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Run Android on Your Netbook or Desktop

Would you like to try out Google’s Android OS on your netbook or desktop?  Here’s how you can run Android from a flash drive and see how fast Android can run on real hardware!

Install Android On Your Flash Drive or Memory Card

First, make sure you have a flash drive or memory card inserted into your computer with around 256MB or more storage space.  Remove any files you may need off of the drive, so you can use it to run Android on your computer.

Now you’re ready to download and setup Android on your drive.  Head over to the Android x86 download page (link below), scroll down to the StableRelease section, and click View under android-x86-1.6-r2.iso.  This will start the iso file downloading to your computer.


In the mean time, head over to the UNetbootin site (link below), and download it as well.


Once your downloads are complete, run UNetbootin.  Click the bullet beside Diskimage, then click the “ “ button and select the Android ISO file you just downloaded.  Finally, select the correct flash drive or memory card in the menu on the bottom, and click Ok.


UNetbootin will now copy the files to your flash drive.  This may take a few moments, depending on your flash drive’s speed.


Once it’s finished, it will ask if you wish to reboot.  If you want to go ahead and run Android, you can click Reboot; otherwise, just exit and run Android from your flash drive when you want.


If you want to try Android on a computer that has a CD/DVD drive, you could just burn the ISO to a disk and boot from it.  Netbooks don’t have CD drives, and even on a desktop, it can be nice to not waste a CD just for this.  If you want to burn it to a disk, you can do it easily from Windows 7 or with a free program such as ImgBurn.


Using Android-x86 On Your Computer

Now you’re ready to run Android on your netbook, laptop, or even a full desktop computer.  Simply reboot your computer with the USB drive, and select to boot from it.  Not all computers will automatically boot from a USB device, so you may have to press F2, F10, or another key, depending on your computer, and change the Boot options in the bios.


Now, when you boot from the USB drive, select Live CD – Run Android-x86 without installation.


You’ll see a text prompt for a few moments as Android begins to load.


Then you’ll see the Android boot screen, though we only saw it for a moment, as our computer booted really fast into Android.


After a couple seconds, you’ll see the Android desktop … on your netbook or computer!  You can quickly access one of the apps on the home screen, or open the menu to see more options.


Click and hold to open a context menu, such as to change the background or add a desktop widget.


Or, press your mouse’s right button to open a menu, such as to open a new tab in the browser.


It works very good as a quick way to get online; the Android browser is actually quite capable for normal browsing, and worked very well in our tests.  With a 10 second or less boot time, you may enjoy using this as an alternate to Puppy Linux or other light distros for a quick way to get online securely.


You can even install new applications with the included AndAppStore, though these will only be installed while this Android session is running.  If you reboot your computer, you’ll only see the default applications and settings again.


Android x86 supports all of the hardware, including cameras and Wi-Fi, on several Netbooks and laptops; check the link below to see if yours is supported.  In our test, our camera wasn’t supported, and we additionally had to connect to the internet via Ethernet since it didn’t detect our Wi-Fi card.


For the most part, Android was very responsive, but anything that would fade out the desktop such as opening a dialog box or a menu would run very slowly and even make the mouse feel jerky.  Additionally, we couldn’t get it to boot on our desktop with an AMD processor.  You could install Android to your hard drive, but we wouldn’t recommend it considering the limitations and issues it has.  But, it is very fun to play with from a flash drive or memory card, and you may even feel adventurous enough to try installing it.  Be warned, though; this isn’t for the weak of heart!


If you’re curious about how Android works and would like to try it out on a real machine, this is a great way to see how fast a mobile OS can be on a netbook or desktop.  We wish it was more stable and could actually store programs and settings on the flash drive, but it did work as a nice substitute for Puppy Linux or other light, Live CD distros.  It runs much faster on a real computer than in the emulator.  Since you’re running it from a flash drive, you don’t have to worry about messing anything up, so go ahead and try it for research or fun.

Or, if you’d rather just try out Android from inside Windows, check out our articles on How to Test Drive Android in the Android Emulator and How to Enable the Android Market in the Emulator to try out the best Android has to offer.


Download Android x86

Download UNetbootin

See if Your Netbook or Laptop is Fully Supported

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 07/22/10

Comments (213)

  1. George

    This looks cool. If I get time over the next several days I might try it out. I wonder about saving programs to the OS. Is Android OS using a casper file to save information? If so, why not create a seperate partition on the USB stick, call it casper-rw, delete the casper-rw file from the primary partition and see if you can save apps and data. I can do this with Linux Mint, currently using a 16GB USB stick as my travel OS to work or broken Windows PCs.

  2. muhammad ma7fouz


  3. digitxp

    Darn, no Froyo or Eclair…

  4. Zehra Nasif

    I will try this at home. BTW; I love this web site and thank you for posting great tips.

  5. Aamir


  6. Dhruv

    Does not work for me on Dell Desktop. Says BootManager missing. burned twice on USB drive. any workarounds?

  7. Mary

    What do you use to snap your screenshots? they’re lovely!

  8. Chuck Anderson

    This works quite well in virtualbox.

  9. Aamir



  10. Matthew Guay

    @Aamir – It could be your computer can’t boot from USB; try burning it to a CD and see if it works!

  11. Dhruv

    It actually works if you format the USB drive in FAT32 file format. Worked for me. Looks pretty. But cant get the laptop WiFi running. I have a Dell Inspiron. Maybe the hardware is not yet supported.

  12. Gerald

    I got to the screen with, Live CD – Run Android-x86 without installation.

    and it said my CPU was not supported. After that it was a real pain to get Windows 7 to load again and it required numerous power off and ons before I could get back into the BIOS. I might give it a shot on an older intel based computer.

  13. Aamir

    @Matthew Guay — Thanks for replying to my concern. but my USB is working fine as last night I was so desperate that when android did not work.. I installed PUPPY LINUX just to have the experience of an OS in my USB. and the PUPPY Linux in my USB is workig fine with all the options, sound, internet, movies etc.

    I am very much interested in having an experience of ANDROID on my PC! I have a Dell Dual core 3.4Ghz

  14. ramandeep

    i also hv dell studio.after installing it on usb,bios asks for run android live cd,then my screen goes black.

