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Universal Contacts

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  • Started 8 years ago by E-Rock
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Posted yesterday 
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I would like to know if there is a way for several people to share contacts when they are not connected to the same network....just random people over the internet...

Example: 6 people on a sales team....all can view a list of adds a contact and now the other five are syncronized in the background to have that no.6 sees the contact and knows the cell phone number which was left blank by no. 1. no. 6 adds the cell number and now they are again syncronized and now have all the added information.

The idea being that the contact list could build itself and with any allowed user able to contribute.... and that it keeps all the users syncronized when they are connected to the web.

I would be nice if you could export to csv so that one could import to other programs as well.

I have a rough version working which does this but I'd like to see if it could be improved upon.


Posted 8 years ago
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A start:

Posted 8 years ago
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The lista thing coud be good for some things but NOT for sychronizing contacts...its just a text editor...about the same as emailing to a distribution list...Cant import cant export anything in any form other than text.

I'm wanting to synchronize some thing like address book or better...across multiple pc's. With 2-way communication.


Posted 8 years ago

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