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Beginner: Save Your OneNote 2010 Docs to Different File Formats

OneNote is a great app for managing your notes at meetings or in class, but sometimes you might need to convert them to different formats to share with others. Here is a quick look on how it’s done.

With OneNote open click the File tab to access Backstage View and select Save As. Now select if you want to save the current page, section or entire Notebook.


Depending on what you want to save will determine which file types are available. For example if you want to save just a Page you can save it in Word, PDF, XPS, or Single File Web Page format.


Saving a Section also gives you the same file types to save as.


If you want to save an entire notebook, the file types are more limited and only include OneNote Package, PDF, and XPS.


In this example we decided to save a Notebook in PDF format, so select PDF then click the Save As button.


Browse to the folder you want to save it in and click Save.


Now you can open view the notes in your favorite PDF viewer.


Sometimes you might need to convert your OneNote documents to other file formats to share with others who are running different operating systems or don’t have MS Office products installed. With OneNote 2010 another cool feature is WebApps that let you upload the OneNote docs to your SkyDrive and view, share, and edit them online.

If you’re a new user of OneNote 2010 make sure to check out our article on getting started with it.

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  • Published 07/22/10

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