  15. Jonah Bron

    That’s pretty cool. I did it in VirtualBox on Ubuntu and it works great! Not quite adequate to become my primary OS, though ;)

  16. Ryanb58

    Works awesomely on virtual box except… internet:/

  17. yesosuresh

    I’ve tried it on my ASUS UL80V, but no luck. I could see only the first screen showing Android at left-bottom, after that it becomes blank.

    Anyway you guys are rocking. Keep posting Android stuffs.

  18. Matthew Guay

    Hey everyone, as mentioned above, we were unable to get Android to run on our AMD x2 desktop, but it ran fine on an Intel Core desktop as well as an Intel Atom N450 netbook (though, again, it didn’t support the netbook’s wifi and webcam). The Android-x86 team has a page with all fully supported machines listed, but it still may work on other computer. If it doesn’t, you could try running it in VMware Player or VirtualBox!

  19. hoang

    What’s the different between this one and the SDK?

  20. Matthew Guay

    @hoang – With the SDK, you’re running Android in a virtualized phone on your normal Windows desktop. This method here lets you run Android as the only OS on your computer. Generally, it will run faster and smoother, though for most purposes (of just looking around Android and seeing what it’s about) the SDK would work just as good or better for most people. Try them both out, and see what you like better :)

  21. hoang

    ok :) i think that the sdk is better because it has the lastest version: 2.2
    anyway, the post is great.thanks a lot :D

  22. tauseef

    worked on my laptop ! even installed the wifi drivers,,, browsed net in android ;p ;p

  23. jake

    Thanks mate!

    My computer’s os just crashed and burned unfortunatly and I don’t have my restore disks on me only this little usb key I made the other day with android on it….. so its now my only way of communicating online :) cheers for it

    Oh and my webcam bluetooth and wifi are working as well as I think my soundcard on my hp pavilion dv6521tx :)

  24. Anthony

    Anyone have a link for the wifi drivers for this? I have the os running just cant connect to the internet

  25. gjsjass

    It works on my netbook HP/Compaq Mini 110. Great Post, Thanks

  26. Naeem

    i am now going to install :)

  27. Ismail

    worked in dell inspiron 1012 with n450 atom (wifi and camera too!!!). I runs ok but several apps crashed while using it. I like the convenience though. It seems that it times out when leaving it for 1 minute, almost as if it were going into stand by but cant come back. Downloaded apps as well, but cant save camera pictures cause the no sd card was inserted. I ran android through a sd adapter to usb. Cool to play with… not to use daily though.

  28. matt1125

    I tried it on an HP Pavillion TX 2110us. It failed, unfortunately. The graphics were inverted or weird, and whenever I moved the cursor the screen went black.

  29. jason

    I actually got it to boot from a flash drive on an AMD system, but the screen was so screwed up, it was unusable. The screen was mostly pink, and although I could see the icons, they were not identifiable. Is there anyway to fix this, or is it just not going to work? You said you couldn’t even get it to boot on AMD. Since I actually did boot, I hope the screen issue can be fixed?

  30. ht

    Does not work for me on Lenovo Y450 :(

  31. leviet4

    I tried it on an HP L1506 but It failed, unfortunately.

  32. pegaz

    someone test it on en EEEPC?

  33. Philippe

    Works pretty nice on Virtualbox.
    Nice job guys !

  34. alzorglub

    i have no mouse on virtualbox :(

  35. samit

    Hey can anyone help me understand how can i access internet through a usb stick on an android based pc ( = pc when running on android)?

  36. steve tippet

    This is painfully old. It’s only android 1.6, and the project has not updated in over 7 months…

  37. segadc

    Yeah let me know if anyone tried this with a EEEPC (I have a 1005HA). I don’t have a USB stick anymore but it would definetly make me want to get one (also to use it with my 360). Actually I did try it with a external USB drive but it didn’t work.

  38. YeomanDroid

    My alleged counterfeit install of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is going to stop working in about 10 days and have installed Ubuntu just for that moment. I’ll never spend $300 plus dollars on a Microsoft product ever again due to this. So I’m excited to see that Intel is working on getting Android ported over to x86 systems and looking forward to it. Unfortunately my system with the useless and overbloated Windows 7 OS is an AMD HP machine. I honestly should just remove the hard drive and throw it away because with a combination like Microsoft, HP and AMD you’re surely bound to have a low performance machine. The Android OS would most likely speed it up at least 5x but with AMD at its heart, it looks like a losing kind of proposition to consider installing. I pray to the Intel Gods to get the Android x86 OS going… :-)

  39. ero-baka

    works great in vmware

  40. Ashish

    Tried it on my Dell Inspiron Mini 1012. Din’t work. All ok till making the USB bootable. The system gets stuck at place where it says “ANDROID” after booting from USB.Doesn’t go any further. Please help!!

  41. Mukesh

    Hey Guys going by your tutorial I tried to run Android on my lappy. The configuration is below:

    AMD Turion X2
    4gb ram
    320Gb HDD

    Its basically a HP Pavillion dv2945se laptop.
    I ran it from my USB. Initially it gave me an error regarding not supporting my CPU but later on booted to show me the GUI and everything work fine. It configures my trackpad as touchscreen. I had to connect an USB mouse to use the pointer.

    Everything works fine and i am learning to use that OS.

  42. Tim

    Works great on my Thinkpad X60S!

  43. Ashish

    @Ismail :How long does it takes post the “Android” text being displayed on the screen, for the GUI to Load……Mine gets stuck. Using a 1GB USB.Nothing else loaded on it.

    Please Yelp!!! Still unable to run in on my dell netbook.

    “Tried it on my Dell Inspiron Mini 1012. Din’t work. All ok till making the USB bootable. The system gets stuck at place where it says “ANDROID” after booting from USB.Doesn’t go any further. Please help!!”

  44. cafebook

    can someone tell me how to get the wifi connected and sound enable? bluetooth works though. i am using a touchscreen netbook (gigabyte cafebook). it would be great if i can get the touchscreen working.

  45. jessie

    is it possible to update this to android 2.2?

    and can you use your custom kernel in this release?

  46. Matthew Guay

    @jessie – Not that I know of; sorry! If anyone comes up with a way, let me know … I’d love to know too!

