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Monitor doesn't turn on the next morning when boot up pc.

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  • Started 7 years ago by shaylee80909
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Posted yesterday 
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I hope somebody can help. When I shut down my pc at night and turn it back on the next morning,
my LCD monitor doesn't turn on. It takes several reboots for the monitor to finally turn on and
then everything runs fine through out the day until I shut down the pc for the night.
Here is what I have done so far,
I checked the cables, they are fine.
the hard drive is okay
monitor works with other pc

pc is a little over a year old so is the monitor.
This problem is pretty annoying and I am not sure if it has someting to
do with the power settings in Vista or if it could even have something to do
with the settings in cmos/bios???

Any suggestions on how to fix this annoying problem are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Posted 7 years ago
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Is your video adapter integrated into the motherboard? (if you dont know just give us your computer model i.e HP Pavillion 734n)

Posted 7 years ago
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Yes it is, I have an Acer Aspire M1610, SiS Mirage3 Graphics.
When I shut down the machine last night, I turned the monitor off.
And had the same problem again this morning. It even happens when I
leave the monitor on and it shows me the energy saving amber/orange light.

When I attempted to turn it on this morning nothing, after turning
trying to reboot a few times I see the light flickering, then it becomes solid,
but not green, restart and then it works.
So far I tried to narrow down the problem,
if it is the video adapter and I need a video
card what would you recommend,
I have 1 gig of Ram, Intel dual processor
and a 250 gig hard drive.

Thanks a bunch for your help

Posted 7 years ago
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You said the monitor works fine with other machines, On the one your having problems with, does it show POST (stuff before it loads windows,) or does it just not work at all? If its showing the text then theres an issue between your monitor and Vista.

If It does not show anything and you want to get a new graphics card, First see if theres a waranty or something on your machine. If you do not have any warrenty, a new Graphics card may be in order. These can be a bit expensive however, so you should wait and see if anyone here comes up with another solution. Your machine appears to have an open PCI slot so you need a card labeled PCI Express 16. This page has some examples (

Your current graphics system has 128 mb shared memory, and generaly speaking, the more memory the better. If you do anything that requires a good video card, you should be looking at atleast 512mb. 256 mb is pretty solid if you're just looking for a standard card, and these tend to be about $50 USD.

Posted 7 years ago

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