Geodetic Coordinates are Earth coordinates that are defined by their latitude, longitude, and elevation.

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FOTA (short for Firmware Over The Air) refers to the updating of firmware, software, configuration settings, etc. on mobile phones, tablets, and other wireless hand-held devices via over-the-air code transfers.

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File Grooming refers to the practice of cleaning, deleting, moving, rearranging, and defragmentation of the various files on a computer in order to ‘optimize’ the file system on it.

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Geotagging refers to the addition of geographical information such as latitude, longitude, altitude, bearing, and sometimes other types of information to images taken with a digital camera or mobile phone.

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Generic Software refers to ready made software that is shrink-wrapped, produced in bulk, and can be purchased off the shelf in a variety of stores (offline and online). Examples of Generic Software are: various anti-virus suites, photo programs, typing programs, etc.

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Fiber Exhaust refers to a complete saturation of an optical fiber network; in other words, that particular optical fiber network has no spare transmission capacity left for new or additional traffic. The effect of Fiber Exhaust can range from a single optical fiber all the way up to an internet level problem (as more devices and higher speed access becomes available to more people).

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False Drops are search results that match (contain) the keyword(s) you were searching for, but have zero relevance to the information you were actually looking for.

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Expireware is any software or program that has an expiration date or usage system ‘built in’. The software or program will cease functioning or become unusable based on a specific date, number of days used, or number of times used by an individual.

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An EHR (short for Electronic Health Record) is a computerized set of medical records that are shared by multiple healthcare agencies, facilities, and/or organizations. An EHR is not limited to a single visit or medical event, but is instead a comprehensive patient history.

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Failover refers to automatically falling back on (calling) a secondary system to take over when the primary one experiences a failure of some kind, or is ‘down’ for scheduled maintenance. The secondary system will have an up-to-date copy of all needed data and software ready to go for an immediate switch-over with as little interruption as possible to regular operations or work flow.

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Fail Soft refers to the ability of a system or hardware component (a hard-drive for example) to fail or stop working with a minimum of damage or destruction to the data or hardware component.

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An Emotag is a pseudo HTML tag that is used in place of emoticons or to convey feelings and actions in instant messengers, e-mail, comments, etc.

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Ego-Surfing refers to the practice of using a search engine to see how many times and/or places your name is mentioned or cited on the internet.

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Digital Detox refers to ceasing all contact and interaction with the internet whether it be via computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. so that an individual can de-stress and/or focus on actual physical contact or social interaction with people.

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A Die, also referred to as an integrated circuit, is an unpackaged bare chip (a small block of semiconducting material on which a functional circuit has been fabricated). More than one Die are referred to as Dice, Dies, and Die.

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Cloud Washing refers to the “questionable” practice of adding the term “cloud” to the name of a hardware or software product in order to make it sound fresh, up to date, or as an attempt to re-brand it simply because of the cloud’s popularity.

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Cloud Spanning refers to the use of two or more cloud environments (public and/or private) for an application that requires a large amount of computing resources.

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Dequeue refers to the act of removing an item or data from a Queue (temporary holding place for data). The opposite action (Enqueue) refers to the act of adding an item or data to a Queue.

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The original (and main) usage of the term Defenestration refers to the act of throwing someone or something out of a window. But when it comes to computers, the term Defenestration is humorously used to refer to the act of removing Microsoft Windows from a computer.

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Cliff Effect (a.k.a. Brick Wall Effect) refers to the sudden loss of an audio or video digital transmission signal. Unlike analog transmission signals which can fade in and out, digital transmission signals are an all-or-nothing deal…either there is enough signal strength to maintain the minimum signal threshold or there is not.

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Churn Rate refers to the percentage of customers who discontinue or cancel their mobile phone, online, subscription, or telephone service within a given period of time. The Churn Rate is calculated by dividing the number of customers who discontinue or cancel their service by the average total number of customers for that time period.

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A Deep Link is a link to any web page of a given website that is not its home page (i.e. a link to a specific blog post rather than the blog’s home page).

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De-lurk refers to the ‘moment of emergence’ when an individual who has only observed a chat room, forum, etc. finally chooses to start actively participating and interacting with others.

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Chip Jewelry refers to decorative pieces of jewelry, personal adornments, household decorations, etc. that have been made out of outdated and/or scrapped electronic components.

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A Chiclet Keyboard (a.k.a. Island-Style Keyboard) is a computer keyboard with flat, square keys with rounded corners that are reminiscent of Chiclets gum.

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