  47. Jake

    How about systems with ARM processors? I have a bricked X10 MID 7″ tablet that I would love to install android on, but because the devices is bricked, the only way I know to install anything on it is by using an nk.rom that was designed for this device Telechips TCC9801 ARM processor, not to mention all the hardware drivers.

    Will any part of this project deal with anything like this?

  48. Jandy

    Good job!!
    I’d like to install android on my old notebook. Thanks..

  49. DCBoy

    i running x86 iso in virtual box as a live cd….seems to run seamlessly…. except for the fact that im having trouble getting the 8GB partition i created on my HDD to function as a sd card so i can use app from “unknown sources”…. otherwise im not having any problems…any ideas??

  50. Albert

    Worked great on my EEE 900 with wired internet. Now I just need to get the exchange client working and it will make a great mailing machine for when I travel.

    Thanx, looking forward to future releases!

  51. Jacob

    How do you get the wifi to work? Dell inpiron mini 10

  52. grumpy

    sorry this is useless. unetbootin does not run on puppy linux and there is no support or information on how to get it to work. i was really hoping for info on how to transfer a bootable iso to a usb stick and make that bootable.

  53. bob

    no mouse cursor! no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… no!!!! LOLz

  54. Vance Thepig

    You must format the thumbdrive FAT32. My 900A and 900HA both refused NTFS with disk read errors.
    The 900HA wireless radio did not work.
    This OS is ?????.

  55. mark

    Is this Android real OS or it must run on Virtual box??

  56. kgas

    There is an .img file for download. Just put the image in an usb drive (256 MB is more than sufficient) using DD. Broadcom wirelss (BCM4312) is not working.
    Thanks for the post which gave an initiative to try Android.

  57. Roberto Parker

    I tried to install android in my lenovo netbook. I do not get the 4 option installation screen just one option. Default. I go ahead many lige scroll and I get to the point where it says android (Text) at the bottom. I t just stops there.

    I guess my notebook is not android ready.


  58. Kangaroo

    Works fine on my Acer 5720 laptop. Only problem so far- touchpad not recognized (used regular USB Logitech mouse instead). WiFi, keyboard and onboard camera works fine. Couldn’t check sound though- needed memory card with audio and/or video files for that.

    Browser speed- not impressive. Pages loads slower than on any browser on the same laptop. Much slower. Something like 1:3.

    Will play around anyway :-)


    Kangaroo, Latvia

  59. Simon

    Can this work on a mac with osx ?

    Best !

  60. jaydj

    Got it to work on a MSI Wind via a USB boot. Android detected the MSI as an Asus EEEPC. Detected also WIFI and connected to it but doesn’t seem to be connected to the internet. Dunno how to make it access the net even if WIFI is already connected.

    What else could you do with this aside from trying Android out ?

  61. sdlfkds

    why the hell would anyone want to?

  62. John Bailo

    This is really cool, but when I found out about UNetbootin I decided to make an openSuse usb stick instead since that’s my favorite distro (I dualboot openSuse x64 11.2 and XP)

  63. Paul

    I’m running:
    Toshiba Satellite L505D
    Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit SP1
    AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core Ql-65 2.1 GHz
    250GB HDD
    3GB RAM

    Loaded the file on my flash drive(Formatted to FAT32….NTFS said no Boot Partition), went into setup and configured for usb.
    Boot to usb and got the menu.
    Selected “Live-CD – Run Androidx86 without installation.”
    The system reads files… says “No support for this CPU vendor”
    Tries to reboot twice, which it fails.
    Screen reads “Detecting Android-x86…… Found at /dev/sdb1.”
    Srceen flashes….
    System loads to Android boot….”ANDROID#”
    Screen goes black and…..NOTHING…. ???_???

    I know it says AMD is not supported but others have been successful in booting to the OS… Why can’t I?

  64. Zyne

    Are they really made for desktop???

  65. John Smith

    I meant to say thanks for the site for the wonderful information, I always appreciate the time and the effort that was put in this site.

  66. leung

    I’ve tried to install it on my harddisk and successfully. The thing is I can’t choose to boot my netbook from Windows or Android, any suggestion?

  67. ashley

    @leung : u cannot instal this in HDD ,if u instal on usb or burn it to cd,it will work…

  68. Lewis

    freezes during running “live android” image…. half and hour long….restart..
    i am using toshiba nb300 netbook.

  69. Lewis

    finally its works…..but wifi failed…its show wifi actives, but cant scan for wifi spot….sigh…

  70. Fruto

    Failed for me on MEDION 98300

  71. Glen

    @ tauseef

    Please, how the ?!?! do you install drivers? would you have to recompile at all?

  72. JohnD

    Just tried on eee PC 900 and it is perfect. Wifi and e-mail set up and it is blazingly fast. I have Android on the 4Gig drive and Ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition on the 16Gig. I can boot, connect to wifi and read e-mail in less time the Ubuntu takes to boot.

    Thanks to all

  73. Anura

    Tried on Acer Aspire One. Works Ok. Wireless connection detected and was able to browse Internet. When try to down load, it says, need a SD Card. Could not mount Hard disk drivers.

    My feeling is yet not suitable as main OS.

  74. Amey K

    Guys!m intrested to run android on my nybody suggest some gud applicatons for watching movies n sum fast browsing?

  75. h4uw1n3

    Any idea to make multiboot? lol… i just installed to my hdd and now it doesn’t boot my windows system… always start with android…. it’ll be no problem at all if it can access internet… and also….the touchscreen didn’t function as it to be…. so… just remind… before you installed… thinking over and over…

    i just trying :

    grub> multiboot /boot/gnumach.gz root=device:hd0s1
    grub> module /hurd/ext2fs.static ext2fs –readonly \
    –multiboot-command-line=’${kernel-command-line}’ \
    –host-priv-port=’${host-port}’ \
    –device-master-port=’${device-port}’ \
    –exec-server-task=’${exec-task}’ -T typed ‘${root}’ \
    ‘$(task-create)’ ‘$(task-resume)’
    grub> module /lib/ exec /hurd/exec ‘$(exec-task=task-create)’

    but didn’t make any changes, any idea??? thanks… lol…

  76. hatran

    i have been trying tons of Android editions for my HP touchsmart tm2, but failed all the times. whenever i try to install on an USB and restart from USB, a number of word lines showed up on the screen, finally, an Android logo appeared and after that , a deadly dark screen has collapsed all my efforts. does anyone have expriences dealing with the situation like this? appreciate if could help me.

