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Add Dropbox to the Send To Menu in Windows 7, XP, and Vista

Dropbox is one of the coolest utilities available today to backup and share files and folders online. If you want easier access to it, you might want to add it to the Send To Menu in the Context Menu.

Add Dropbox to Send To Menu in Vista & Windows 7

First navigate to the following path by copying the following into the Windows Explorer address bar or the Search box in the Start Menu.



If you have Dropbox under Favorites right-click on the folder and drag it into the SendTo folder. If it’s not under your Favorites in Explorer, just drag it to the SendTo folder from whatever directory you have it in.


When you release the folder you’ll have the option to move, copy, or create a shortcut…you can certainly move it there if you want, but we’re going to create a shortcut.


Now when you right-click on a file or folder you’ll have the option to send it to your Dropbox folder.


If you have other shared folders in your Dropbox folder you can add them to the SendTo Menu as well using the same method. Like in this example we added a shared Dropbox folder we use for testing geek stuff.


Add Dropbox to Send To Menu in XP

In XP go to Control Panel and Folder Options then select Show hidden files and folders.


Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\SendTo (where User Name is the name of your computer) and create a shortcut to your Dropbox folder.


Now you have your Dropbox folder added to Send To in the Context Menu…


If you use Send To from the Context Menu in Windows, this is a good way to easily add files and folders to your Dropbox folders.

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  • Published 07/19/10

Comments (11)

  1. Matthew Guay

    Nice trick … and very useful ;) Hey, this would be a great way to clean up the Send to menu, too…

  2. nakul

    easier way to navigate there is this command
    you can run this from Run(Win+R) or in start search in vista,7. You also might want to include that this will copy the file in dropbox and not move it.

  3. SquareWheel

    I’ve always used shell:sendto as well. Great idea, though. Do we just drag a shortcut of the application into the SendTo folder though? That doesn’t appear to work for me. My path is: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\bin\Dropbox.exe

  4. Bjarnovikus

    @ SquareWheel
    You need to make a shortcut to your Dropbox Folder and not Dropbox itself ;)
    So something like:

    C:\Users\%username%\My Dropbox\

  5. amc

    I love the simplicity of the XP instructions vs. the Vista/7 instructions.

  6. SquareWheel

    @Bjarnovikus: Thanks much! I assumed the dropbox exe handled moving files there, my mistake.

  7. TimF

    Nice tip, I edited the shortcut (XP) to change the name to “My DropBox” and changed the icon to the full box icon and it looks like it belonged in the Sent To folder all along.

  8. richmondlaptop

    both tricks here work, but I need to be able to MOVE the items when I click in send to, so far I’m just erasing them after clicking the send to (I have a file folder) but it would be nice to be able to send them and forget.

  9. Ross

    I can’t find my dropbox on xp, windows 7 or vista how do i get it then if i search for dropbox it does no find any thing

  10. marsas

    Thanks :)

  11. rover3500

    I always have a shortcut for the send to folder inside the send to folder(go to send to,open in new window,then drag a shortcut to send to to the same folder)Then u can send anything to send to as a shortcut by context menu.
    Well that sounds a bit confusing,hope u get it

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