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Outlook 07 questions

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  • Started 8 years ago by WelshAl
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Posted yesterday 
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I have a couple of questions about Outlook 07.
Firstly, when I start it and it does the sending and receiving of the email, a dialogue box pops up saying that Microsoft Office Enterprise 07 is configuring files and folders, as if it was installing something, and it stops me using other programs. This only occurs on starting Outlook; when it is up and running, the only thing that happens when I press send/receive is that it sends and receives mail. I'd like to stop this if possible.

Secondly, there seems to be no option to create a rule to stop Outlook 07 from downloading email with certain criteria. I'd like to be able to stop it downloading from the server email to a specific recipient who shares the account. This was perfectly possible in Outlook Express, but seems not to be an option in the supposedly better Outlook. I'd appreciate any help with this the most, as I'm sure it would help enormously.



Posted 8 years ago
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Welcome WelshAl,

For the first question, do you see a little 'gear' icon in the lower right corner when you open Outlook? If so, please have some patience and a popup notifier will advise when the configuring is done and the icon will disappear. If you close Outlook before this is complete, it will come back again the next time.

Looking at the 2nd question, will be back to you later.

Posted 8 years ago
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Thanks for the reply and the welcome.

Sorry, it actually says that Windows Is configuring Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, not that Office is configuring files and folders.
There is no gear icon, and it only happens when I start Outlook anew. It stops when the Emails have finished being received and sent.
There is a splash-screen that appears with Outlook, an Avast Antivirus-linked thing which apparently has something to do with Outlook and Exchange.
I don't know what the splashscreen is and I can't find an Avast option to turn off any pop-ups or add-ons.

I'd really appreciate any help, thanks.

Posted 8 years ago
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Actually it does seem to be related to send/receive.

Every time I click 'cancel' when it starts to install, another email appears in the inbox.

It is a tortuously slow process, and super-annoying as I can't stop it from downloading emails that I've forwarded to people on the same account.

Posted 8 years ago

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