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(Solved) - Norton Ghost tray icon color

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  • Started 3 years ago by LarrySr
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Posted yesterday 
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I am running Norton Ghost 15.0 on my Windows 7 PC. Sometimes the tray icon goes from green to yellow and I can not figure out why. I use it for backups. I backup to an external hard drive that is only connected when I run the backup. If I attempt to run the backup and the external hard drive is not connected it turns yellow and I know I must connect the external hard drive. But when I am not attempting to run a backup it is usually green. However; sometime it go to yellow and I am not attempting to run a backup. Does anyone know why it does this? I thought it might be because the threat level is high but today it turned yellow and it show the threat level in in the green area and it says "threat level 1 normal".

Posted 3 years ago
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LarrySr ,

I'm not a ghost user but as a thought is it scheduled to back up at a certain time (automatically), when you just happen not to have the external drive connected.

Posted 3 years ago
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Just shut your tray icon off in general settings.
I have been using Ghost for many trs and haven't run into that but I have my tray icon turned off.
Might be the load on your PC vs. performance / relialability of Ghost if it is running.

Posted 3 years ago
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Confused? I've got Ghost 15 and NIS2013. To the best of my Knowledge Ghost does NOT show threat levels? Also, there are differences in the tray icons, but always with a Yellow circle with a black outline drawing with a 'disk' and an 'arrow' going into it. On the lower right of that icon is a different indicator. Red X when the service can't be found, Green check when all is well, and I think an Orange Check is in progress? Maybe you have a different screen resolution than me and might not see it all clearly.

You can open Ghost and the ADVANCE menu selection on the lower left EVENTS and see if that sheds a light on the subject...

Actually, I am not running Ghost now but SSR Desktop 2013 as I'm on W8 and that is all that is supported for backups now, I did have Ghost 15 until this week, but SSR and Ghost are basically the same in operation and options.

Irv S.

EDIT: Oh the Treat level in Ghost that details if a backup should be performed or not is what you mean I see, no, I don't think this changes the icon, just if a backup should be done. I have that disabled and have never used it, so I don't know for sure.

Posted 3 years ago
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After closer inspection what is changing is the green circle with the check mark is going away. I am convinced this is because of increased threat level on the internet at a give time because when the threat level on the internet is low the green circle with the check mark comes back.

Accepted Answer · Posted 3 years ago

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