  77. hatran

    By the way, my laptop uses a 64bit version of Windows 7. could it be the cause of this bug?

  78. Ashley Hunter

    Sorry is there any chance anybody can write a guide to installing this on your hard drive? I was thinking of buying the new Dell Duo and it would be great to have the best of both worlds, windows 7 for serious work and android with all its apps for fun? Or would this be to unstable to pratically use? dont mind portioning the hard drive, 320GB is way more then i would need, I would propose a 75:25 split….

  79. Swanny

    HELP!!!! How do you switch you Machine off?? Please help!

  80. red77

    I Have an ASUS EeePC 1005HAB running Windows 7. I would like to try Android but need to know a few things first:

    #1: Has anyone successfully installed Android onto the 1005HAB running windows7?

    #2: Will it make my ASUS any better?

  81. red77

    OK! Finally got it to work. I couldnt reboot from USB, kept saying NO BOOTABLE PARTION. So I installed on hard disk and rebooted from there. Works good except for wi-fi signal.
    anyy suggestions?

  82. pantelis

    on my advent netbook it is not working

  83. efry16

    im new at using vitualbox… any steps on how to get this to work with it??

    i followed the steps but got stuck on the black screen after the first android#.

  84. rin

    installation complete on my eepc 1000H
    problems :
    – keyboard in french doesn’t work
    – all parameters doesn’t resist to a boot
    thank you

  85. enoki

    i want to do an android full install on my old notebook but it doesn’t have a cdrom and no USB boot. i do however have another pc and a USB SATA/IDE cable. i was able to install ubuntu by connecting the notebook’s HDD to the pc and it boot flawlessly, but i just can’t remember the procedure i did to make it boot. how would i install android on an old notebook without cdrom or USB boot?

  86. Wikan

    Tried that and it works.. except it did not recognize my Sierra wireless Modem. Fast booting.
    Machine: Lenovo laptop G3000 Intel Dual core
    OS: Android Froyo iso

  87. Hakunushi

    For those whose it goes to a black screen I remind you that android may not have video drivers for ati cards, since there’s no ati cards for mobiles these days(I might be wrong)… nvidia has the nvidia tegra so it might recognize yours nvidia card as such. Also linux itself is really bad at reconizing multihead video cards, especialy those with eyefinit hd5xxxx series. So it might work with vesa mode for u as it worked for m on my ati hd 5770…. hugs

  88. Bruce

    Great point Hakunushi. I have and old sony vaio laptop and wanted to convert it over to a quick netbook type device (so i don’t have to share the iPad with my wife). I was able to boot, but the screen was unreadable and it certainly seemed like a video card support issue. I also tried in vesa mode and got a black screen ( i don’t think it even booted). I may try it again, but I’m wondering if anyone is aware of a good option for an android build with greater (or any) ATI video card support?

  89. CLAIRE

    I absolutely love the android os and that’s why I triedi t. but the whole meaning about it is using the applications and getting online fast. as far as the apps go, you can’t even save them to appear on the home screen. the wifi on the other hand doesn’t work….this was a complete waste of time!

  90. Andrew

    On an Asus notebook, using the Android boot CD to load.

    The initial Android load screens appear and run, after that, before anything exciting happens, it loads a black screen with only a ‘cursor’ at the top left hand corner .

    Nothing else occurs after that state loads.

  91. pancha

    Bagaimana cara menghapus OS Android yang telah ter install di netbook … dan kembali pada OS sebelumnya yaitu WinXP SP2…?

    mohon informasinya….?

  92. pancha

    How do I delete a Android OS has been installed on the netbook … and back to the previous OS is WinXP SP2 …?

    information please ….?

  93. nitin kumar

    can we create android apps using appinventor and try dem using this live cd????
    plzzzzzzzz do reply

  94. MK

    Dell Latitude LS. Works in Debug mode. It’s old so has no wifi.

  95. Fabrício Marques

    Unfortunatelly it didn’t work for me… =[

    It says “Boot Error”

    Did anyone had the same problem? How could I fix this? I am very interested on this OS!

  96. Fabrício Marques

    BTW, I have a Dell Vostro 1320… I tried it in a desktop, unsuccessfully too.


  97. Sandy Daze

    6 Feb 11

    Was able to successfully install via USB on an ASUS 1000HE, on which I am currently running UBUNTU 10.10 without any issues. Some niggles, including unable to conenct to local wireless. did not try ethernet. Looks nice and clean and would work well, I think, on a tablet.

    Take good care.

  98. lhon

    please help me.. how to remove android-x86 in my hardisk and get back my windows7 .

  99. lhon

    im using axioo netbook and i installed directly the android from my hardware and i think my window 7 is gone and i cannot open it. only appear the android-86x.please help me to get back my window7 and remove the android.tnx.

  100. Ian

    I have an old HP computer with 256MB of RAM and a P3 processor. I burned this on to a disk and it booted up with no problems. The only thing is I want to install it to my hard drive, but when I do it goes through the install completely and when I reboot, it goes to a “grub rescue>” screen. Any tips? Thanks:)

    PS. Love the site! Amazing ideas on here:)

  101. Ian

    Oh! Another thing, how do I install the actual Android Market? I want to have the same apps on my desktop as I do on my phone. Thanks again:)

  102. Ian

    Ok, I got Android 2.2 installed on my desktop and it works perfectly. I still need help as to getting the actual Market installed. Any ideas?

    Oh, a tip for those who have problems with their screen. When the GRUB boot loader comes up, press the “A” key, then add “vga=788” and it should solve your problem:) I’ve been tinkering with this all day.

  103. Darin

    Is there any way to boot this with a64 bit processor?

