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Stop Your Mouse from Waking Up Your Windows 7 Computer

If you use Sleep Mode on your PC, have you ever noticed that moving your mouse will wake the computer from sleep mode? If you would prefer to only have the PC wake up when you hit a key instead, there’s a simple tweak.

Just type Mouse into the start menu search box, or the Control Panel search box, and then open up the Mouse Properties panel. Find the Hardware tab, select your mouse in the list, and then click the Properties button.


You’ll have to click the “Change settings” button before you can see the Power Management tab…


And now, you can uncheck the box from “Allow this device to wake the computer”.


That’s all there is to it.

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  • Published 04/19/10

Comments (12)

  1. Preetam

    Sir, this trick does not work in laptop. It does not show Power Management tab in mouse change setting bar.

  2. The Geek

    Yeah, this is not going to work for a trackpad… but it also won’t matter, because the trackpad is powered off when the laptop is in Sleep Mode. It’s only going to work for an external mouse.

  3. Navjot

    Is there a way we can disable waking up the computer when you remove a usb?

  4. Dan

    Thanks alot! This have been bugging me for a while now on my laptop using a small external logitech nano mouse where I wanted to keep the usb-reciever attached.

  5. Dan W

    I second Navjot’s reply… Every time i unplug a USB device it wakes up my system from hibernate. I have all USB Devices and hubs set to not wake the system, but it does anyways when i unplug something.

  6. Scott

    In order for your computer to not wake up on USB activity, you might have to change certain settings in the BIOS menu. Look up how to get into bios for your computer and look around there. Don’t change any settings unless you are positive or someone who knows about the bios menu is helping you

  7. Marge

    My logitech external mouse checkbox “Allow this device to wake the computer” is checked. I can’t use my touchpad at all to log in to my computer after it’s been shut down. If I uncheck this box, will I again be able to use either touchpad or mouse to log on to my computer? I want to be able to use touchpad to and have mouse optional.

  8. Narg

    No all mice are made equal. Most good mice will have this option. However, it is very driver dependant. If you don’t see it, try upgrading the driver if possible.

    @marge, do you have both Logitech AND trackpad drivers loaded? Many trackpad drivers are extremely poor, so don’t expect much. Anyway, the keyboard should still wake the computer.

  9. Jules

    If this feature is not available on your current mouse, find other alternatives. What I do is just flip the mouse upside down whenever I activated Sleep Mode. For a wireless mouse, you can do the same or just power off the mouse.

  10. Shaby

    excellent. bought a new logitech laser mouse and the laser is so sensitive that even if it doesnt move it still wakes up the laptop. I used to put the mouse upside down to stop it waking up.

    This has solved the issue. thanks.

  11. Mogs

    This doesn’t work.

    The relevant box is unchecked but the slightest touch of the mouse and the machine switches on.

  12. Jim

    Thank you very much. It was easier finding this article than finding anything in ‘Help and Support’.

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