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My graduation Project: Device for blind students

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  • Started 7 years ago by Raz
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Posted yesterday 
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Hello Folks,
i'm collecting information for my graduation project, im a computer engineering student.
well, the project i'm thinking of is a device for blind students, to help them study and read..

now there is a software that i want to use for text-to-speech, it requires 8 MB of memory to run, and 120 MB of hard disk, and mobile windows 2005. BUT i want to use a dsPIC or a any micro-controller. is there anyway on earth i can install mobile windows 2005 on a micro-controller?! otherwise, what can I do?! i can attach the micro-controller to an 8 GB flash disk.. but would that give a good real time running speed, thats in case the program worked at all?

i need some speech recognition in both english and arabic.. is there another option than "Sakhr TTS" -->;item=TTS

another thing is, what suggestions do u have for this project? supposing i left TTS job for a computer to convert it to wav files then took them as is and played them (thats something my supervisor suggestted). but this way, wouldnt be just an MP3 player? how can i modify it to be actually useful to blind students?

I appreciate you spending time to read this, and replying it..


Posted 7 years ago
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hmmm.....let look into this a bit more and see what i can find but it may be a bit because i am pretty tired at the moment seeing as i just got home from school.

Posted 7 years ago
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believe it or not, i know a blind kid 4 house up the street. he would actualy use the computer. the realy funny part about it is he would go to pinball and just hit the buttons contuinusly to try and win... lol...

i dont know him that well though, but i do know that blind people do use the computer... and with great success... he checks his email, surfs the web, chats... all kinds of things...

if you come up with anything unique, i might just recommend it to him. (but he probly already had it, or something close)

but ill tell him that you have a project your doing for his benift... he will probly get a laugh out of it... lol

Posted 7 years ago
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Jack: Take your time to look at my project and think of a solution or any suggestions. i have to go discuss the details on tuesday. but keep it in mind please ;)

Dcw: yeah i know its true, a blind friend of mine has a laptop and uses it perfectly, they have this special program that reads the icon or the word the mouse points at.

The device im working on isnt new, after searching for a 5 min i found a very similar one called PAC mate. but the challenge is in having the same functionality in arabic as well. and i want it to be cheap since arab countries are poor in general (putting the gulf aside).

Any suggestions?

Posted 7 years ago

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