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Google Chrome Adds Two Ways to Hide Extension Icons


If you’re using Google Chrome’s Dev channel, you can finally get rid of some of those extension icons, and there’s two different options for how to do it. Here’s how both of them work.

If you’re wondering how to use the extensions when they are hidden, keep in mind that many extensions these days integrate into the context menu and can be used that way. Also, you’ll need to be using the Dev Channel release in order to get the first feature today.

Method 1: Hide the Button Entirely

If you right-click on any extension button, you can select Hide Button from the menu, which will leave the extension operational but hide the icon. This is where the context menu comes in handy.


If you’ve hidden an icon and want to show it again, head into chrome://extensions and click the Show button link underneath the extension in the list.


This is really helpful for extensions that shouldn’t need an icon at all.

Method 2: Resize the “Extensions Bar”

The second method is to simply drag and resize the “Extensions Bar” so that it hides some or all of the icons behind the little arrows on the right side of the menu.


Whether you hide some or all of the items, you can simply click on the arrow icons to show the extensions in a drop-down menu, where they will work as normal.


Awesome! Got any more Chrome tips?

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  • Published 12/9/10

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  1. Sachleen

    You don’t need the dev build to use the second way. I’m on beta and have been using it for a while.

  2. The Geek

    Thanks! I just updated the post.

  3. IGOR

    Nice wallpaper in the backgroun, can you post the link to it. Thanks

  4. Hinano

    Here’s a tip / workaround.

    Since Chrome bookmarks do not have the ability to be tagged (a feature I love in Firefox and one I can hardly live without), I like to add tags to the end of the name of the bookmark when I create them. This does not adversely affect the bookmark and it’s not ugly since I never see the entire title when the tab is open due to the title being clipped. What I do get though, is the ability to search my bookmarks by my own tags.

  5. Jay

    how do i make my chrome browser appear like some sort of windows 7 app. not like the look you usually get when applying a chrome theme in it.

    please advice. thanks

  6. Zack


    You either don’t apply a theme or you apply a theme that has Aero. In the extension gallery one Google, there are tons of themes that have Aero applied to them.

  7. shashi.ha.

    please send messages around the world ilooks in a smile and isend smily messages

  8. zingte


  9. zingte


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