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How to Share Notes with Microsoft OneNote and SkyDrive

Microsoft OneNote is not just about note taking and organizing ideas. OneNote is also a great tool to share our notes with our colleagues or class mates and it helps us to do our note taking faster and better.

People work in teams and we often need to share our work with one another and Microsoft has designed OneNote to make it easy for us to work on our notes together. You may want to read our article on ‘Getting Started with OneNote‘ if you have not used OneNote before.

Sharing Notes in Windows SkyDrive

OneNote is tightly integrated with Windows SkyDrive making it an ideal place to share notes with our friends. SkyDrive stores our notes into a folder and we can share these notes with anyone on the web by sharing our SkyDrive folder.

There are four level of sharing in SkyDrive, ‘Me’ that means only we can see our notes, friends in our windows live contact list, anyone on the web, and specific individual on the web.

Windows SkyDrive will send an email invitation for our friend to sign up with SkyDrive and edit our notes.

Don’t worry if our friend does not have OneNote on their computer, Microsoft provides OneNote for free in Windows SkyDrive, so that our friends can edit notes in their browser.

Hit the synchronize button to download your notes from Skydrive.

We can now see the changes that our friends made in our notes.

Tracking Notes Revisions

OneNote has taken note sharing to a whole new level. When a notebook is shared, each author is identified by a color-coded bar with the author’s initials.

OneNote makes it easy to find recent edits and find the changes that each authors make.

Click on the ‘Find by Authors’ button to view the changes that each author has made.

OneNote save every changes made into a note into ‘Page Versions’.

Think of a page version as a back up of original notes that we can use to restore our notes in case our friends accidentally overwrite our notes.

OneNote is a great software to collect information, brainstorm, and share our notes with our friends or colleagues. It is packed with the right tools to collaborate our notes with almost anyone.

We love one note because there are a lot of things that we can do with it. We can use OneNote to calculate math , import evernotes files into OneNote, or solving graph equation by adding a mathematics add in. OneNote is an all-round tool that helps us get our work done faster and better.

Zainul spends his time trying to make technology more productive, whether it’s Microsoft Office applications, or learning to use web applications to save time.

  • Published 11/2/10

Comments (8)

  1. Sharon

    I recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010. OneNote is second only to Outlook 2010 in helping me organize and increase my productivity. Thanks for showing me yet another way I can utilize OneNote.

  2. Zainul Franciscus

    @Sharon we’re glad that you find this article useful. We always try to find ways to improve productivity with the available software in our machine. We have other articles around Outlook and OneNote that you may find useful:

  3. mandy velasco
  4. LitePack

    Nice intro and great articles on One Note.

    All of the articles have been extremely helpful and made my attempting to use One Note so far less painful.

    Now if i can only find something explain why my desktop can connect to SkyDrive and my laptop can not.

  5. Mary Ann

    Hello! I just started with OneNote 2010 and love it. Is there a way I can view the notes I have saved on the Windows Sky Drive from my phone?

  6. Petie099

    Mary Ann- there is a free app for the iPhone, it’s great, though limited functionality. It looks like also for windows phone and android. Just search the internet for Onenote mobile

  7. Petie099

    I have a question… I now synch my onenote notes using Live on three computers (and an iPhone). I noticed the customized tags aren’t synched, is there a way to do this?

  8. S2

    Unfortunately, the web app version doesn’t seem to support math calculations. I wouldn’t have said anything, but you mentioned that feature above as one of the things you like about OneNote. It’s a shame that’s only available in the desktop version. :-(

    Thanks for the good explanation of how to share OneNote notebooks.

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