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Import Evernote Files Into MS OneNote 2010

Would you like to move your notes from Evernote into MS OneNote?  There’s no direct way to import Evernote files into OneNote, but here’s some tricks that works quite good for moving your notes to your favorite application.

Every time we write about note taking tools, several of our readers let us know how much they enjoy using OneNote.  Microsoft seems to have hit a great combination of note taking and organizational tools with OneNote.  We’ve found it to be an very good way to take notes in lectures or brainstorm with colleagues using the OneNote Web App.  If you’ve been using Evernote and would like to get your notes moved to OneNote, there’s unfortunately no way to directly import your notes.  There are several tricks that work quite good, so try these tips out if you’d like to move your Evernote notes to OneNote.

Note:  We’re using OneNote 2010 in this article, but the tricks would work the same with OneNote 2007.

Import Notes via Outlook

If you have Outlook installed on your computer, it may be the best way to get your notes imported into OneNote.  OneNote adds a Send to OneNote button to Outlook when you install it.  Outlook is included with most editions of Office other than the Home and Student edition, so even if you don’t usually use it you may still have it installed.

To import your notes via Outlook, select the Evernote notes you want to export and click Email in the toolbar or the right-click menu.


Enter your personal email address, and add a note about the notes if you’d like, then click Send.


Evernote may take a few moments to send your notes, depending on how many you selected and the number of attachments they contain.


Once the email is sent, you’ll see a notification from Evernote.  Now open Outlook and check your email.


You should see a new email sent to you from your email address.  It will contain all of the notes you emailed along with any attachments, links, and formatting they had.  We were surprised how much the email looked like our originals.  All the exported notes are in the same email, separated only by a line between different notes.


This works with all kinds of attachments in Evernote, and even exported a PDF eBook we’d added to a note.


Once you’ve got your Evernote export email, click the OneNote button in the Move section of your Outlook ribbon.


You should see this button even if you opened the email in an individual window.

Select the OneNote notebook or page you want to add the notes to, and click Ok.


After a few seconds, you’ll see your notes imported into OneNote.  They’ll include any links and other data in the notes, as well as in-line images and formatting.


If your notebook contained other attachments, you’ll see them listed as attachments near the top of the notebook.  Double-click the icon to open them in their default program in Windows.


Do note that tags and notebook names are not exported from Evernote, so you may want to export all of your notes with one tag together at once.  Then you’ll get these notes together on the same page in OneNote.

Export Notes as HTML and Import Them Into OneNote

Evernote lets you export your notes as HTML, so this is another way you can import the notes into OneNote.  Check out our article on Exporting Evernote Notes in HTML Format, and follow the steps there to get your notes exported.


Once your notes are exported, open the HTML file in Internet Explorer, as you can directly export it to OneNote from it.  Click the OneNote button in the toolbar, or if you don’t see it, click the arrow on the right and then select Send to OneNote.


Select where to save the notes as before.


Moments later, you’ll have the full contents of your notes in OneNote, and can even select and edit text as you would in Evernote.  This works almost as good as exporting with Outlook, except the IE export does not include attached files other than images.  You’ll need to select and add those separately, so make sure to check the HTML export folder for extra files to add.


Import Notes via the OneNote Printer

Another way to import your notes into OneNote is to use the OneNote printer.  This method will insert an image of your notes into OneNote, which may work fine if you mainly use Evernote to clip interesting things you see online.  It’s also a great way to supplement the HTML method listed above, as you can insert the picture-perfect notes from the printer, and then import the actual text with the HTML method.

To do this, select the Evernote notes you want to export and click Print.


Select the Send To OneNote printer, and click Ok.


Evernote will now say it’s printing your notes, though it’s actually just sending them to OneNote.


Select the OneNote page or notebook you want to add these notes to as above, and click Ok.


OneNote may take a few moments to insert the notes into your notebook.


Now you’ll see your notes in OneNote.  Again, this is actually an image copy of your Evernote notes, so it should look just like your notes did originally.


One good thing is that OneNote automatically recognizes and indexes the text in images with OCR technology.  This lets you search OneNote for any printed notes like these, or you can even Copy Text from the Image in OneNote.  As you can see in the screenshot below, the OCR worked perfectly and got the exact text from our notes, so this is actually a fairly good option.


Whether you want to switch to using OneNote as your primary note taking solution or just want to import some of your Evernote notes into OneNote, these tips give you some ways to get your notes in your favorite application.  We’d love to have a direct way to import Evernote notes into OneNote, but these should help you out for now.  If you’re just getting started with OneNote and would like more info, check out our Beginner Geek Guide to Getting Started With OneNote 2010.

Or, if you’d rather import your OneNote notes into Evernote, here’s how you can import OneNote 2007 and OneNote 2010 Notebooks Into Evernote.

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  • Published 08/20/10

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