  104. Athena

    I just purchased a Dell Inspiron Duo and I wanted to see if I could get Android runing on it. After some searching, I came across this site. I used an old MP3 Player I had around the house as a flash drive and downloaded Android-x86-2.2-sparta.iso, installation iso for Dell Inspiron Mini Duo platform. I didn’t think it was going to work. But it did!!! I installed the initial downloads to my Dell and when it came time to run the program I choose the “Flash Drive” as insturcted. At first I downloaded and intalled both programs to the “Flash Drive” and I encountered a problem. The android looks and feels wonderful on my Duo, everything works with a few exceptions. There is no Market, Live wallpapers dont work and the regular wallpapers aren’t sized for my screen. Other than that it’s like playing with a giant version of my phone. I love this website!! Thanks!

  105. Athena

    “Oh, a tip for those who have problems with their screen. When the GRUB boot loader comes up, press the “A” key, then add “vga=788″ and it should solve your problem:) I’ve been tinkering with this all day.”- By Ian.

    Ian, Where does the “GRUB” boot loader appear?? My screen is 10.1″. Also, did you get Live wallpapers working?

  106. Thomas

    This was a pretty useful post. “android-x86-1.6-r2.iso” ran well and fine for my Fujitsu Lifebook. Everything was just perfect. But since it was android 1.6, i decided to download “android-x86-2.2-generic.iso”
    When I tried this, i am able to boot and the screens and all are showing. But my WiFi is not working. When i tried to turn on, its showing Error. But Bluetooth and Ethernet are working. Have anyone tried this .iso? Since its stated generic, I thought it will work with all models. Can someone suggest a solution? it would have been really nice to have this.

  107. jm

    En mi compaq mini cq10-420la no funciona el wifi ni el sonido. Además si bien es detectada la placa de red, no logro tener red, ni via dhcp, ni poninedo ip fija (netmask, gateway, dns)

    La webcam no tira el mensaje de error que dijeron en el informe, pero se ven rayas.

    En definitiva, pude hacer casi nada.. y varias veces se me reinicio solo el android.

  108. jm

    sorry, I will translate myself…

    Wifi and sound were not detected on my Compaq mini cq10-420la. Ethernet card seems to be detected, but it won’t get an IP using DHCP, and it doesnt seems to work with static IP either.

    The webcam doesn’t work, but there is no error message. It simple shows crossing lines over the screen.

    So I couldn’t do much…also android was automatically restarted more than once, without any advice.

  109. matmatician

    Got this to work somewhat on my Acer 4520… Wifi doesnt work though and that’s what I was going to use it for. Just quick access to youtube videos and stuff like that. I tried the generic 2.2 and my lappy has an atheros 5007 wireless card. Ubuntu didnt like my wireless card up until 10.04 and I had to install ndiswrapper to use my drivers which was kind of a pain… Hope I dont have to find a similar workaround for Android. Looks sweet though!! Cant wait to see where this project goes!

  110. Anderson Doan

    I’ve got an error: NTLDR is missing. Help me!!!

  111. gill

    my windows stop when i do android in vesa mode

  112. Srabon

    Thank you …gonna try …if it works then … . :)

  113. itherus

    i have lenovo s10 all working fine w/o WIFI does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  114. Gordon Link

    I installed the EEE asus version on a USB stick…tried it on my eeePC
    Seems great!,but will not detect my wireless card..what can be Done?
    Anyone have any ideas, plse reply

  115. Kevin

    Athena… How did you get it to boot on your Dell Duo? It does not give the option in setup to boot from the USB Drive.


  116. Greg

    Would this run on old hardware? I mean really old. I have a pentium 1 out in the garage I would love to try this on. (I also have a 286, but I doubt that would work.)

  117. Geert

    When i try to install i get a error “Operating system not found”, anyone got a solution?

  118. will-kill-for-exclusivity

    i was overjoyed when i heard of the toshiba and acer netbooks powered by android, but it was a huge disappointment when i read in reviews that the android market is not supported.

    May be the app developers can find a solution the “window way”. If the application does not require much interaction or “clicking” then they can show it on the screen in a small window, instead of optimizing it for the big screen.

    I am no developer, but it is a just a concept so I don’t know the technical part but this seems to be the best compromise without killing the screen resolution as well as the hassle to optimize the app interface to fit the screen(I hope it is not)

  119. TC LIM

    i load in Laptop but cannot online due with WIFI adaptor fail to detect and failed to surf net…my laptop is HP Elitebook 8440p

  120. NATE87

    i just got this it works great but i can not get internet through wifi or ethernet. i have acer aspire one d255e if anyone can help that would be awesome

  121. NATE87

    i got this last night and now today my brothers computer was hacked and now he has no facebook account. i want to clarify something… this product will not allow people to get on my internet and get on our computers to hack our systems am i correct??? i just want to clarify that cause my brother is blaming me for someone hacking his facebook. the faster you get back to me the better thank you.


    This totally crashed my new Acer Aspire One KAV60, it has a 320gb HDD, 2GB of RAM, and a Intel Antom processor running @ 1666MHz, so im sure my netbook will run it. Well, actually it did run it, HALF WAY, didnt have wireless internet and everytime it would go into sleep mode I would have to completely reboot to get it to come back on. I followed instructions to the T. Any suggestions??? I have a new HTC Evo 4G and love it, so im pretty stoked on running this OS on my net. PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance…!!!

  123. Manu

    Hey Hi, I have an accer aspire netbook with android and windows XP pre-installed to it.
    Android seems to b very cool to work on it but I am not able to use internet on it through my usb internet modem ( TATA Photon+) i googled many websites but did not found appropriate solution,
    Can u plz Help me in this??

  124. scodal

    VirtualBox is all the further I needed to read lol, I now know what must be done.

  125. Rob


    Just wondering, has anyone tried installing the X86 version of Froyo on the Fujitsu U810?

    If someone has, please tell me what I need driver wise so that the touch screen works as well as
    the joy stick buttons\.



  126. yogesh

    i am unable to use android on my laptop which is Lenova G450, i have installed the android 2.2 and now i am unable to use my earlier version of windows 7. It shows me the option of selecting the os but it auto goes to repair state and it cannot repair it

  127. Kelley5454

    HI, I have tried this a bunch of times but my problem is my duo simply will not boot from a usb. I have tried two different usb drives I updated my bios. The only boot options I have are hard disk and diskette and it will not boot when I choose disketter… Can someone please give me guidance as I really want to do this. I followed the instructions for making a bootable usb using unetbootin and followed everything exact. What am I missing? I do not have grun is that the problem? Thank you for your help.


