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Need to get month in words in Excel

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  • Started 7 years ago by learner
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Posted yesterday 
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hi there!

I use MS Excel 2003 and using the function ' =month(A2)' [considering cell A2 contains the date for eg. 05/24/2009] to return me the month in numeric value (the value is 5 in this case). this helps me.... by I also need to get the month in words. is there a direct formula for the same? Please help....


Posted 7 years ago
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Hi learner, here's an idea. Hope it works. You can try using the 'if' condition to replace each month number with its name,
e.g. if(month(A2)=1,January) or something like this...
(I cant seem to recall more excel than this, but I'll try to help more !)

Posted 7 years ago
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You might also want to explore ( Custom Date and Time Codes ) conversions, string manipulations and displays.
BTW: For the folks who only have MS Works which may come with their computers, they can do many of the same spread sheet calculations as can be done in Excel. Best kept secret at MS. (LOL)
Rick P.

Posted 7 years ago
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Assuming you want the Month to be returned in cell A1, you will want to use a custom format in that cell of MMM (I think it's Format...Cells....Number, then scroll to Custom). Once you do that, you can set the cell =A2 And it will return the month for you.

MMM will return the 3 letter abbreviation (Sep, Oct, etc).
MMMM will return the full month name (September, October, etc).

Posted 7 years ago
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That's easy. You use the TEXT() function.

Let's say that the date is in cell A1.

The formula would be =TEXT(A1, "mmm") to return the three letter abbreviation (e.g. "Aug" for August).

Advanced: The formula ="Today is "&TEXT(TODAY(), "dd-mmmm-yyyy") would return "Today is 12-August-2011".

Posted 4 years ago
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nikomatic, appreciate your help, but this thread is 2 years old. Hope to see more help from your side in newer topics :)

Posted 4 years ago

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