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XP/Win7 Raid Dual boot help

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  • Started 7 years ago by squil
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Posted yesterday 
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My system. (Lil old :()
DFI Lanparty ultra-D Socket 939 with 3800x2
2 Raptor sata drives in raid 0 (for my XP/7 OS)
2 WD 80 gigers for storage (sata)
1 DVD burner (Pata)
Using the onboard Raid
If you need any more system info, let me know. Only listed what I believe would be needed for my prob

I started with a clean, un-partioned, stripe raid (64k stripe size)
I made a partion for windowsXP with the XP setup while installing (I forget the size) Setup made this my C: drive. XP installed and setup fine. Oh... its the 32 bit version of XP

Onto Windows 7 Setup/install (64 bit). As I could not find windows 7 (x64) raid drivers for my board I was refered to using Vista 64 bit raid drivers. I got these from the DFI site. With no raid drivers the Win7 setup would not see my Raptor raid setup. Installed vista raid drivers and the setup seen my raid. I continued on and started to install Win7 to the remaining space on my raid drives...

This is where my problem lies. Setup started and seemed to be working fine. Setup called for a reboot and it goes to start XP everytime. No boot manager :(

What did I miss?
Any help is appreaciated

Forgot to mention. In WinXP... The drive I have a partial setup/install of Win7 on is seen as drive E:.. dunno if that makes a difference or not.

Posted 7 years ago

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