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(Solved) - PHP/MySQL Database creation!! HELP SOS x_x

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  • Started 5 years ago by RachaelRachael
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Posted yesterday 
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I am a novice website builder (prefer to work from scratch so I am unfamiliar in using apps other than b2evolution blog as a basic blog!!). My friend has spent 30K over the last 5-7 years on her website and just fired the third web guy(I kinda think he was doing his best, but 7K in 6months no result, she is done). Originally her friend was going to school and built as he was taught-starting with Flash. Now she has a messy flash site for the main site that doesn't even come up, a quickie WordPress site acting as their home page & basic pages, three separate attached WordPress sites one for jobs-one for managers-one for clients, and a separate small pop mail server app routed through Yahoomail... The jobs, manager, and client WordPress sites have users under the categories. Managers create the jobs listing: the event name, number of guests, number of needed bartenders and number of needed servers, location, time, and date. When staff logs in they are either bartenders, servers or both & can apply to the positions based off of their job title (ie a server only can not apply to a bartenders position). Then the managers log in (really they log in multiple times a day to check on applicants) and can either approve or deny the staff. The managers have to manually update the job posting table when the positions are filled & there is a list on the Flash site that connects with the manager WordPress job listings that the managers have to update, but by clicking the event in that list it will fill in the info in the form on the flash site so the job is on both sites. She is being told that the website is fixed permanently, but they keep having errors. Mind you, I am not savvy in all the web app lingo & how far you can manipulate it, but to me, there is not any hope for the site and a new one must be constructed from scratch so the database is one database and not four trying to communicate?! Basically, Can a Flash Site have WordPress integrated in such a way that in can be a job site? It just does not seem like there will ever be a day without error because WordPress was not designed or developed for this use? Please advice. Also, If I am right, how do you build it from scratch? Where do you start? I am not sure she can afford to pay another "professional" and I am like I said a novice, and thats in HTML the easy one!! I have only taught myself HTML because it can be viewed from all browsers and all modern mobile devices and I could make it look the same on all of them. I want to build her basic site from HTML and then incorporate the PHP(in researching I find that is the necessary script to generate forms etc that will be viewable&interactive with/from iphone/blackberry, which is important b/c 9 outta 10X they are out of the office and on the mobile & updating the jobs can not wait.

So basically she needs:
A home page
A "what we do page"
A quote request page
A page for equipment rental info-free so no cart buttons
A meet the staff page
A client login page
A staff login page
A manager login page
Client, manager, staff, rental & event Database
Client, Manager & Staff Logins
Preset Form in manager area to input jobs with date/time/title/guests/interactive staff needed section/and an interactive rentals section
Ability to request the job in staff login
Managers need ability to approve staff for positions with talk between approval & job listing so it updates the number of staff now needed
Clients can login to their event & their event only to see it is staffed and set & if they chose to rent, that their rentals are scheduled
The other part about the job listings is this: When staff requests the job it needs to e-mail the managers, when the job is staffed and rentals secure-it needs to e-mail update the client & just because it would help the managers-email the managers that the event is covered
Pop Mail Server
I am definitely not asking for the coding for this...unless you have it handy lol... but I need to know where to start. I am very picky about having things done right. I have Microsoft Web Expression 4 and I learn extremely fast. The only problem I encounter is lingo-I am not sure what all the terms are and sometimes looking it up gives you more opinions than you can shake a stick at so I feel more lost than I did to start. I really want to be able to help and try to keep it under 1K-I type quickly and am willing to put in friend hours! Thank you so much for any advice and pointers you may have!!!

Posted 5 years ago
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this might not be the best venue, although you might get some great feedback but i think you might do better here:
got some great feedback there when i was stuck a few times.

Accepted Answer · Posted 5 years ago
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Thank you! I ended up getting linked up with all the info I think I will need, and sooo fast, Thank you!

Posted 5 years ago
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wow! thats great! go get'em!

Posted 5 years ago

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