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New to Windows 8 questions?

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  • Started 3 years ago by very452001
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Posted yesterday 
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1. Is the windows 8 operating system has 'Cloud' programs/features in it? If so do these features require the user permission for privacy reasons? Which parts of Windows 8 uses cloud based computing so I know which to disable for my privacy.

2. Does Windows 8 require a sign in via a online account during every start up? For example online account such as Microsoft Live, Hotmail account etc.

3. Does Windows 8 have a system restore feature like in windows 7?


Posted 3 years ago
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nb 1 : you can use skydrive which is a part of microsoft cloud to do this
nb 2 : Windows 8 can be accessed through a local account or an online account
nb 3 : yes , Windows 8 have a system restore and it also have a reset feature which allows you to return to its previous state

Posted 3 years ago
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An extra note on question 3 is the "Refresh Windows" option.!

It has changed between this post and the RTM (final), but this gives a fairly good idea of what it does.

Posted 3 years ago
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is skydrive the only cloud based feature of windows 8? Does windows 8 have any privacy issues? What it is that I dont want win 8 to invade my privacy without my permission. Is there any tips on settings I can change in win 8 to protect my privacy if win 8 has privacy issues?

Do I have to create a online account or offline user account to use windows 8?

Whars the difference between system restore, reset and refresh in win 8?

How can i play DVD's in windows 8?

Posted 3 years ago
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Please start New Topics for each different question.

Posted 3 years ago

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