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Macro (Computing)

A macro is a set of inputs mapped to a key, shortcut, or string of text so that the user is able to summon a large set of inputs with a minimal amount of input. Computer users create and deploy macros for everything from speeding up programming tasks to semi-automating repetitive and routine word processing entries.

For example, using a macro text tool like Breevy for Windows PCs, you could make a very small text shortcut such as “workmemo1″ that triggered a long macro which would in turn populate the body of your email with the specific header, body data, and signature you needed for a particular type of inter-office memo you routinely send. Every time you needed to send one of those memos, you would no longer have to either 1) type it all out or 2) open a file you had saved and manually copy and paste the formatting–the macro would take care of everything for you.

To see more examples of how using a macro system can save you time, check out How to Automate Repetitive Web Browser Tasks With iMacros.

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