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Problems with desktop build, crashes, freezes, hangs up...

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  • Started 3 years ago by franzmar
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Posted yesterday 
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I am currently new here, and have no idea what so ever on how to get the dump files from windows (Have tried, not sure if I got it right tough)
I am experienced with computer systems, so no need to worry about not explaining good enough for me ;)

I built my desktop computer 2 months ago, and have had problems ever since I started the computer.
It is my first build all by myself, but I'm pretty sure I've done everything right, including installing drivers.

Specs on computer:
CPU: AMD FX-8150 Eight-Core Processor
GPU: Nvidia 8800 GTS
Audio Card: Using intergrated motherboard soundcard
Motherboard: ASUS M5A99X EVO
PSU: Cooler Master GX 750W
RAM: Kingston Hyper X 4x4 GB (16GB)
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
OS: OEM Windows 7 home premium x64 SP1

Ever since I've started the computer after installing win7, I've had multiple problems, including BSOD (IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL, A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval, and one that says something about a pool (?), field, area and not within, I think, don't remember that one ;) and freezes/Hangs (Computer simply freezes, usually when using certain programs and/or doing specific things in programs at random)

- I get the clock interrupt BSOD when I run really heavy software, like computer testers, emulators and 3d modeling (Like blender and MCEdit)
- Same when using google chrome with a number of other programs, mostly blender
- Randomly freezes/crashes (BSOD) in mostly every game (From most to least, aprox... CoD MW1 and 2, Left for dead 1 and 2, Sid Meier's railroads, TmNations (Usually gets really laggy, 'till it's unplayable, don't really crash), The Elder Scrolls games (Currently only tested Neverwinter w/ expansions, Oblivion and Skyrim), Crysis (Only tested Crysis 2), GRAW (Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfigther) Jade Empire, Medieval II: Total War w/ and without expansions (Usually freezes when doing something at random, for example building a new building, the moment I destroy a castle wall, clicking with the mouse, this and a few more happens totally at random, but usually when I do something) and sometimes during Minecraft, so 95% of all my games, crash or freeze my computer sooner or later in-game 'till the point where not even the keyboard turns the light on/off on the caps lock, num lock or scroll lock.
- And other heavy software, like emulators, DVD-rippers (I'm only doing backups of my movies, I hate scratched DVDs) and basically every heavy program

- Strangely, one game that never crashed my computer, is Hellgate London, and I'm running everything on max there.

So, any help?

I'll try to get the dump files if someone help me with that a little, but any help is much appreciated.
I've paid 2100$ for a gaming computer, so it's really annoying when I can't play my own games on it, 'cause it crashes/freezes all the time.

Posted 3 years ago
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Just a couple of questions. Are you overclocking the CPU, GPU? Have you installed the latest drivers from the manufacturers of the components i.e. motherboard, graphics card, etc.? Have you check the temperatures of your cpu, gpu?

Posted 3 years ago
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Overclocking: No
Installed from manufacturer for all the important hardware: Yes (GPU, CPU, Motherboard, Audio Unit, Keyboard/Mouse)
Temperatures: Average temps is around 30 for CPU, and 50-60 on GPU when gaming, 40 is when using the desktop (Browsing as an example) (It's old, and have used it in my prev build, which I did not build btw, and hadn't any problems with that)

Posted 3 years ago
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Any help?

Posted 3 years ago
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Here's some small utilities that will help with the dumpfiles

Posted 3 years ago
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Ok, I'm downloading now, but how do I post them on here? I just copy and paste?

Posted 3 years ago

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