  128. Drew Centio

    I have a Sony Vaio notebook. I couldn’t get Android to load properly in the first two modes listed at the boot screen. It worked when I selected “VESA” mode but it ‘went to sleep’ after a couple of minutes and wouldn’t resume.

    I had trouble getting back into the computer as it wouldn’t boot back up.

    I finally removed the battery and unplugged all the devices and AC power adapter and managed to get back to the primary operating system.

    Not really impressed.

  129. onccaribe

    Hi, i try to install on my Asus eee t101mt but when the system on android so start my screen gona blank and nothing else happen. really im really dispointted with this android; and want to uninstall it but i don’t know how; anyone can help me? now when i try to start my original W7 appear a boot wcreen and start automatically the useless android; how i can fix this (somethig called “grub” i think) PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  130. Alex

    How to install!
    First make a rescue disk for your main os (Win 7 or other) and download and install Easy BCD, make a partition on your hard drive for Android and boot the Iso from bios, install it to the empty partition you made last time, and follow the instructions on the screen. After reboot use the bios key and insert your rescue disk, and run startup rescue, and after reboot windows boot manager is working, boot win 7 if that is your main OS and open Easy BCD and make a new entry for android, use GRUB and click on grub is not installed to mbr.
    when it says that the entry is added succesfully, you can reboot and if android is working you have android on your pc.
    This must work on Dell also, I think if something got wrong you must have overwritten your main partition and thats the reason I think because its working for me and I have a Dell Latitude D531.
    And everythings is working here.


  131. BASIT

    Its great…..

    i want to run this in my HP xw-6000 workstation, is this possible to run in servers….?

  132. dave fisher

    anyone know if this runs on the HP touchsmart touchscreen laptops? using AMD turionx2 dual core rm-75 running 2.20GHz 4gb of ram? this would be totally awesome….any help would be greatly appreciated

  133. peterpk

    i have FileReflex to share

  134. pyke yap

    anyone help me?i dont know howto use my andriod.i have an says that blah blah blah stop unexpectedly.but i dont have and sd card may be thats the prob?and touch screen is not working well too.

  135. Mark

    Hello everyone, I have a Lenovo G560 and I am getting the android 2.2 to boot up, but when the big android graphic “comes up” and the home screen, it is so skewed I cannot see what is going on. Does anyone know how to fix this graphic issue? I have the original inel videocard on my laptop. Thanks for the help!

  136. john

    works OKAY on my asus m50v series laptop. no internet, wired or wireless but a cool experience.

  137. Fenrisvarg .cl

    HP Mini 2102 here!! Works fine, but I have 3 problems:
    – When my laptop goes to sleep, there’s no way to turn back!! I have to disconnect the power line.
    – Internet browser doesn’t work.
    – The screen is very dark.

    Any solutions??

  138. ankit chauhan

    i cannot configure or i cannot use wifi on hp mini 1099TU…
    can anybody help…!!!

  139. Cory

    Would this work for a toshiba laptop? and will it get rid of all my data thats on my computer?

  140. deep

    win 7 gone its telling operating system missing
    any idea

  141. Mark


    What exactly did you do? It sounds, to me, like you installed android as your main os. did you make a recovery disc before you started like many of the people who posted here said to do?

  142. Abhilash

    i am able install on x86 board…but i am not able to get ADB , IP Address and install my own applications…

  143. Hellbartonio

    I tried this on my eeepc 1201nl:
    – web-camera started and I even saw picture for the moment but it suddenly crushed with an application error;
    – wifi started connection to router, but lost signal everytime while was obtaining an address from dhcp.
    Also tested on my PC, there are much more problems like freezing system and lots of unknown drivers.
    I think it’s too early to say “enjoy android performance on your desktop” :(

  144. nyol

    It’s work at virtualbox, but didn’t work at my real computer :cry:

  145. derrix

    can i triple boot my netbook using windows7, ubuntu, and android if i install this android on my harddrive?

    give me the best way sir…..

    godbless you and i love ur site…

  146. Michael

    got to work on lonovo ideapad s10-3t. When goes to sleep comes back with the pineview svgabios, although hit esc and goes back to android screen. Also “cannot search for networks” and would love support for touch screen. This would be great for work as the android system does all of our current work. As a copier tech, i need the network connectivity that a netbook has, but don’t need all the windows gloatness. With the touchscreen ideapad, i am able to get do everything by touch, and really enjoy it. After using my android phone, i am excited to start wroking with the computer based version, as a tablet android device doesn’t have all the options we need.

    anyway, good work, keep it up.. email me if I can give any insight.

  147. Goran

    I try it on my decond gaming desktop
    Intel Core i7 2600k OC 4.2GHz
    12 GB ram ddr3 1600Mhz
    and nVidia gtx 560ti

    actually worked for an hour, and it was awesome :)
    after that burn my ram modules :P that was funny, i must change them…

  148. krax

    Where could i have get x64 or amd64 version
    Does it have a kernel to use in instalation of other destroz as proxy(for chroot and etc)

  149. josh

    The Universal USB Installer from, works perfectly for this purpose. It even includes an entry for Androidx86!

  150. Joe

    where is the first step that you click, the “view” thing?

  151. Ghayour Habib

    can i install it in vmware.though VMware supports iso boot

  152. Vineet

    i had installed android completeely on my pc whose compaticlity is intel i3 3.07ghz 2gb ram and 1 tb hdd 768 mb graphic memory when i run android after installation there is only a black screen no boot screen apear till yet i had tried for half an hour jst wassting time plz tell me how to run it…. i hope u will reply soon
    Thanx in advance

  153. brandon

    cool got it to work in virtualbox however i installed a game from the app store and it wouldnt install :/ also how do you make an sd card i was gonna try it that way but idk how to. cam didnt work but oh well lol nbd. can anyone reply on here or write me an email on how to create an sd card. im using oracle virtualbox. thankssss :D

  154. Benson Aziaya

    @Matthew Guay – My G1 T-Mobile crushed, whenever I press the power button it freezes at G1 screen. Is there a way I could boot from the memory stick so I can be able to access the root of my T-Mobile and be able to correct the problem and restore it to function? If not possible using a memory stick what is the other best way to bring my G1 T-Mobile back to life?

