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(Solved) - Windows 7 Boot Problems

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  • Started 7 years ago by robotsneedhugs2
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Posted yesterday 
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I had two partitions on my hard drive, one with Windows 7 and the other with XP. I use 7 for my main OS now, but my computer isn't that great and Fallout 3 wouldn't run worth crap on it, but it ran decently on XP. Since I use XP for only playing Fallout, I didn't need all half of the drive, so I was going to make the Win 7 partition take up most of the hard drive with a little left over for XP.

I resized and moved the partitions with GParted, but somewhere in there was an error. I tried to reboot, and I got a "bootmgr is missing" error. I put in the Windows 7 RC1 DVD and tried the repair thing, and the Startup Repair says that it worked. But, when I boot up, I get some weird desktop with the classic style. I had to use the Task Manager to start Explorer.exe, and when I tried to open anything, it gives me some "no such interface supported" error.

Now, when I boot with the Win7 disc and try the Startup Repair, it doesn't detect any errors. I've also tried "bootrec /fixboot" in the commmand prompt and it says the operation completed successfully. Also, the System Recovery Options shows the OS as "Windows 7 Ultimate (recovered)."

I would have backed up my data, but I can't afford a seperate Hard Drive. Is there a way to get Windows 7 back up on its feet with all my data intact? Or, if I reinstall Windows 7, is there a way to keep all my data with it?

Posted 7 years ago
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robotsneedhugs2, you can use Windows Easy Transfer to backup your User data, some application settings, and any other files you want to keep. This data needs to be backed up somewhere -- on the XP partition, if there's room, on a USB flash drive or on DVD-Rs. Then you can reinstall Windows 7 and use Easy Transfer again to restore the data. You will have to reinstall your applications. Given the state that your Windows 7 install is in now, this kind of reinstall is probably your best bet.

Do you remember what error you got while using GPartEd?

Accepted Answer · Posted 7 years ago
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I just copied my files to an empty partition and reinstalled Win7. Thanks for your help. Also, I could have sworn that I replied already to your message.

Posted 7 years ago

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