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Restore W7 System Files manually to corrupt System Files

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This is about a problem with an out-of-warranty Dell Inpiron 1750 running Windows 7 x64. A serious viral attack caused my roommate to be unable to access the internet via any device, i.e. internal WIFI card, Ethernet Controller, nor a USB WIFI adapter, all of which devices would connect to the router, but not the web and the installation programs for the USB adapters I tried (3) refused to detect the dongle in any of the laptop's 3 USB ports, which worked perfectly with all other USB devices. By way of the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool and Malwarebytes, I believe the infection has been erradicated, but I haven't been able to boot into the Windows Desktop since. I was able to successfully back up her necessary files and folders prior to attempting any infection removal, but because she uses this laptop for the business she runs from home, there are many programs that would need to be reinstalled, some of which would have to be repurchased, not to mention that she needs the computer to operate her business, now. There may also be hard drive damage and I am checking that out while I await a reply from here.

I have tried several methods for fixing her corrupted System Files. None of the Recovery Tools are able to completely restore the system and when I attempt to allow Windows to start normally, it gets to the end(?) of the initial Windows screen, then I get a BSOD. However, the BSOD only appears for maybe a second and the machine reboots and I don't know how to either stop it rebooting so I can read what it says or else retreive the info from a log, maybe(?)

I was really handy with this kind of thing back in the DOS days and early Windows, but I haven't tried this for a long time and it has become Greek to me. I read the, is it a tutorial(?), for copying system files from a disc and replacing corrupted ones on the hard drive, twice, and I'm not sure I can use this method. When I let the repair program run (I have repeated this five times with the same results) it tells me it can't repair the damage, but when I try to use the DOS prompt in order to run sfc /scannow, it tells me a repair is in progess, to let it finish first. However as far as I can tell the repair was finished because that is how I got to the Repair Tools page and selected the DOS prompt. I can't seem to get to a DOS prompt in order to get to the C:\ drive, so that I can copy the files (in this case I think it would be best to copy them all) to replace the corrupt system files.

Also, since I have been unable to do an inplace install using the Upgrade option from a disc (I am told to open Windows and to upgrade from there, but of course Windows won't open), it appears that I am left with only two options, either copy the System Files, en masse', to the hard drive (most preferable), or else reinstall everything. So, this is my last chance to save my roommate (translated, me) from having to reinstall everything. Therefore, I would deeply appreciate any direction anyone might give. Thanx in advance.

Posted 3 years ago
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Unfortunately the only options that I see is a Clean Install or Clean Restore from system image partition or may be from a Clean Image if you made one. :(

Rick P.

Posted 3 years ago
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I found the answer to this problem on this site - Manually Restore System Files from Your Windows Installation Media

Posted 2 years ago

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