    Thanks in advance.

  155. Javster

    Any chance someone’s figured out how to emulate an SD card so I can install apps that require this?


  156. Javster

    Oh, I should clarify that I got this working easily enough on VirtualBox. I installed the 2.2 generic version, downloaded from here: Should I install a different version to enable SD card emulation, or is this a hack I need to do?


  157. michael

    accidently installed it. how do i get windows to run again. please help

  158. ronl2k

    With all the problems and limitations involved, I don’t see how you concluded that it would make a good substitute for Puppy Linux,

  159. Dinesh kr

    Yeah ….i know how to geek always _____BEST____ nice tutorial this is !!

  160. Berto Putik

    it was succesfully installed, but Android won’t start even if I chose to boot from it.

    any help please??

    I did it on my Samsung N150 Plus.

    Thanks in advance!

  161. hamza


  162. Mark

    1 for sd card, see ; at least in 2.2 for Eee pc a thumb drive is automatically detected

    2 for those who have hosed their windows installation, you may need to reinstall windows; in future, when installing a new OS try to install it in a new partition; providing the android hd install provides grub, then in principle it’s possible to direct grub to chainload the windows bootloader, although it’s kind of involved; possibly someone who’s managed it successfully could confirm how-to, plus hopefully that it’s possible to direct the android installation to a specific partition

    3 for multiboot it should be more straightforward, providing as in 2 it is possible to direct the android install to a specific partition, as you then simply need to update-grub from the main linux system, that should autodetect the android partition/kernel; subject to confirmation from someone who has managed it of course :-)

  163. Raul

    i had the same problem.. i installed android to my hard drive and they are telling me to reinstall windows xp… please someone help.. please.. how do i reinstall or install windows.. i dont want to send my eeepc back to ASUS… im in urgent need.. when i turn on my laptop it says Asus EEEPC.. it says press F2 to run setup or TAB to display BIOS post message then it goes to the GNU GRUB menu version 0.97 and it tells me if i want to run android HDPI or android MDPI or android Debug Mode… seriously someone please help me i dont know how to run windows back.. i have windows xp… i already called ASUS and BestBuy Geek Squad and ASUS told me i have to send it to them to reinstall windows but that it will erase all my files photos and videos.. and geek squad said the same but they will charge around $80… please please help me..

  164. Nelson

    It works for me Acer Aspire One 532H, even got wifi off my Desire HD phone–installed, booted from micro SD. Have tried this many times but never before got wifi. would like to try adding programs from android market. Bummed that I could not get any Thai language though, even after selecting THAI from the region settings. Thanks for this Nightly Beta (July 24th download)

  165. Nelson

    looking more for Android 3+

  166. Nelson

    maybe really i just need a browser like “browser linux” for now while i wait on fixed
    wifi connectivity for 2.2


    Hello matthaw i see that android os screenshort i m very impress. how that was install, work and support minimum system , plz..! send me image(android-x86-1.6-r2.iso) link. i wait for <<<>>>

  168. bibihexium

    I loaded this on a Eee PC 900 and cannot get the WiFi (WPA) to work even tho it sees my router. Everything else works ok. I had really hoped for WiFi because this thing is so slow with XP on it that it is about useless.

  169. Cebuana Blogger

    Really, really cool. would love to try this out in my asus eeepc…can’t wait…

  170. Bobs

    I installed it on my AMD PC and the mistake i did was to have installed directly to the computer hard disk which is already having multiple partitions running Windows XP and Ubuntu. After installing Android on my PC, I lost access to XP and Ubuntu partitions and the computer started booting only in Android With some R&D i found i could use Android grub to select the boot partition and managed to select Windows XP however i have trouble finding Ubuntu partition and loading it using Android grub.

    When i boot selected to XP I found that it installed android on C:\ drive, and now i am wondering if i can delete Android directory and recover the boot sequence used earlier for XP and Ubuntu which i used to have earlier. Any help will be highly appreciated

    The other issue i have with Android is it doesnt open as desktop but goes to root prompt. Is there any specific command to load it to Android desktop.


  171. Sandeep

    Hi, This is really an excellent opportunity to work on Android OS. I’d tried it on my Lenovo Desktop & Dell Laptop. Both works fine & to my surprise Internet browsing never made so fast. Though I tried on Live Cd, I’m going to install it on my Laptop. I’m very much sure that we will surely move further. Now we need not to bother Apple Community where all the applications (for Mac, Ipad, Iphone) needs to download on paid basis. Good work for those who are looking for speed & stability. We have moved from Unix, DOS, Windows, Linux, Mac & now Android. Hope that the next generation would be Android Generation. Congratulations & best of Luck Sir !

  172. Tej

    Does the current versions work on ACER 5738?? Pls someone help me out…

  173. klipertsky

    better try it on your virtual machine before installing.. it crashes my friend’s netbook having multiple-OS: win 7, Ubuntu and Android froyo..

  174. Jeff

    Installed on a Inspiron duo, works freat all but tochscreen. I cant get the icons to recogzise the touch. Who was the poster that said theirs worked great? how did you get it to work.

  175. Rex^LOST

    This is Awesome .. XD

  176. ngurah

    hello .. thks u’r info :)

  177. Sumit


    Today, I downloaded and ran it on my Acer Eee Pc and its works great. connects to wifi and all other functionaliy is working. But have only these two problem :-

    1. I cannot boot my normal xp now . when I select xp from OS selection, it say the bootloader not found.
    2. I am not able to download the apps from Android store. The message says, no android devices are registered with this id.

    any help would be highly appreciated.

    – Sumit

  178. Aaron P

    I ran the live version on my usb drive connected to my AOD250 and wow. It doesn’t boot up in 10 seconds, but it’s fast. Multiple force closes on many things. Acer isn’t completely supported had to use the generic version. VERY promising. If only my netbook could tilt….

  179. JC

    I have one of those 7″ chinese mini netbooks that originally came with windows ce (not sure if it was 5 or 6), which made it not really functional, so i installed android 1.5.2, it runs but i can’t connect to wifi and some keys can’t be recognized while typing, can anyone help me???

