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Website "builders" comparisons and questions

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  • Started 7 years ago by knowitall
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Posted yesterday 
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I'm looking for feedback on a few things regarding novice website building.

First, I do expect to become someone in the not too distant future who is beyond the novice stage. I have spent some time editing sites with DreamWeaver. I understand less than rudimentary HTML from an online self-taught class. I used Earthlink's Trellix to start a website. I am concerned that their website name starts with: before I even get to enter my preferred business name. Of course, I appreciate the free site. However, won't I have to migrate eventually to either change the name to a short one for business purposes and/or if I outgrow the free space? I'm not sure how to judge when this might happen, space-wise, as I can't speak in gigabytes yet. Shouldn't I be concerned about the public finding my site with ease once I publish it? As I was surfing the web, I came across one guy's comments who also used trellix, whose site came up in my URL box as I've noted above, and he was thrilled with his 80k hits a month, indicating how the words the public used to find him got them to his site. For instance, his URL comes up: - 224k. This comes from a search of rock roll swing. (I added the swing because it did not come up on the first page without it which he indicated). The site is actually Gorgeous Rock and Swing Gear. He was talking about searching with rock roll. I want to consider these things before I get too deep with website development and hosting. I'm all for simple and free when it works. Yet, I do expect further development and growth. It is not just a "family communication, picture" site. It will have heavy video and audio traffic, etc. Perhaps e-commerce and a blog too.

Second, I noticed that was all on one page and very long. As I considered this I wondered if this wasn't indeed very smart. No need to load different pages. Just scroll. It did take a while to load, but it might be because my computer is slow? Is this ever a good design idea?

Third, what do folks think of free site builders, i.e. Trellix, or ? Again, I am trying to start in the best way without repetition if I need to change. I don't understand yet what "transfers" or "migrates" in a site, from software to software.

Thanks much to whomever responds.

Posted 7 years ago
Posts: 2

Oops. I should add I use a Mac and also use a pc from time to time and edit my site through both platforms. I also found out that Earthlink only supports Trellix through Firefox 3.0 and so I have had to go back to Safari where the version doesn't matter to them. I don't use Explorer.

Posted 7 years ago

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