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VBoxManage guestcontrol

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  • Started 3 years ago by abs2run
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I have a vbox (windows is installed on) that is in my ubuntu host system ,
when I type:
VBoxManage guestcontrol "xp-driver Clone" execute --image "C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe" --username *** --password **** -- "C:\Documents and Settings\XP\Desktop

it works well but when I want to pass the rgument which have / it has problem and the program rise the error for bad argument ,
for exapmle I wanna run process monitor of sysinternals but I can not::

VBoxManage guestcontrol "xp-driver Clone" execute --image "C:\Documents and Settings\XP\Desktop\SysinternalsSuite\pm.exe" --username XP --password alaki -- "/BackingFile C:\Documents and Settings\XP\Desktop\Log.PML"

i have tried to escape with "\/BackingFile..." but it does not work.

can any one kindly help me olz? :(

Posted 3 years ago

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