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RocketDock on Vista

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  • Started 7 years ago by jupe
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Posted yesterday 
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Hello, all.

I have always liked the Mac interface but hated its software interoperability limitations.

I am therefore considering RocketDock to enhance my interface.

I'm running Windows Vista Business.

Just have a few important considerations:

1. Foremost, is it advisable (i.e., safe)?

2. Is RocketDock the best FREEware for the purpose, i.e., in terms of stability and seamless interoperability with Vista OS?

3. After installing RocketDock, necessarily i hope to cut down on system resources. How can i rid my machine of the Windows Start button and System Tray? (I've been reading on this subject for sometime only to learn that they can only be DISABLED -- but they will continue to run on the background. Someone might have an idea.)

Tnx so much for everyone's anticipated help.

Posted 7 years ago
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rocket dock works perfectly on vista, you can even download icons to replace others that show up fuzzy. you can auto hide the task bar by right clicking on it, select properties and check auto-hide the taskbar. it will continue to run and when you put your cursor down at the bottom the taskbar will raise then lower

Posted 7 years ago
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Gotta LOL sometimes at people wanting the Mac interface in Windows. The taskbar and Start menu are there for a reason. Seems like you should really switch to a Mac if you're just wanting a dock.

On a side note I use Stardock ObjectDock on my laptop with Windows Vista Business. Works fine:

I don't get rid of the Start menu or taskbar though. Just put the dock in the top to eliminate desktop application icons.

Posted 7 years ago
Posts: 1037

what's really LOLable are the newbies that think avast is a good antivirus and keep posting links one right after another. oh, and then there's the ones that think that everything they do is how it's done, NO MATTER WHAT! and don't forget the ones that want to argue a mute point about registry cleaners with the mods. or, or, the ones that think they know more than the publisher of the website but haven't posted a link to their nationally known how-to site yet. and don't get me started on LOLing at vista business fan boy-eeeez.


Posted 7 years ago
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@johnmcc here is what my desktop in xp used to look like and i also used object dock the full version:

Posted 7 years ago
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te, he, he. I´ve been waiting for a comment like that for a long time Oz, (was wondering who it was gonna come from first)!!! :D

Posted 7 years ago
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By Golly, it's my way or the highway and that's a moot point !! (LOL) (LOL) (LOL)
Kindest Regards,
Rick P.♦:)

Posted 7 years ago
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I'm closing this thread before it gets out of hand.
For better or worse, agree or disagree, it takes all kinds.
Another lesson learned for all of us.

And apologies to jupe the OP. I hope your question was answered to your satisfaction. If not, please re-post.

Posted 7 years ago

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