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Writing an app for smartphones

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  • Started 3 years ago by SarahJames
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Posted yesterday 
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Well, here goes nothing ;)

Recently someone made a really good suggestion for an app and asked me to write it.
Now I don't even have a smartphone and I don't know what type would be best to write for (iPhone, Android etc. it all means nothing to me),
but I'm up for the challenge :)

So now I'm asking you girls and guys for what kind of phone would it be best to write the app (or are they universal??? I have no idea as you can see ...)
and secondly for pointers where I can find the best info on how writing these things is being done.

A site where I can see what apps are like would be welcome too, since I don't have a smartphone and I don't know what the limits are / general layout etc.

And if you think this is over the top: well, I dove into writing html some ten years ago without having a clue and I've been running a pretty successfull website ever since :)

Love to read your (positive) input <LOL>!

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi SJ,

I think most apps are written in Objective C, at least Apple apps are and I think Android devices also.

For Windows phones you will probably need Visual Studios SDK.

As for Blackberry I'm not too sure although I'm sure they could help on the Crackberry forums : and as a little insight into the kind of things you may have to deal with.

Because they are different (OS's) you would have to write the apps so they are accepted by each platform separately.

More insight into how to write etc in these links :

Blackberry app world :

Cant find a decent Android app world but read this :

A little something from the Apple iPhone app store to give you an idea :

Posted 3 years ago
Posts: 6581

Thanks, GS!
Just got news I'll be getting a rescue dog in, so all of a sudden things get hectic here :S
I'm going to read up on all your links - might be tonight, might be tomorrow ;)

Posted 3 years ago
Posts: 6298

Looks like Microsoft is looking for lots of new apps for Windows 8/RT, perhaps that would be a wide open and lucrative area.

Posted 3 years ago
Posts: 6581

@ GS - been reading what you posted and wow, it enlightened me :)))
Seems like you can also make a book to be an app, can make skins and convert a website to being compatible with a smartphone.
This is really usefull!
Also looks like it will keep me busy for the next five years or so <LOL LOL LOL>.
I've got tons of ideas (and then to think I didn't have a single idea about a week ago), so I'll followthat helium link to find out more about the actual writing.
Can't start today though - in two hours my little rescue dog will arrive and she'll probably keep me pretty busy the first week.

@ Xhi - the app I was thinking of is more suited to being on the road, but after reading up and all the possibilities Win8 wouldn't be a bad idea either.
But I guess I better start with learning one thing at the time and Win8 is not the first on my prioritylist ;)

Posted 3 years ago
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I would write it for android, as to get it on to the iTunes Store, takes a lot of time. (and money).

Posted 3 years ago
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I'm only familiar with programming Android apps. The learning curve was not so steep since Android programming is done in Java which I am familiar with. Limitation differences are negligible. One of the nice features was that GUI can be made using XML instead of java which save you some work. Apart from doing the "Hello World" tutorial provided by Google to get started I didn't really have any learning material and searched the google for answers when ever I had trouble with something. Bottom line if you are familiar with java programming and would like to have an easier transition into app programming I'd recommend you to start with Android programming.

Posted 3 years ago
Posts: 6581

Thanks guys :)
Not familiar with java programming, but I was just having a look at this. <LOL> Seems someone was planning ahead for my adventure ;)))

@ owen123 - for the moment I have lots of time (my contract ended and they didn't renew it, ughhh) and want to be doing something usefull.
So at the moment I'm the main rescue site for my breed and trying to make my website / book / app profitable.
If I don't get to the point of making money out of the app (which of course I hope I will LOL) I will at least have learned something.

Posted 3 years ago

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