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Please help with opinions on video card upgrade possibilities

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  • Started 3 years ago by grlichti
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Posted yesterday 
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Hi, it is my intention to begin building a decent PC to replace my 3 year old store-bought version. For both knowledge and money sake, I must go slowly, for now, and I thought the first thing I could do was upgrade my Video card. Ideally I would like something that is "overkill" for my system now that I can expand with as I buy a Motherboard, CPU, etc in the near future. Mostly so I can do the HDCP thing with my 21" flatscreen HD monitor and 47" flatscreen HDTV.

This is what system I have now. Any suggestions would be really welcome. I am WAY to confused about what will work and won't. If you could toss out two or three cards that might work and why I would be so happy.

Circa 2010 Gateway system
Intel® Core™ i3-530 Processor (4M Cache, 2.93 GHz)
(Integral to above?) Video Card Intel(R) HD Graphics Core I3 733mhz clock 32mbs memory
Gateway H57M01 Mainboard with INTEL Havendale/Clarksdale Chipset
OS Windows 7
Midsize Tower -According to the CNET site it is a mid tower (...with plenty of room for expansion...")

Under specs "slot' category it says this... PCI Express x16, Memory card reader, PCI Express x1,Memory,PCI
Under "Bays" it says this... 3.0 (free) x 5.25 in, 3.5 in

For PSU all I could find is it is a 300Watt PSU.

Thanks in advance and I know I am a neophyte so, please, be gentle! I am learning here.

Posted 3 years ago
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1. As a first orientation, you may want to look at the benchmark charts:

2. The card goes on the PCI Express x16

3. You should also get a new PSU. 300W is too weak. This Antech would be a good choice:

Posted 3 years ago

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