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MS Word Problem

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  • Started 1 year ago by aij07
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I am having a trouble with my MS Word app (Windows). I did look for a solution for this over the Internet but found nothing. Anyway, just what I said this problem bugs me so much and I really can't find a way to solve it.

I have this MS Word file created in my Mac Air. Everytime I transfer the file/open this file in MS Word this time in Windows 7, the words written on it are joining together. e.g
In Mac: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
When transferred to Windows: Thequick brownfoxjumpsover thelazydog.

It sucks! I have to put whitespaces between the words.

What should I do to avoid this?

Thanks in advance. :)

Posted 1 year ago
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If there is no real special formatting to it I would recommend copying and pasting it into a text editor. Saving as text and then read it into Windows word.

Posted 1 year ago
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aij07, just to clarify, are you using MS Word on both your Mac and on your PC? if not what are you using on your Mac? And when you save the file on your Mac, what file type are you saving as? doc? docx? or other?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hello! Happy New Year!

@Xhi - I'll try this. Thanks.

@0xMalloc - I am using an MS Office app in Mac and when I transfer the file that I have created in Mac to Windows 7, and this time us MS Office (MS Word to be specific), I usually get this problem. Yes, just thinking that it has something to do with how I save as the file. I'll check on this one, too.

Thanks! :)

Posted 1 year ago
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what is the app you are using in Apple, is it ms word? As in MS word for Apple

What versions of Office are you using on BOTH systems

BTW saving as a .doc should prevent problems

Posted 1 year ago

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