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Ubuntu with Citrix VPN

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  • Started 4 years ago by aquib
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My company allows employees to access the resources (including remote desktop) on its network via Citrix. The guidelines it provides are for accessing the network via a Windows Operating System. I am able to remote desktop into my work PC using Windows but have trouble setting up the VPN connection via Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit) OS. On windows, I log into the companys VPN via a web login (using Firefox). At this point the citrix client on windows gets activated and then I can use the remote desktop program in windows and connect to my work PC.

I have managed to install the Citrix Client successfully on Ubuntu and can even log into the company's VPN via a web login (using firefox). From this point I do not know how to move forward. I would like to do the following next
1. Be able to connect to my work PC.

Please help.



Posted 4 years ago
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Hi and welcome to HTG ,
what do you mean by u cannot move forward? don't you have a username and password while login , as u said you are using web browser , so it must be the same as you do on Windows, what is the difference for you?

Posted 4 years ago
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Hi Scorpion99

I do have the user name and password for loging into the company's VPN. The bit I should have mentioned is that on a Windows machine, the citrix client gets activated when I do a login via firefox. The citrix client then changes the network on my computer and all my network traffic gets routed through my company's server. At this point I can fire up the remote desktop software and enter the user name and password for my PC and login.

On Ubuntu the citrix client does not change the network settings on my PC. All traffic is still routed through my home network. I believe I need to setup the VPN connection manually in Ubuntu and then be able to remote desktop into my work PC.

What I have is a https address of my company's VPN server, a user name and password.

Hope I have made things a bit more clearer.

Thanks for reponding


Posted 4 years ago

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