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Vista Explore,... please rip it's guts out

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  • Started 8 years ago by davidtb
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Posted yesterday 
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My note to MS.
Vista Explore is frustrating as it changes views from folder to folder, drive to drive. I NEED to keep the view in the same aspect. I HATE going from "details" in one view, and large icons in the next. Please FIX THIS!!! it's not fun anymore!!!

Posted 8 years ago
Posts: 3814

First of all, the site is not affiliated with Microsoft so sending a note to them on this site will accomplish nothing.
Second, if you want help from users on this site can you give an explanation of why this is a problem and maybe an example of folders this is a problem with.
Usually having different views on different folders is a good thing as one would details on their documents folder and icons/thumbnails in their picture folder.

Posted 8 years ago
Posts: 521

And.. there's a solution.

Pick a folder you like. Go to Tools>Folder Options. Click the view tab, Apply to all folders.

Posted 8 years ago
Posts: 3814

To add on what taybay said: You have to pick a folder of the type you want to all be the same before doing that.
Vista has different folder types: All Items, Documents, Pictures and Videos, Music Details and Music Icons.
If you wanted all those types to be in one view you would have to repeat the steps taybay listed for each folder type.

Posted 8 years ago
Posts: 40

Also another point to add: XP did the same folder categorization. Just saying. =]

Posted 8 years ago
Posts: 207

I also have Vista Home Premium running on my new notebook and the new experience is breath taking. Their is no hassle with the different folder to folder view differences. One good feature is on my music folder it has all my mp3's but instead of the media player icon for all of the mp3's, it shows the album art of the songs. Now thats slick. So i recommend you follow taybay's instructions and make the changes to the folders you wish to. And finnally agreeing with jd2066's first reply, you should make a longer description and dont Tell Us to fix your problem, you fix it yourself by the help given by us. LOL, anyway good luck and hope you find a solution to your crisis. If you have further irritations with the vista interface, try googling and finding a program that can alter the differences for you.

Posted 8 years ago
Posts: 3

That little tweak may be the answer to your problems. I already posted about it, but just saw this thread.


Posted 8 years ago
Posts: 23

The little tweak doesn't work for me as I am running Firefox.
Maybe the program only solves the "Views" program with Internet Explorer.

Posted 7 years ago

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