license number not working, wrong format. Massive fraud!

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