  180. amlunx

    This is really Great. I m gonna use this on my PC

  181. clairercluck

    hi just done the above on my hubby’s dell how do i get apps on as i have no internet connection in this mode please help novice at all this …thanks

  182. chirag sukhala

    did you have ios also

  183. John

    I got as far as the Android screen and it said no SD card or damaged. What to do???

  184. N.S.Venkat

    Dear Mr.Matthew Huay,
    Your article is very informative. Could you please let me know, whether I can use a 8Gb SDHC card to install the Android OS and use it in my Lenovo Ideapad Touch Tablet, with Windows 7 Homepremium OS. Is it possible to install Android Apps in the Card permently and run with the Android.

  185. shahzaib khan

    I prepared usb using Unetbootin,but when i restart my computer and tried to boot from usb it said ” boot mgr is missing , ALT+CNTRL+DEL to restart ”
    i m runing windows 7 ultimate on my laptop

  186. Lorin

    Worked great from the usb on my Dell Duo. Just wish I could save my wifi settings and downloaded appes


  187. hemanth

    i have istalled it into usb drive but it doesnt boot n says boot error on loading.

  188. hemanth

    i used it on lenovo s10 – 3t

  189. N.S.Venkat

    Dear Hemanth,
    Could you provide details like you installed in USB or Hard Drive of your PC, whether the Lenove Touch is affected, were you able to boot from USB,were you able to dowload Android Apps.

  190. hemanth



  191. reuben

    Once i do this can i update to 3.2 honeycomb??

  192. life hacker om

    it work on dell vostro but how to access the hard-disk and how to use the cdma data card net in it……

  193. cpu geek

    I tried running it on my dell inspiron 6000. it boots, goes to the menu, i select run without installation. then it says ANDROID. but then the screen goes black, but not in sleep, and there is a little line in the top left corner. it freezes. please help me if you can. :(

  194. buythiscomputer


    Haven’t read all yet, but seems quite techy, are you sure that anybody can use it ?

    Actually i want Android on PC to use Android applications to check Email when I cannot find Wifi or 3G and need to connect on internet by GPRS or EDGE, and it’s super slow to read Email on a web brower, but better on Android applications as Gmail or Yahoo (they don’t load shit pictures and music and flash as on browser navigation).


  195. cpugeek

    I tried all different versions for android x86, but absolutely cant get any to run on inspiron 6000. (^o*)

  196. buntty bhau

    @ Matthew
    Hi, I have sony vaio vpccw13eg notebook and when I am trying to run, it gives a warning that this is not an asus motherboard. Please help me ………..
    thanks in advance.

  197. buntty bhau

    @ Matthew
    Hi, I have sony vaio vpccw13eg notebook and when I am trying to run, it gives a warning that this is not an asus motherboard. I have intel core2 duo processor.
    Please help me ………..
    thanks in advance.

  198. Zio

    Hi All, i stuck on black screen with ANDROID_ word only…… then nothing happens..Im using Dell Latitude D610

  199. ixeman

    its working for lenovo s10-2 except for wifi and cameras..

  200. Monkey


    I have Android on my new laptop (has dual book Win7 & Android).
    I tried out the Android and yes it loads pretty quick, but then I sat there thinking ‘What now?’
    Ended up restarting in Win7 and getting on with things.

    I love Android on my phone, but on a laptop I’m a little confused as to why I would want it over Win7 which only takes about 1 min to boot and get me on-line and then I have access to all my usual programs and files.

    Am I missing something? Is there something great I can be doing with Android that I have missed?
    Please, someone give me a reason to use it!


  201. aanand


    I downloaded android
    It booted from pen drive but there is some problem with screen its not showing properly.

    I am using Compaq 420

    Pls help

  202. aanand

    anybody help

    i have installed 2.2 on compaq 420.

    it worked but display is dispersed

  203. hsky001

    Hey guys, iv downloaded the eee version and installed it to usb, and tried installing it onto the physical hdd and now wont load, how do i get it to boot into android..? cheers

  204. Jesus Vazquez

    It doesn’t work in windows vista home premium 32 bit. When I REBOOT MY SYSTEM, the menu came WHERE I SELECTED “Run Android-x86 without installation. My monitor went to sleep mode and then the monitor was turned off

  205. Robert

    it works. I downloaded the eee version too and it works. Im using an Asus Aspire Revo pc.

  206. SaiChand

    The apps installed and the settings gets deleted when switched any way to overcome this ?

  207. Spyder

    Works Great on me Lenovo S10-3.. Cam works though seems to be sluggish.. Wireless Mouse works perfectly.. connected to Wifi.. Have already downloaded angry birds… ;-)

    I have a SIM Card slot on my laptop.. Can i use it to make calls or access internet..!?

  208. mynajib


    I already installed bootable on USB for android-x86-1.6-r2.iso. It works fine except that it could not access internet because ethernet and wi-fi driver is not within that android-x86-1.6-r2.iso file.

    I am using Dell Optiplex GX520 with external USB Wi-Fi – Aztech WL230USB and
    Ethernet – Broadcom NetXtreme 57XX Gigabytes Controller

    Could anyone help me on how to attach ethernet and/or wi-fi driver to this iso file so that I can browse.

    “Knowledge is to Share”


  209. minor

    i have a dell studio xp win7 64bit and this OS work. but i can’t change the size of the screen and is too big.. , I can’t go to the internet because the wirelees is not working,(no detected) the bluetooth is on.(detected) but i can’t trasfer files something is wrong, etc . how can I fix this? and how can i install apps ? I plug a sd memory card and nothing happend,i plug my phone and nothing happend(evo 3D) someone know how to fix this?

  210. ashish

    sir please tell me how to copy apps on fake sd card as i am unable to connect my internet in android so please tell me how to install app without marketplace and in virtual sd card .

  211. Damian

    I Love the2.2 netpad, but how the **** do get a wifi connect?? What gives?? LoL

  212. shivang

    thanks….. very …very…..very……. very …very…..very…. much…………… I love this site very much………. you have given me what i needed………. thanks a lot………………..

  213. aseem

    it works…….:-) frnds…. just use ur mind also a bit it will surely work for u tried the new version 2.2 thnku guys great work

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