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Friday Fun: Souptoys Toybox

Once again Friday has rolled around and now it is time for you to take a break and have some fun. This week we have a set of toys and playsets for your desktop that come wrapped up in a nice easy to install package.

Note (quoted directly from the website): The Toybox will only run on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 computers and sometimes even Vista (32 bit).

Souptoys Toybox

When you start the program up you will be presented with an initial window full of toys. You can choose to play with these toys or move on to the playsets that come with SoupToys Toybox.


You can get toys out of the window by clicking on them or clicking on and dragging them onto your screen. Notice that you can have multiple versions of the same toy to play with. And yes, those balls will bounce very well all around your screen!


If you want to play with the playsets click on the Green Play Button on the lower left side of the toys window. From there you can scroll through the assorted playsets and play to your heart’s content.

Note 1: At the time of our testing there were 124 different playsets to choose from installed on our system.

Note 2: You can also download additional playsets (link provided below).


To turn a playset off just click on the Blue Controller Button on the lower left corner.


Watch as the dinosaur toy attacks the block buildings…


Fire the cannon to start the chain reaction and collapse the block tower…


Watch what happens when the toy volcano explodes…


Here are some before and after shots to give you an idea of how things look.

Example #1

Fire the cannon to start the chain reaction collapse…



Example #2

Bouncing balls raining destruction down on the toys and building blocks…



Example #3

In this one the flying saucers will “carry off any dolls that they catch.



Example #4

A toy popcorn machine…



Example #5

Push the boy and girl together when you fire the cannon…




Download Souptoys Toybox

Download Additional Playsets

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  • Published 08/20/10

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